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Reptile Week Comes
To Nixon Pork
YORK (York Co,)
Reptiles-slithering snakes, lazy
lizards, gallopin' 'gators, terres
trial turtles-and their kin will
be the focus of a week-long spe
cial effort at nature education at
Nixon County Park in June.
From June 20 through June
27, the Nixon Park Nature
Center will focus on herpatology,
the study of reptiles and their
importance in the natural world.
All aspects of the nature
Center are included in this cele
bration of herps. Visitors can
look at live specimens, including
the Nature Center's own snakes;
a female black snake named
Racer, a copperhead, and a milk
snake Even the gift shop will
get in on the celebration, with
special herp-related items
Two special youth programs
will focus on herpetology during
the week;
•On June 23, from 10 a.m. to
2 p.m., the Nature Center w’ll
celebrate Kids and Reptiles Day.
During this special children's
program, kids ages 8 to 14 will
be introduced to live specimens
of various reptiles, get a chance
to go on a reptile "search", and
learn more about the natural
history of replies Pre-registra
tion is required, and there is a
Get Wet!
Aquatics At Nixon Park
YORK (York Co.) -Exploring
a creek on a hot summer day is
something only kid can do,
Not if you happen to be at
Nixon County Park Nature
Center's aquatic life workshop
on Sunday, June 14. Getting wet
and having fun whether it's in
the creek or vicariously from the
banks is encouraged at this
event focused on discovering
aquatic life.
Aquatic life is the plants, ani
mals, insects and other organ
isms that live in watery environ
ments, creatures like mayflies,
stoneflies and caddis flies; cray
fish; water striders; tadpoles;
fish; even muskrats and mink.
Taking a closer look at these
forms of life is what the work
shop is all about.
"Pretty neat", is how natural
ist Jocelyn Ellis describes the
activities the public can enjoy at
the workshop.
Ellis said those participating
in the workshop will have an
opportunity to wade through the
cost of $lO per child.
•Snakes are the special focus
of a two-session Fox Story Time
on June 24. During this presen
tation, children ages 4 to 7 and
their parents can listen to a
story and share a craft session
while receiving a "hands-on"
introduction to a very friendly
corn snake. Two sessions are
planned, one from 9 a.m. to 11
a.m., another from 1 p.m. to 3
p.m. Pre-registration is also
required for this event and there
is a $5 fee.
In addition to the special pro
grams, Reptile Week will feature
many other activities, including
live specimens of various rep
tiles. The Nature Center staff
will also be available to answer
"herp"- related questions and
give hands-on demonstrations
The object is to share with
visitors a gentle, informative
introduction to these special ani
Please note that no park visi
tors are not permitted to bring
their pets-mcluding reptiles-to
the park.
For more information on the
special activities during Reptile
Week, or to pre-register, call the
Nature Center, at (717) 428-
stream that flows through Nixon
County Park (a tributary of the
South Branch of Codorus Creek)
turn over rocks, and use a dip
net to collect aquatic life just
like being a kid and exploring
again. Hip boots or old shoes no
bare feet are the attire of the
One of the more unusual
things about the workshop is the
opportunity to see the steam
from a different perspective,
Ellis said. She said you can
sense the forces of nature at
work walking down the stream
bed in ways 'you wouldn't see
from along the trail. For exam
ple, you can feel the power of the
creek flowing over rocks and cre
ating riffles, witness the power
of water eroding the stream's
The workshop is not appro
priate for children under age
five. All other children must be
accompanied by an adult.
For more information on the
workshop contact Nixon County
Park at (717) 428-1961.
Find These Words
Ice Cream
Understanding The Story In Dirt
YORK (York Co.) - All things
leave a trail behind them as
they move through the world.
For example, rushing to go to
work in the morning, you might
leave behind an empty cereal
bowl in the kitchen sink, water
droplets on the shower rug, dirty
clothing in the hamper and foot
prints across the freshly-swept
carpet in the living room.
