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Farm Credit Boards
Name New CEO
YORK The selection of a new
CEO of the proposed consolidat
ed Northeastern, Penn West and
York Farm Credit association
has been made.
Allyn L. Lamb, executive vice
president and regional manager
of First Pioneer Farm Credit,
ACA, has been selected and
approved by all three associa
tion boards to serve as CEO.
First Pioneer Farm Credit is
headquartered in Enfield, Conn.
It is a $1 1 billion association
with 9,800 customers and covers
territory in Massachusetts,
Connecticut, Rhode Island, New
York, New Jersey, and New
Hampshire. Lamb handled
Pioneer Names Technical
Information Manager
MOUNT JOY (Lancaster
Co.)- Robin Newell, sales man
ager for the eastern sales area of
Pioneer Hi-Bred Internation,
Inc. has announced that Carl
Bannon has accepted the posi
tion of technical information
manager, supporting the seed
company's education and com
munication efforts across the
northeastern United States.
A graduate of the University
of Massachusetts with bache
lor's and master's degrees in
plant, soil, and weed sciences,
Bannon has been with the
Cornell Cooperative Extension
Service since 1989, most recent
ly as area field crop specialist in
south central New York. A certi
fied crop adviser, he brings to
Pioneer extensive expertise in
the disciplines of nutrient man
agement, field crop production,
and integrated pest manage
ment practices. He also has
applied research experience
with silages and has led dairy
forage management training
programs for eight years.
"Carl's credentials are
impressive, and an ideal fit with
our diverse needs across the
Company To Market
MADISON, Wis. Bou-
Matic, a Company of DEC
International, Inc., based here,
announced that it will market
rotary milking parlors in North
Rotary parlors are unique in
that cows are milked on a non
stop rotating platform while the
milking technician stands in one
place, propping udders and
attaching milking units
Known as a leader in stall
systems technology, Bou-Matic
markets rotary parlors in
Australia, New Zealand, and
many other countries. “The
rotary style of milking is very
popular in several international
markets where we have
installed more than 50 rotary
3,500 customers and a $365 mil
lion loan volume. He received
his bachelor’s degree from
Cornell University with concen
trations in agricultural econom
ics and vegetable crops, and
completed 12 credit hours in the
MBA program at Syracuse
Lamb has entered into a joint
employment agreement with all
three associations. The agree
ment states that Lamb is hereby
employed by all three associa
tions to serve as CEO to direct
and supervise management of
the three associations through
each stage of the negotiations
relating to the consolidation. He
took office on June 15, 1998
Carl Bannon
northern states," said Newell.
"Working to help our customers
and sales force understand the
vast array of new technologies
that are impacting agricutural
production. Carl will be a com
fortable supporting the informa
tion needs of a small New York
dairy producer looking to maxi
mize the nutritional benefit of
his forages as he will be with a
large Maryland cash cropper
interested in quality grain or
oilseed traits."
parlors,” said Joe Prazak, Bou-
Matic marketing manager.
North American dairy opera
tors are showing a renewed
interest in rotary-style parlors.
“So Bou-Matic will provide that
technology in North America,”
said Prazak. “We will equip the
Bou-Matic dealer network with
factory-backed product support
and specialized installation
Bou-Matic plans to offer the
North American dairy producer
a more rugged version of rotary
parlor than typical non-USA
manufactured rotary parlors.
“This beefed-up rotary parlor
will be better equipped to handle
North American style dairying,”
said Prazak
New White
ATLANTA, Ga.-White has
introduced six new tractor mod
els, ready to hit the field this
fall, that offer added conve
nience features, new low-profile
styling, and power choices run
ning from 70 to 145 PTO horse
Four models are in the mid
range class, 70 to 110 PTO
horsepower, and are additions to
the White 6000 Series. The
other two weigh in at 125 and
145 PTO horsepower, and are in
the New White 8000
"Fieldmaster™ Series.
All six are powered by newly
designed Cummins 83.9 and
85.9 diesel engines, which
makes the Cummins engines the
standard powerplant in all
White tractors, 70 hp and above.
The four mid-size models—
-6410 (70 hp), 6510 (85 hp), 6710
(95 hp) and 6810 (110 hp)—can
be ordered with either an open
ROPS platform or an all-new
cab. The two "Fieldmaster" trac
tors-8310 (125 hp) and 8410
(145 hp)—are available with
"While these tractors have a
lot of new styling and comfort
features, for example low-profile
Vermeer Rolls Out Round Balers
PELLA, lowa Twenty five
years after inventing the world’s
first big round baler, Vermeer is
ntroducmg a whole new family
of them—the all-new Vermeer L-
All four L-Series models
504 L, 505 L, 604 L and 605 L
have undergone two years of
extensive testing in all kinds of
crops and conditions. All of them
feature Vermeer’s exclusive bot
tom drum roller design for bet
ter bale density and.formation.
