Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, December 02, 1995, Image 139

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    Spring Garden Repair
Isaac S. -
tStoltzfus f
Gas & Diesel Engine Rebuilding & Aluminum Head Rebuilding & Welding
Block Boring & Sleeving■
Flywheel Grinding
Engine Parts
Tractor Pistons & Sleeve Kits
Rebuilt Tractor Heads
New & Rebuilt Water Pumps
See Binkley & Hurst Bros. For Quality Rhino
Equipment Machinery Built Like It’s Name!
Order One From Binkley & Hurst Bros. Today
Clean Up Those Creeping Fence Lines Today!
Rhino Batwing Cutter
Heavy-Duty Features!
IS' Cut; S4O or 1000 RPM; Cat 5 Main Driveline; Cat. 4 or
5 Wing Drivelinei; Pan Blade Catricn; 6" Blade Overlap;
Mechanical Level-Lift Axle, 10-Gauge Deck; l/4"xl0-1/2”
Side Skirts; Full Swivel Clevis Hitch; Replaceable Skid
Shoes; Wing Opeitaion 90” Up and 22" Down; Rated for 2"
Diameter Material Fully-Shielded Drivelines; Safety
Deflectors Standard.
15 Fool and 20 Foot Models In Stock
Call (717) 949-3769
From 7:3oam-s:oopm
Virginia Office (540)879-9926
From 9:ooam-4:oopm
A Heavy-Duty Blade for Heavy-Duty Work!
8’ or 10' Moldboard Rated for 190 and 160 PTO HP Tractors,
Respectively, Hydraulic or Manual Mainframe Swing, Moldboard
Pivot, and Moldboard Tilt; 37" Maximum Offset; 4” Kingpin; CAT
11, ID Three-Point Hitch and Quick Coupler,'A ” x 18" Moldboard;
V 4 ” x 6” Replaceable Cutting Edge; 1447-1618 Lbs.; End Plates,
Skid Shoes, Gauge Wheel OpddnE
Available Now At...
Binkley ft Hunt Bros.
Pick Up Om Today For Your
Winter Spare Hma Farmland Cleanup Jobe.
RHINO Non- Badt Rama* to Puih In Ftnca Row Ovar Gnwti.
Servis-Rhino's unique product line ii one of the mart
cipansive in the industry. Rhino holds the industry
record for new product introductions with over SO in
the psst 36 months.
Far example, Rhino offers three new Hydrsulic
Boom Flail Cutter models:
Srrvii® 1941 ■ Ilonzontil reach 18'8" ■ Cutting
capacity l'/i” with 48” head, 4” with 37” head
■ Cutting width 37” or 48”
Sends® 1548 Horizontal reach IS' ■ Cutting capaci
ty IVi ” with 48” head, 4” with 37” head ■ Cutting
width 37” or 48”
Servii® 1348 ■ Horizontal reach 12'10" ■ Cutting
capacity 1 Vi ” with 48" head, 4" with 37' head ■ Cut
ting width 37” or 48”
Rhino Hydraulic Boom Flail Cutters also eliminate
the need for complicated mounting kits - leaving your
tractor free for other uses.
cp/: jtfS
■Vil Htet
A Tough and
Economical Cutter!
72” Cut; 540 RPM; Cat 4
Shielded Driveline Shear Bolt or
Slip Clutch Protection; 60 HP
Gearbox; Pan Blade Carrier;
Updraft Blades; CAT 1 Three-
Point Hitch; 10-Gauge Deck;
10-Ga.xB" Side Skirts; Rated for
1” Diameter Material; Safety
Deflectors Standard.