A robin walking across a dew
laden early-morning lawn or a
deer moving through a forest
leaves behind similar marks of
its passage, tracks, often called
Learning how to find and
then understand sign is what
tracking is all about. And that's
American Girls Fashion Show models, from left, Carl Beth Shappell as Addy,
Jakaisha Mercado as Joseflna, Meghan Gibson as Kirsten and Jennifer Leiby as
American Girl Fashion Show
ANNVILLE (Lebanon Co.) -
A little history, a little fashion,
and a lot of fun! The Junior
Woman's Club of Lebanon will
host The American Girls
Fashion Show and Tea on
Friday, June 19 at 7:00 p.m. and
Saturday, June 20 at 10:00 am,
1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. at
Lebanon Valley College,
Annville. The event will feature
historically inspired clothes
from the six characters in The
American Girls Collection.
Proceeds from the show will
benefit the Lebanon YMCA
Child Care Programs.
The American Girls Fashion
Show gives young girls and their
mothers, grandmothers, aunts,
and friends an entertaining and
educational look at how
American fashion just like
American girlhood has changed
over the past 225 years. A spe
cial feature is the introduction of
clothing from the newest
American girl - Joseflna
Montoya, a nine year old
Hispanic girl growing up in
northern New Mexico in 1824.
participants will see firsthand
the rich traditions and colorful
flavor woven into the clothing
worn by Joseflna and inspired
by Spanish and Mexican influ
ences in the early 1800's.
» :j
what local naturalist Greg
Stough will share with people on
June 28, from 2:30 to 4:40 p.m.
at a seminar on tracking at
Nixon County Park's Nature
Stough, a student of master
tracker Tom Brown, will walk
students through a hands-on
indoor and outdoor presentation
of tracking basics; recognizing
local animal tracks, all-season
tracks, understanding compres
sions (indistinct tracts), inter
preting strides.
"People who are interested in
learning more information
about what they are seeing out
doors are usually the people who
come to my classes," Stough
The feature fashions are
based on outfits worn by the
popular characters from The
American Girls Collection;
Felicity Merriman, colonial
American; Joseflna Montoya,
19th century New Mexico,
Kristen Larson, pioneer
American; Addy Walker, the
■Civil War; Samantha
Parkington, turn-of-the-century
American; and Molly Mclntire,
the American home front during
World War 11. The American
girls Collection is a line of books,
dolls, and related accessories
designed to bring American his
tory alive for girls seven and up.
In addition, AG Gear,
Pleasant Company's versatile,
contempory clothing that
expresses today's American girls
individuality will also be mod
Eighteen models from the
Lebanon area as well as
Hershey and Harrisburg will
present the assorted fashions
while local TV personalities,
Debra Pinkerton, Tanya Alan,
and Alicia Richards, WHTM-TV
27 and Cara Giambrone, WLYH
TVIS and 21, provide lively nar
ration of the clothing and cus
toms of each historical period.
Guests ux-e encouraged to bring
their favorite doll to tea.
said. "Most are into doing out
door things."
The tracking seminar is a
great opportunity for outdoor
people, hikers, hunters and
nature enthusiasts who want to
get more from the adventures
afield, Stough said.
The seminar will include
hands-on experiences, following
tracks off the trails. Those inter
ested in attending should dress
accordingly, be prepared to go
through the woods, steams, any
where the trail goes.
Pre-registration is required
for this special event. For more
information call the Nixon
Countv Park Nature Center at
(717) 428-1961.
Raffle tickets are being sold
to win dolls from The American
Girls Collection, including the
newest doll, Josefma, or a doll
from Pleasant Company's new
American Girl of Today
Collection. Raffle tickets are
also being sold to win a beauti
ful commissioned Pennsylvania
Dutch, quilted folded diamond
pattern wall hanging with the
American Girls Logo. Guests
will also be eligible to win a doll
from The American Girls
Collection as well as other doors
prizes at each show.
In March 1997, the Junior
Woman's Club of Lebanon host
ed it's second American Girls
Fashion Show which benefited
the Lebanon County Children
and Youth Agency. A total of
1,300 parents, grandparents
and fiends enjoyed the show and
raised $15,800 to refurbish the
Kids Center for Lebanon County
Children and Youth.
The cost per person is $22,
which includes the fashion show,
punch and cookies, and party
favors. To order tickets call (717)
228-3410 or send check to
AGFS/Junior Woman's Club of
Lebanon, P.O. Box 144, Quentin,
PA 17083 with your choice of
date and time.