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Make Every Minute Count
Co.) - Do you ever feel there
aren’t enough hours in the day?
This is a common problem for
many people. The demands of
balancing work and family make
time management imperative.
Luckily there are some tech
niques to help families use their
time more effectively.
Our life centers around time.
Each of us has the same
amount. It is a resource that
cannot be saved. We invest it,
we wastei it, we use it wisely.
What is wise time use for you
might be a waste of time to
another person. You determine
how effective you will be.
Why Is Time Management
Time management is impor
tant in order to obtain balance
in your life, by obtaining bal
ance, you gain some control over
what happens to you.
Another benefit of time man
agement is increased relaxation.
When important items have
been accomplished, there is
more time to do what you want
to do without feeling guilty.
The importance of time man
agement can be summed up in
these few words, “Failing to plan
is planning to fail.” By achiev
ing what you set out to do there
is a sense of accomplishment.
You also reduce stress by attain
ing what is important and not
wasting time on things that are
Time Management Tech-
There are many ways to man
age time effectively. Each tech
nique is a tool to assist you in
controlling time.
“To Do” list- A “to do” list in
its simplest form includes tasks
that need to be done. A more
sophisticated list might number
the items and then prioritize
each point according to its
importance. After the list is pri
oritized, follow through and do
the most important tasks first.
Learn To Say No!- Learning
to say no is harder than it
sounds. Here are some question
to help in deciding when to say
’ How much time will the task
*Where does the request fit
into the priority list?
*What are the consequences
of saying no?
*Who else can do the task?
If the answers to these ques
tions warrant saying a “no”,
don’t feel guilty.
Use Prime Time- There are
certain times in the day when
your energy level is higher than
others. During these periods a
person can accomplish more.
Schedule the most demanding
tasks during these high energy
Learn To Delegate- Often
you may feel a task can only be
done well if it is done by your
self. In reality, many duties
could just as well be done by
someone else. Perhaps at first it
might take time to teach the
other person to complete the job.
In the long run you will save
A family meeting helps in
communicating what needs to
be done at home. A similar con
ference at work could produce
similar results. The key to the
success of either of these meet
ings is open communication.
Learn To Plan- A well
thought out plan assists in
accomplishing tasks. Evaluate
Salvaging Damaged Photographs
(NAPS) —One never
knows how valuable family
portraits are until they’re
gone And it’s particularly
upsetting when they
become damaged by a sim
ple spill or a major flood
and appear unsalvageable.
Although it is likely that
water-damaged photos and
negatives will sustain
some permanent damage,
they may not be beyond
repair and shouldn’t be
considered a lost cause
Anne Pryor of Photo
graphy by JCPenney ex
plains, “Portraits preserve
memories through the gen
erations like few things can,
and they have a high senti
mental value for many peo
ple. It is important for peo
ple to know that it may be
possible to restore damaged
photos and it is often some
thing that can be done at
home at a minimal cost.”
This good news was espe
cially comforting to flood vic
tims from the Minnesota
and North Dakota Red
River Valley, where Photo
graphy by JCPenney and its
parent company, Lifetouch,
have been actively helping
families restore or replace
damaged photos.
Act Immediately
It is important to attend
to the damaged photos and
negatives as soon as possi
ble. Wet images should be
handled by the edges or cor
ners as the emulsion sur
faces will be fragile and may
smear Photos should be
removed from wet albums as
mold will quickly grow there.
If photos have dried clumped
together, they should be
soaked m clean water to soft
en and separate them
Keep Photos Wet
Although water is what
originally damaged the pho
tos and negatives, keeping
them wet actually aids
tremendously in their
restoration by preventing
the growth of mold, which
causes the images to stick
together To begin cleaning,
place photos and negatives
in water—gently moving the
water with your hand to
cleanse the dirt off the film
surface. To reduce water
what needs to be accomplished
and group like activities togeth
er. For small tasks, use bits of
time. Large jobs can be broken
down into smaller ones that
might also fit into these bits of
Find A Better Way- There is
usually a better way to do most
tasks. Evaluate each responsi
bility to see what parts could be
eliminated. Arrange the work
space so the job can be accom
plished efficiently. Use the best
tools for the duty.
Time Conflicts
As you balance the multitude
of roles associated with work
and family, there are bound to
be some conflicts. There is no
magic formula that will work all
the time. Commitments change
from time to time. At one time
work responsibilities take prior
ity and at other times home
obligations are more important.
Evaluate each time conflict in
relation to the uniqueness of the
event. Attend if it is not likely to
happen again.
It is important to have bal
ance in life. There must be time
for work, family and self. With
careful planning there will be
moments for each.
Hang photos out to dry
in an out-of-the-way place
to avoid dust accumulation.
spot damage, Pryor suggests
using Photo-flo", a product
found in most camera shops.
Rinse photos and negatives
in Photo-flo for a few min
utes before hanging them to
Hang Photos to Dry
It is best to hang photos
and negatives on a line
using clothes pins for dry
ing. Hanging them in an
out-of-the-way place with
little air movement will pre
vent dust from collecting on
the drying surface. If photos
cannot be hung, the next
best option is to lay them
out on a tiled surface. In any
case, it is important to avoid
drying them in direct sun
light as this will cause fur
ther damage to the images.
No Time? Freeze the
If photos must be stored
for a period of time before
they’re cared for, Pryor rec
ommends storing them in
the freezer. Rinse the pho
tos and negatives in clean
water if they are dirty and
seal them in a plastic stor
age or freezer bag, placing
wax paper between each
photo or negative to prevent
the film surfaces from
touching Later, the bag can
be defrosted and restoration
process begun. If you have
an entire photo album that’s
been damaged and don’t
have time to remove the
photos, freeze the entire al
bum immediately.
A professional conserva
tionist may be required if
photographs are severely
damaged, extremely valu
able or antique.
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