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    824-Lancaster Farming, Saturday, Juna 13, 1998
This column is for readers who have questions
but don't know who to ask for answers.
“You Ask—You Answer” is for non-cooking
questions. When a reader sends In a question, It
will be printed In the paper. Readers who know
the answer are asked to respond by mailing the
answer, which will then be printed in the paper.
Questions and Answers to this column should
be addressed to You Ask—You Answer, Lancas
ter Farming, P.O. Box 609, Ephrata, PA 17522.
Attention: Lou Ann Good.
Do not send a self-addressed, stamped enve
lope for a reply. If we receive the answer, we will
publish it as soon as possible. Please include
your phone number because we sometimes need
to contact the person to clarify details. We will not
publish your phone number unless you request
QUESTION Bennie L. Stoltzfus, Quarryville,
would like to find books to the ‘Mystifying Twins”
QUESTION Where can A.M.H. of Narvon
purchase glass canister milk cans. They are heavy
glass, not ceramic. She has one but did not purchase
it through a store. The milk can is about TA -inches
QUESTION Isaac Geib, Manheim, would like to
know where to get parts for a model 72 Universal
handcranked food chopper.
QUESTION Colleen Hart of Cinnaminson, N.J.
would like recipe donations for publication in a cook
book called ‘Farmer's Wife Cookbook.” Include
name, address, and phone number. Send retipes to
17 Sequoia Or., Cinnaminson, N.J. 08077.
QUESTION Marj Swartz needs to know where
to buy sheets of beeswax for rolling into candles. Are
there mailorder catalogs that offer beeswax sheets?
QUESTION Kenneth Mcßeth, Walnuf Bottom,
is looking for a pair of W.W.11 inf. combat boots with
leather tops and two straps.
QUESTION M.V. Runkles 111 wants to know
where to get parts of a Warm Morning coal stove. The
one he has was made by the Locke Stove Co., Kan
sas City, Mo.
QUESTION Helen Heavner, HC6O Box 4,
Upper Tract, W.V. 26866, is looking for spin curlers
for home perms. She needs all plastic with no rubber
bands. The rubber band breaks her hair. She found
some for body perms, but she wants smaller ones.
She is willing to buy new or used ones.
QUESTION Ruth Erb, Beavertown, wants to
know how to use Borax or Sulphur candles to Kill ter
mites or carpenter ants. Or any natural way not using
chemical pesticides since she is allergic to them. A
previous answer used choloradane, which is illegal to
me is
QUESTION —Mildred Anderson, Dover, wants to
know what makes lotion made from goat’s mi Ik sepa
rate from the other ingredients. She used beeswax,
coconut oil, sweet almond oil, glycerine, and goat’s
milk. She had combined the beeswax and oils in a
pan of water until melted, added warm milk and
glycerine and beat with a mixer until cool. After it sat
for awhile, the milk separated from the other ingre
dients. She would appreciate a recipe that works or
ideas on how to make the recipe she has work.
QUESTION A reader needs to relocate gladio
lus bulbs that have already sprouted about 6 inches
tall. Should she let the bulbs dry before replanting or
plant them right away?
QUESTION Shirley Schwoerer, Wysox, has a
Plett Pan, which is a cast iron with seven shallow
indentations and no lid. A recipe is attached that
appears to be a thin pancake recipe, but no other
instructions. Do any readers have more information
about Plett?
QUESTION Roland Kamoda, Monongahela,
wants to know where to find a thumb latch and catch
for a log cabin door.
QUESTION Timothy Diehl, Bloomsburg, is
looking for a company that sells parts and a 90-inch
blades for a #l4-277 Workace Bandsaw made by
J.D. Wallace & Co., Chicago.
S& ssrsjisi ** « ***** *—■
#2V4 STI9 Serial # 7820.
Gutshalls, Inc.
Centre Hall
Dunkle & Greib, Inc.
Clugston Ag &Turf, Inc
Fairmount City
Carroll’s Equipment
Carlyle & Martin, Inc.
White ford
Deer Creek Equipment,
Pole Tavern Equipment
Sales Corp.
Adamstown Equipment,
Lehigh Ag Equipment,
Miller-Lake, Inc.
O.C. Rice, Inc,
QUESTION Donna Unger, 133 Krug Rd., Lit
tlestown, PA 17340-9724 is interested in purchasing
Hull piggy banks, which come in various styles and
colors. The dime banks are marked HPSB on the bot
tom. The Jumbo Corky Pig is marked hull © 197, and
the sitting pig is marked hull © 196. The corky pigs
are marked Corky Pig Pat pend, HP Co. © 1957 USA.
QUESTION Eli Ebersol, Lancaster, wants to
buy "Intercourse, PA 200th Anniversary Book," print
ed in 1954. He also wants a jigsaw puzzle of "Mascot
Roller Mill,” located in Mascot.
QUESTION—A faithful reader would like to know
if anyone can tell her how to save an unfinished quilt
top, she found while cleaning out a house. The top
has turned yellow where exposed, dusty, etc. The
remainder of the quilt is like new. It is printed to be
embroidered in cross stitch and is already marked to
be quilted. If she wases it, the markings and cross
stitch will probably wash out. Is it worth the time sew
ing and maybe not getting clean? The dirty part is
about a 12-inch square where folded.
QUESTION Patricia Henry, Gettysburg, needs
the address for Barry Products Corp., formerly of St.
Louis, MO. Mail returned with forwarding expired.
Patricia writes that the company makes the best met
al polishing doth called Victory Miracle.
Miller’s Equipment
Tobias Equipment Co.,
Finch Services-Hanovft,
Landis Bros., Inc
Landis Bros.,
Gutshalls, Inc.