3 Pt. 83” Cut
Disc Mower and
3 Pt. 110” Cut
Disc Mower
Year End Discount
(717) 764-6412 OR (717) 764-5115
Kobelco 4 Wheel AiticuMed
JD 444 Articulated Payloeder
Ford 2000 (3)
Ford S6lO Special II w/iollbar
Ford 3930 45hpvu'roHbar
JD 650 w/mld mount mower
JO 870
Kubota L 2350
Kubota L 245 wrtoader
lot 886 w/partial cab, WF. dual
Int 766
Int. 656 w/WF
Fatmall 130 & 140
Farmall 200 w/loader
A /k
Economical and Provides a Manicured Cull
60 or 72" Model*. CAT I Hilch. 340 RPM One Piece VI6
Reinforced Deck. Three Updraft Blades Blade Tip Speeds in
Excest of 16.000 PPM, Pour Gauge Wheels Standard "Floating"
and Extended Hitch Built In Adjustable Culling Heights I 1/2
4 1/3". Fully Shielded Driveline
Performance and
Durability for Larger
Acreages! 120" Cut;
120 HP Center Gearbox;
100 HP Outboard
Geaiboxei; Pan Blade
Carriers; Updraft Blades; Cat 4 Driveline with Slip Clutch Protection; S4O
, Lift or Pull-Type; 10-Gauge Deck; lAt”xl0" Side Skirts; Replaceable Skid Shoes
Rated For 2” Diameter Material; Safety Deflectors Standard.
ilB 5’
RB 6’
LR 6’
LR 8’
R 800 - 8’
R 900 - 8’
R 900 - 9’
R 950 - 8’
R 950 - 9’
% Hyd. Pivot Manual Tilt
1540 - 10’ 160 3 Way Hyd. Adj.
If Tou Have A Compact Tractor*Or A Large
Farm Tractor, We Have A 3 Pt. Blade For Tou!
BlNKumurst 131 To*irs n m &
«BA6 TMT / Lltltz, PA 17543-0395 mFarm Plan.
'-MUa.AWU.-' (717) 626-4705
Fm 712-626-0996 !• 800-487-2978
Lancaster Fanning, Saturday, December 2, 1995-0,15
Ml SC.
New 3 pt Snow Blowers
NewSpt Fert Spreader
3 pi Stone Rakes
3 pi Box Scrapers
Regubr* Heavy Duly 3
R Scraper Blades
New Woods Rotary
Mowers S'to 15' In stock
Large Selection of
New Used & Reconditioned
Equipment & Tractors
Great Versatility and Performance
20’ Cut; 540 or 1000 RPM; 140 HP Power
Divider Gearbox (1000 RPM); 100 HP Cen
ter and Wing Gearboxes; Cat. 5 Constant
Velocity Main Driveline; Cat. 5 Wing Drive
lines; Slip Clutch Protection; Pan or Bar
Blade Carriers; V 4 ” x 10V4 ” Side Skirls;
10-Gauge Deck; adjustable Axles; Rated for
2” Dismeter Material; Fully-Shielded Drive
lines; Safety Deflectors Standard.
•*"** Driveline Slip Clulch Protection 10 Gauge Deck 540 ROM
nM* (TW6O and TW72) 540 or 1000 RPM (TWM) Updraft Hindu
p in diKie carrier Greaaeable Tapered Roller Wheel Bearing*
e«»w. Rated for 2" Diameter Maien•< Replaceable Skid Shoe* Safely
»•*« Deflector* Standard
Pick Up A BladeV
From Binkley & Hurst?
Today! _ /v /r
HP Rating
(Quality L
/ 3Pt. 7
r Scraper S
& Excavating
tv Blades /
in One Cutter!
ram c^»
Rhino Cutters
In Stock
hincry Prom
temoral Or Heavy
tag, Tou Need A
Tram Binkley 4c
Iroe. Nowl
n anting tha nandard In
' over 20 yaata. Tha LR l«
.ice, noil lavallng, ditching
(oadlot dMnup on traetora.
a ora bull! Into ovary LR with
lid claal kingpin and a 5/16*
illy to provided by tho LR'a
adjuatmanta: moldboard till,
Ing which add up to a total ol
3 Way Adjust Manual
3 Way Adjust Manual
3 Way Adjust { Manual
3 Way Adjust Manual
3 Way Adjust Manual
3 Way Adjust Manual
3 Way Hyd.
Hyd. Swing Manual Tilt
•d Cut!
•>t Cll 4