Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, July 04, 1998, Image 133

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    R. Michael Hulet
Department of Poultry
Penn State University
Recently, weather reports
showed unseasonably warm tem
peratures in Arkansas and Texas,
triple digit weather? I havenit
heard of disastrous effects on poul
try production in that area, but
certainly without adequate house
and bird management preparation,
mortality, morbidity, reduced gain
and inefficiency of performance
would have occurred. In areas in
the South, the producers expect
the weather to turn warm to hot
and make plans to ameliorate the
If they dom't prepare, they suf
(er the consequences. As the old
saying goes Ilf you fail to plan,
you plan to failt. The time to
prepare for avoiding the effects of
high ambient temperature is now.
The two strategies that are used to
dimmish the effects of high tem
perature on poultry are mainte
nance ot ventilation equipment
and reviewing what to do in when
high temperatures endanger your
poultry flock.
Many times we get distracted
and forget to prepare for the advent
of summer weather. It is usually
the early heat spell that causes the
greatest damage and loss of birds
due to heat stress than when birds
have been gradually acclimated to
higher temperatures m the middle
of the summer.
Therefore, take the covers off
your tunnel fans, get you; migra
tion fences out, reset the phases
on your computer controls or
think about what has to be done
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as far as ventilation and fogging
and at what temperatures. If you
canft remember, find someone
who does know before you are in
the middle of a crisis. Also, re
mind your employees what needs
to be done in high heat and hu
midity situations.
The first equipment that comes
to mind in making sure you are
prepared for summer weather is
your fans. Fans are rated for a
particular efficiency to work
within your house, but if they
have dirty blades, if the wire mesh
is coated with dust, if the shutters
are stuck and dirty, and if the fan
belt is loose, then you are loosing
precious air velocity and volume
that should be used to ventilate
your birds.
The next machinery that needs
attention is the fogging system.
Have you taken the nozzles out
and soaked them in vinegar or
some solution to get them clean
and clear from particles that might
inhibit their ability to deliver the
right volume of water and in the
right droplet size to maximize
evaporative cooling? If not, now
is the time. The pump also needs
to be checked and water line rinsed
and sanitized.
Other strategies to remember
during high heat situations are to
remove the feed from the bird in
the heat of the day. The reason is
that the consumption of feed pro
duces heat during digestion and
adds to the heat stress of the birds.
One effective way to get this done
is to raise the feed line while there
is still feed in it early in the
Raising the feed line gives the
birds added floor space and allows
all birds to eat all the way down
the feeder line when the feed is re-
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turned to the birds. Otherwise,
the birds cause stress and carcass
damage as they crowd the feeders
when the auger fills the feed pans.
On the other hand, water helps to*
cool birds. We have found that
the water in the water lines rapidly
reach ambient temperatures. That
means, when the temperature
reaches 95 degrees in the house,
the temperature of the water in the
line is 95 degrees and inhibits
some consumption by the birds.
Where are the water lines usually
placed in poultry houses? Near
the ceiling, one of the hotter
places in the house. Flushing ol
hot water lines is thought of as a
good strategy.
However, when the tempera
ture reaches 95 degrees or higher,
birds donit drink much no matter
what the temperature of the water.
Therefore, refreshing water lines is
of more value toward the end of
the day when the birds go back on
feed. Because of the feed and wa
ter. refusal by birds during very
high temperatures, the other
strategies of increasing airflow
over the birds, evaporative cooling
and feed removal during the heat
of the day become very important
management techniques.
The story is told of the em
ployee who listed in his job ap
plication that his greatest asset
was his ability to sleep when the
wind blows. When the strong
winds came, the employer went to
check out his farm and found all
in order because his employee had
been prepared and was fast asleep
in the barn. May you be able to
sleep when the temperature gets
hot because your houses are prop
erly prepared and your equipment
is properly maintained
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