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Ida Risser
Our daughter and her family
recently spent a few days with
us. Her boys are three years old
and four months old. Not only
did the people come from Texas
but so did all the equipment and
toys needed to keep the children
happy. We do still have our crib
and so that is set up whenever a
young grandchild visits.
The occasion for the visit was
my husband’s 80th birthday. His
three brothers were all able to
come also and join us for a meal
at a local restaurant. Not all of
our children could come but they
telephoned him to express their
So, we had an opportunity to
share our bountiful crop of
asparagus. I also pulled rhubarb
for whoever could use some.
There is still a lot to be frozen
for next winter. And, I must do
more baking and use some.
We’ve been given several
hanging baskets to put on the
front porch. The bought ones are
May 28tb, 29th & 30th
Tburs. & Fri. 8-8: Sat. 8-12
Hundreds Of Factory
Over Runs And 2nds!!!
prettier than the ones that I had
hung there so mine will move to
the back porch. This spring I’ve
been able to keep flowers on the
kitchen table everyday and I
was given a bought bouquet for
the dining room when Bible
Study is here on Wednesday.
The other week we went to a
local shopping mall for a few
items. What a job to find the
right department for an electric
clock and for a battery-operated
pencil sharpener. You should
wear comfortable shoes when
you enter the large stores today
as you must walk and walk.
Despite everything that they
have; there are a few things that
we could not find. I needed cor
ners for pictures to be put in a
scrapbook and we had to go to a
specialty store at another shop
ping center.
No wonder I prefer to stay at
home and do without rather
than compete with the traffic on
the roads and in the stores.
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