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    Hillegass Family
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A-Way ASTAR Granite and con
tinues to bread for type, produc
tion, and index.
After two years at Penn State,
'> v jegass, the driver, pushes feed up
to the cows. His passenger is employee Mike Welmer.
For silo equipment,
think “Lancaster”
36 dome roofs,
12 related \
accessories \
3 silage
8 hatches
and vents
for oxygen
limited silos
2 types
of interior
Sealed pipe
side center-fi
16 ladders,
safety cages
and platform.'
36 filler
pipes plus
14 pipe
Doug began fanning full time.
Subsequently, he was named the
Outstanding Young Farmer Under
30 and the Outstanding Young
Farmer Over 30 in both the
regional and state competitions
No other name gives you so many value-packed silo products
for filling and construction.
35 center-fill
for bottom 31 center-fill
unloading silos goosenecks
Deslrae Hlllegass is pictured in the calf greenhouse where the Penn State student
helps her parents at Mountain View Farms, near Berlin.
and placed first in the Northeast
Forage Contest.
On the 600 acres he owns and
the 800 that he rents, having aided
potato cropping, Doug sows com
on 500 acres, soybeans on 200
acres, alfalfa and mixed grass on
500 acres, new alfalfa seedlings
on ISO acres, and barley to be
The steel products on your silos have to
be tougher than nails if they’re going to
last. That’s why more dairymen trust
Lancaster silo equipment for lasting value
from top to bottom
Thirty years ago we invented the silage
spreader as the best way to fill silos But
maybe you don’t know just how many
products we make. If your concrete or
11 chute
steel upright storage system needs parts
and equipment, Lancaster makes it.
We use good ideas from practical
farmers like you to constantly make our
20 chute
products work better and last longer
You see, with us the job is more than just
bending metal It’s using the best materials
and dedicated craftsmanship to give you
more value for every equipment dollar.
10 types of
For silo equipment, do yourself a favor
silo rods,
plus lugs
and nuts
Insist on Lancaster for every item
For the Lancaster dealer nearest you, call
today 1-800-635-8708.
11 sizes of
door frames
Silo equipment with a heritage of quality
Main Office. Branches
Mount Joy PA Footville Wl Zumbrota MN
(717) 653 2239 (608) 876 6146 (507) 7U 7886
Fax (717) 653 9806 Fax (608) 876 6147 Fax (507) 732 7925
used as grain on 75 acres.
In a 25- by 200-foot bunker
silo, haylage is stored at 70 per
cent moisture. At 45 percent mois
ture. haylage is also stored in a 25-
by 90-foot upright silo.
The bunker where com silage is
stored measures 50 by 200 feet.
High moisture shelled com is
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, June 6, 1998-E7
stored in a 20- by 80-foot upright.
The former potato bam was re
novated to accommodate a bin for
storing soybeans. As needed, they
are moved to a Brock bin, which
augers directly to a roller mill and
onto a feed belt
Bulk mineral is kept in a second
Brock bin.
Inside an existing machine
building so feed can be mixed
out of the weather four com
modity bays were built.
With about half of them regis
tered and the rest grade, the cows
are on a TMR ration that uses com
silage, haylage, bakery, pro-lak,
HMSC, chocolate, roasted beans,
soybean meal, and minerals.
“Any cow should eat and lay
down,” said Doug.
And if space allowed for it, De
bra would love to see them able to
go outside because she believes
going outside is good for cows.
The size of the herd renders it an
impractical idea.
Although he could be content
forever on the farm and has a
strong bent for mechanical work,
Justin, now'll high school senior, is
unsure that college after gradua
tion despite the gentle prompt
ings from his folks is for him.
After their marriage in 1977,
about seven years passed before
Doug and Debra got a day off
from weak. They therefore en
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