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J-Star Offers Piston Pump Line
J-Star Industries offers a lineup
of economical and dependable
piston pumps.
The J-Star line combines the
best features of the company's
Nesseth® and Van Dale® Waste
Handler pumps.
J-Star piston pumps are built
extra heavy to provide maxi
mum pumping power and years
of service. Their hollow cast iron
piston is encased in a formed
steel chamber for increased
durability and longevity. The
pump itself is designed with
minimal moving components for
trouble-free operation.
Three different models of pis
ton pumps are available. Model
207 is designed to handle aver
age installations with pumping
distances of 140 feet. Model 215
is equipped to pump manure in
liquid or semi-liquid systems.
Model 307 has an extra rugged
helical gear drive that can tack
le extra long pumping distances.
Built to offer a broad range of
Announces Events
KUTZTOWN (Berks Co.) -
The Education Committee of the
Kutztown Produce Auction, in
cooperation with Penn State
Cooperative Extension, has
announced a series of education
al meetings for vegetable grow
ers and roadside stand opera
The popular vegetable study
circle meetings will continue in
1998. A study circle is a partici
pative meeting format where
growers discuss issues of con
cern, such as vegetable produc
tion. Usually an expert is invit
ed to lead the discussion and
keep the group focused on the
topic. The study circle format is
like having an informal conver
sation with other growers simi
lar to yourself. Rather than just
listening to a lecture, study cir
cle participants ask questions
and add their expertise to the
discussion. It is also a great net
working opportunity.
The first study circle meeting
will focus on the drive-through
functions of the produce auction.
“Getting the Most From the
Drive-Through Auction” will be
held on Jan. 8 at 7 p.m. at the
Kutztown Produce Auction.
Learn how other growers and
auctions are using this system
and offer your input on how the
drive-through can be improved.
“Gear Up For Transplant
Production” will be the topic of
the March 12 meeting. This dis
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J-Star piston pumps are
built extra heavy to provide
maximum pumping power
and years of service.
capabilities, J-Star's piston
pumps transfer bedded or liquid
manure up to 50 cubic feet per
minute. The actual pump serves
as its own concrete form so its
installation does not require any
complicated or expensive con
crete forms or holding pits.
cussion, which will be lead by
Dave Eastburn of Gro n’ Sell,
Inc., will focus on vegetable
transplant production. On April
16 “Marketing Your Farm
Market” will be presented. John
Berry, multi county ad market
ing agent for Penn State cooper
ative Extension, will lead this
discussion with a panel of farm
market operators.
All study circle sessions begin
at 7 p.m. and are held at the
Kutztown Produce Auction
The Kutztown Produce
Auction Annual Educational
Meeting will be held on Feb. 13
at 11 a.m. at the Fleetwood
Grange Hall. This meeting will
provide information to growers
and buyers on auction policies
and will include a panel discus
sion on how to be successful sell
ing at an auction, and how auc
tion procedures and policies can
be improved. Speakers will
include key personnel from
other produce auction. In addi
tion, growers will be able to visit
with local suppliers and leam
about new products.
For more information on the
study circle meetings or the
annual grower meeting, contact
Herb Gebely, Kutztown Produce
Auction Manager, at (610)683-
7161 or Judith Schwank, exten
sion agent for Penn State
Cooperative Extension, Berks
County, at (610)378-1327.
Small Grain Headers Meet Cutting Needs
ATLANTA, Ga. - Five dis
tinct types of small grain head
ers are available for Gleaner
combines, each designed to help
producers adjust to different
crop and harvesting needs.
Quick-attach headers are
engineered for both the Gleaner
Silver Series Rotary combines
(R 42, R 52, R 62, R 72) and the C-
Series convention combine
(C 62).
Here's a quick review of each
header, by model number and
•Model 400 Pickup Header. The
model 400 pickup header is
available in a 13-foot width. It is
designed for harvesting
windrowed crops, where extra
drying time is needed and the
crop cannot be harvested in
standing condition. The Model
400 has a real drive with option
al hydraulic drive. It is 24 inch
es in diameter with a 30-inch
•Model 600 Draper Header. The
Model 600 draper header, avail
able in 25-, 30-, and 36-foot
widths, is designed to improve
cutting, gathering and feeding
performance in all small grain
crop conditions. "The draper
conveying system allows the
crop heads to face the same
direction during the gathering
phase," said Jerry Weaver, gen
eral marketing manger, Gleaner
combines. "This creates a
smooth crop flow into the com
bine for better harvesting effi
ciency and more acres covered in
a day." The Model 600 is avail
able with three reel formats
bat, universal, and polytine
pickup. It uses a multi-piece
Sugarbeet, Edible-Bean Growers
MOLINE, 111. - Responding
to sugarbeet and edible-bean
grower requests for a heavy
duty and high-tech planter
designed especially for their
needs, John Deere has intro
duced the 16-row 22-inch John
Deere 1780 Max Emerge®Plus
The 1780 Planter features
the Max Emerge Plus row unit,
John Deere's latest design that
provides increased accuracy and
easier adjustments. It is also the
industry's strongest row-unit.
Standard seed hopper capacity
is 1.6 bushels; 3-bushel hoppers
are available as an option.