A 5-bar floating pickup with rub
ber mounted pickup tines, Hay
Saver wheels and smooth, wide
14-inch belts ensure gentle hay
handling and positive hay-feed
ing action into the baler cham
The smallest one in the line is
Vermeer’s new 504 L Baler. It
produces a 5-foot diameter by 4-
foot wide package, weighing up
to 2,000 pounds, and is designed
to bale both wet or dry hay.
Therefore, using the same baler,
an operator can choose to har
vest dry bales or high-moisture
hay/alfalfa at peak maturity
without worrying about weather
conditions. It also results in
extra cuttings, higher quality
feed, plus reduced additives and
Monsanto Dairy Announces New Plant
ST. LOUIS. Mo. To meet
the growing producer demand for
Posilac IStqp, Monsanto Dairy
Business has announced the con
struction of a manufacturing plant
in Augusta, Ga.
The construction of the plant
the first U.S. production facility to
produce Posilac IStep—is sched
uled for completion in late 1999.
“Dairy producers are commit
ted to operating profitable busi
nesses, and Monsanto is dedicated
to providing the tools, such as Po
silac Istep, to help them do so,”
said Pam Strifler, director of mar
keting, Monsanto Dairy Business.
“Construction of this advanced
Tractors Hit The Field
White introduces new trac
tor models, ready to hit the
field this fall, that offer
added convenience fea
tures, new iow-profile
styling, and power choices
running from 70 to 145 PTO
sloping hoods for greater row
crop visibility, they also have the
rugged features our customers
have come to expect," said Steve
Reiling, general marketing man
ager for White tractors. "That
includes White's durable case*
iron main frame and the farm
proven Cummins engines.
"We put a lot of user-friendly
features in these tractors, espe
cially the cabs on the mid-range
models," Reiling noted. "They
come with double doors that
allow the operator to enter and
exit the machine from either
lower storage and equipment
The Vermeer 505 L produces a
5-foot diameter by 5-foot wide
bale, weighing up to 1,400
pounds (2,000 pounds with an
optional silage kit). A minimum
50 hp tractor requirement
means it can produce quality,
high-density bales without the
need for higher horsepowers and
heavy-duty bale handling equip
ment. Like the 504 L, the
505 L features combination
spring/hydralilic belt tension
system for variable bale densi
ties and sizes; therefore, bales
can be tailored to the storage
and handling preferences of the
operator. Both models also fea
ture a new full-sided, symmetri
cal fiberglass side panel design
with convenient thumb-press
latches. Bale ramps, Drop ’n Go
ejection system and hydraulic
pickup lift are optional on both
500 Senes models.
The adjustable, hydraulic/
pneumatic belt tension system
on the new 600 Series models
604 L and 605 L allows opera
tors to pre-select densities any
where from light, soft-core bales,
to giant, high-density packages
that weigh up to 1,900 pounds
production facility represents ex
citing business growth, as well as
Monsanto’s commitment to pro
ducers and the dairy industry as a
According to Jeff Peterson,
director of worldwide manufac
turing, Monsanto Dairy Business,
the new 150,000-plus square-foot
facility will be equipped with
highly-automated equipment, in
corporating the most innovative
technology in protein manufactur
ing. More than 100 people will be
employed at the plant.
Posilac 1 Step features a rcady
to-use syringe that eliminates the
need to manually attach the needle
to the syringe.
side. We also increased
hydraulic flow and lift capacity
so they can handle more big jobs
around the farm.
The 6410 and 6510 offer a
choice of 12x4 partially synchro
nized transmissions or 12x12
fully synchronized transmis
sions with matched
forward/reverse shuttle shifting.
The 6710 and 6810 come with
White’s quadshift transmission
as standard, with an optional
creeper transmission available.
The two "Fieldmaster" trac
tors have quadrashift transmis
sions, but also offer an optional
18-speed powershift. Both trans
missions offer forwarded/reverse
shuttle shifting. Wet, multi-disc
clutches, cooled and lubricated
in hydraulic oil for extended life,
are standard on all models.
The 70 and 85 horsepower
models are powered by 4-cylin
der 83.9 Cummins diesels with
engine balancers for smooth,
quiet operation. The 95, 110,
124, and 145 horsepower models
come with 6-cylinder 85.9
Cummins engines.
All six models are available
in either two wheel drive or with
power front axle.
All four L-Series mod
els-504L, 505 L, 604 L and
605 L-have undergone two
years of extensive testing in
all kinds of crops and condi
and 2,400 pounds, respectively.
Bales sizes also can be pre
selected from 24 inches to 72
inches in diameter on both mod
els, to accommodate different
handling, storage, and transport
The Vermeer 605 L produces a
6-foot diameter by 5-foot wide
bale and is designed for serious
hay producers looking to maxi
mize hay harvesting production
per day in virtually any type of
crop and condition, including
com stalks, fescue, wheat straw,
cane, crop residues, peanut
stubble, and timothy grass.
Robert Shapiro, chairman
and CEO of Monsanto Com
pany, breaks ground, at the
new production plant for
Posilac® istep™.