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Vol. 40 NO. 51
Kathy DaHart and QoMonShaatanhalm. public relations
spokaaparaon tor tha Maryland Polled Hereford Associa
tion, poaa wflh Kathy’a ataar “Fred." tha two advocata
tiona. Shaatonhabn waa honored recently at the Eastern
National Uvaatoek show with the dedication of tha Polled
Hereford Standard of Perfection In his honor.
DeHarts Appreciate Docile
Nature Of Herefords
Maryland Correspondent
year-old Kathy DeHart loves Poll
ed Hereford cattle. She loves them
so much that she and her family
keep four steers on their property.
That’s nothing out of tfate ordin
ary for this 4-H and FFA member,
who also happens to be Maryland
Polled Hereford Princess.
Until you realize that the De-
Hart family lives in the middle of
a development
“Other people walk their dogs;
we walk our steers,” said the ener
getic spokesperson for the breed
It’s easy to tell the priorities of
this family. “The cattle keep the
family together. They’re some
thing we all do that we can enjoy,”
said Kathy’s father. Jack.
Jack and Nancy DeHart have
two children at home: Kathy, and
her brother Kenny. Two older
daughters. Rose and Helen. live
away. In addition to the steers, the
tidy two-acre homestead is home
Lancaster Farming Staff
Co.) There are some signific
ant, changes with how the state
Department of Agriculture intends
to enforcing the stale Dog Law.
According to a recent news
release, state Secretary of Agricul
ture Charles Brosius has
60( Por Copy
to three breeding ewes and a mar
ket lamb, 10 turkeys, one rabbit,
and a border collie pup named
Crowned Princess at the Mont
gomery County Fair this August,
Kathy has been involved in the
Maryland Polled Hereford Asso
ciation (MPHA) as a junior mem
ber for three years, hi addition to
her public speaking dates and ap
pearances at shows such as the up
coming Red, White, and Blue sale
at Frederick, Kathy is making a
priority out of recruiting new
junior members.
She thinks Polled Herefords are
especially suited for youth to work
with because of the gentle nature
of the breed. Polled Hereford Pub
lic Relations volunteer Gordon
Sheetenhelm echoes this senti
‘This is an opportunity for
youth to have a positive experi
ence with the cattle. I’d hate to see
, some youngster get injured work
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Revised Kennel Regulations Get Approval
announced efforts to make the
PDA Bureau of Dog Law Enforce
ment “more responsive while
returning it to firm financial
Primarily this means the PDA
Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement
is seeking to allow veterinarians
the authority to issue dog licenses
as part of the rabies vaccination
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, October 28, 1995
Managing Editor
Co.) Half of the 500 turners
who bought $lOO-per-ihue stock
in a corporation to develop foreign
and domestic trade attended an
update meeting held at the Hoff
man building Tuesday evening.
Many Amish fanners were in the
Allen Weicksel, who formed the
Pennsylvania Producers Research
and Development Commission,
Inc., presented his elaborate plan to
establish export and distribution
Systems in various foreign coun-
Poultry Association
Recaps Year’s Activities
IjmcMter Farming Staff
Co.) —October was proclaimed as
Poultry Month by the Lancaster
County commissioners during the
Lancaster County Poultry Associa
tion banquet held Tueadayevcning
at the Willow Valley Convention
Growth in the layer and broiler
industry has placed Lancaster
County in the number one spot for
producing layers and pullets in the
Mark Price officially handed
over the reins of leadership of the
association to George Georges,
president of the board. Georges is
affiliated with Wenger Feeds in
“We promise we will be agres
sive in promoting poultry products
to the non-farm community.”
Georges said of the association’s
focus in the upcoming year.
Set Clocks
Back Tonight
For those fanners who have
been using Daylight Saving Time
throughout the summer months,
the time has come to change back
to standard time. The change
becomes official at 2 a.m. on Sun
day morning, Oct. 29. For that
extra hour of sleep, turn your
clocks back one hour before you
go to bed on Saturday night If you
are a dairy farmer, you will likely
warn to change your milking time
gradually over several days.
program, and reduce the age of
dogs required to be licensed fiom 6
months to 3 months old.
While this would require action
by the state Legislature and
approval by die governor, the PDA
has used its authority to alter the
regulations covering the operation
of dog kennels and how dogs are to
be treated while in transit.
Local Farmers’ Foreign
Trade Update Given
tries and domestic distribution in
thcU.S. Actually two corporations
have been formed, one for the
research and development side of
the business and the other to pro
tect the wealth of the corporations.
While the plan includes small
business and has been expanded to
include statewide representation,
many of the Lancaster, Chester,
York, and Lebanon County far
mers joined before the October 1
stock price increase because of the
promise that raw production pro
ducts from agriculture would have
special emphasis in the distribution
Georges said that strong support
is growing for the association
despite a smaller number of
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PCC Honors Bupp,
Eckenrode, And Robinson
Co.) Three desert ing suppor
ters of cooperative education
programs were recently honored
at the Leadership Recognition
Banquet of the Pennsylvania
Council of Cooperatives (PCC)
Annual Meeting last week at the
The distinguished service award was presented to Joyce
Bupp. In the photo from left, Harold Martin, director, Mid-
America Dairymen, made the presentation, Bupp, and hus
band Leßoy Bupp.
The state Independent Regulat
ory Review Commission (IRRC)
last week approved a package of
revised dog kennel regulations as
part of a final review process.
That means the regulations
which affect the operation of state
licensed dog kennels should take
effect soon.
The next step is to have the new
Four Sections
system. Now the price of stock is
54,000 per share.
Weichsel listed countries that
are being worked or contacted to
include Russia, Vietnam, Mexico,
Hungary, Czech Republic, and
Latvia. He said they have prospec
tive Russian partners to establish a
contract for joint ventures.
While the prospect of large
potential profits was presented,
right now the expense of making
these international contacts is com
ing from the money raised from
stock sales. Several farmers have
put leins against their farms as
backing for the $400,000 line of
credit the export corporation needs
to purchase products for
While expectations are running
high among farmers who ate look
ing for additional income and
markets from their products, it may
be several yean before any real
profits come back to the farm from
this venture.
Penn Stale Nittany Lion Inn in
State College.
Receiving the - Distinguished
Service Award was Joyce Bupp of
Seven Valleys. Joyce and her hus
band Leroy milk 225 registered
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regulations published in the Pen
nsylvania Bulletin. They then
become effective.
Licensed kennel operators then
have 90 days to comply. For some
operators it may mean redesigning
or upgrading kennel facilities.
The state Department of Agri
culture has authority over the
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$25.00 Par Year