The wings on the tree-sec
tion, front-fold planter frame
flex 8 degrees up and down (rel
ative to the center section) for
ground-hugging performance
and accurate planting depth. Six
ULxls tires support the frame
during planting. Optional
31x13.5 tires provide up to a 26-
percent larger footprint for
Hybrid Produces 235 Bushels Per Acre
Co.) - A northern New Jersey
farmer has reported and certi
fied an exceptional com harvest
using a NK® Brand com hybrid
in his field in Warren County.
This past spring, Jacob Bilyk
planted Maximizer 607 with
Knock Out™ built-in com borer
control, a NK® Brand corn
hybrid available exclusively
from Hoffman Seeds. Thirty
thousand plants were sown per
acres in 30-inch rows, which
knife assembly with heavy-duty
guards and overserrated bolt-on
sections. Cutterbar and draper
angle adjusts from 7 to 14
•Model 700 Rigid Heater. The
Model 700 is a rigid header that
has been "beefed up" for high
capacity harvesting. It is avail
able in 25-, 27-, and 30-foot
widths. Design modifications
include a new cutterbar posi
tion, larger conveyor and faster
auger to prevent crop material
from standing in front of the
conveyor and to increase feeding
capacity. Equipped with a 38-
inch diameter, 5 bat metal reel,'
the "high capacity” head is dri
ven hydraulically. The smaller
diameter reel has additional
brackets to position the bat at a
"standard" or "pitched" 8.5
degrees. By reducing the diame
ter of the reel by five inches, the
crop flows easier from the cut
terbar. These features combine
with four-inch longer curved reel
arms improve gathering and
feeding performance.
•Model 800 Flex Header.
Moving the cutterbar forward
four inches also improves feed
capacity and crop flow in heavy
conditions. Auger speed has
been increased to 165 rpm and
longer 3/4-inch adjustable fin
gers convey the crop to the feed
ing system. The Model 800 flex
header is designed for contour or
unlevel fields. It is available in a
range of widths 15-. 16-. 18-,
20-, 22-, 25-, 27-, and 30-foot.
The drive system is
hydraulic. Height and cutting
range controls are electro
hydraulic. It has a speed range
of 0 to 72 rpm and a sickle stroke
Planter Designed For
The John Deere 16-row 22-
inch 1780 MaxEmerge® Plus
Planter features Seed Star™
variable-rate drive as stan
dard equipment. The opera
tor can select from up to six
planting rates on-the-go, at
the touch of a button.
planting in sandy or well tilled
Each 1780 planter comes fac
tory-equipped with Seed Star™
variable-rate drive. Producers
can select up to six seeding rates
on-the-go, at the touch of a but
ton. The operator can easily
reprogram any of the six rates
Bilyk said, he “topdressed to
give them a little boost.”
As a result, Maximizer 607
produced a certified yield of
235.006 bushels per acre (har
vested at a 27 percent moisture
rate and calculated down to 15
percent moisture). Bilyk is now
a competitor in the National
Com Growers Yield Contest in
the category of “Top Yield for
New to farmers, Maximizer
607, has a relative maturity of
of 3 inches. The cutting range is
-15 inches to plus 48 inches.
•Model 900 Stripper Header.
The Model 900 stripper header,
available in 20-, 22.5-, and 25-
foot widths, is designed to har
vest cereal grains, wheat, oats,
barley, rye, flax, grass seed, peas
and canola. It features a unique
"Keyhole design; that strips dry
grain directly from standing
stalks. "This allows the crop to
be harvested earlier just as
soon as the grain is dry," said
Since the header strips grain
directly from the stalk, mois
ture-heavy stems and weeds can
be kept out of the machine.
"This improves harvesting effi
ciency with easier separation,
higher quality grain and less
wear and tear on threshing
parts," said Weaver. "Also, the
operator can start earlier in the
day, run later in the evening and
cover more acres, often at faster
ground speeds."
The stripper header supports
conservation farming practices
in areas where growers want to
leave a maximum amount of
undisturbed residue in the field
to conserve soil moisture or
reduce erosion between crops
The Model 900 operates with
a rotating drum called a "strip
per rotor" that has six rows of
comb-like teeth, each with the
key-hole design at the base. The
drum rotates to engage the crop
in an upward sweep. Plants are
raised, heads are stripped in the
key holes and grain is moved to
an auger trough that delivers it
to the combine for threshing.
with a few simple key strokes on
the Green Star™ display in the
cab. Two hydraulic motors pro
vide a half-width disconnect.
The VacuMeter™ seed
metering system is standard.
Growers can also choose option
al finger-pickup, feedcup, or new
’•adial-bean peters.
Low profile tri-fold markers
on the 1780 Planter provide a
transport height at 10 feet 11
inches. Transport width is 15
feet 11 inches. For convenience,
one selective control valve (SCV)
lever activates folding, all with
out the cab.
Additional options on the
1780 Planter include a pneu
matic, central down-force sys
tem that's infinitely variable up
to 400 pounds. The system pro
vides the convenience of a single
adjustment to simultaneously
set the down-force for all of the
row units, a force that remains
constant through the full range
of row-unit travel.
115 days and is suitable for all
soil types. Max 607 has very
good tolerance to Stewart’s Wilt,
common rust, and northern and
southern com leaf blight.
It provides farmers with high
test weights and superb grain
quality, drought and heat toler
ance, excellent control of first
generation and strong control of
second generation ECB, excel
lent early vigor and growth, and
excellent tip fill and husk cover