Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, September 30, 1995, Image 59

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    On Saturday, October 7th, the
Farm Show Arena will come alive
with the sound of thundering
hooves. The Heavy Hitch Classic
will begin at 7:00 p.m. in the
Large Arena of the Farm Show
Complex. An admission fee of
$5.00 per person will be charged
at the gate.
New at the 1995 Show will be
the 8-Horse hitch classes and we
are proud to announce that eleven
hitches have been entered. They
come from four states plus Canada
and represent all four major draft
horse breeds. Entrants include
Rocking Horse Ranch Resort,
Highland, NY; Live Oak Planta
tion, Ocala, FL; Rovenolt Stables,
Turbotville. PA; Terragold Farm,
Cannington, Ontario, Canada;
Justin’s Belgians, Williamsburg,
OH; Pennwoods Percherons,
Centre Hall, PA; Knapp Tyme
Percherons, Finlay, OH; Harry
Farr & Family, Dunville, Ontario,
Canada; Windermere Farms,
Spring Mills, PA; Grandview
Clydesdales, Huntingdon, IN;
Bartlett Family Clydesdales,
Manlius, NY.
In 1995, over 200 six-horse
hitchers were entered in the 45
qualifying shows across the
United States and Canada. The
Keystone International Livestock
Exhibition is again a qualifying
show for the 1995 year. Prize
money will be awarded at the
KILE Show.
The North American Six-Horse
Hitch Classic Series is the ulti
mate driving event in the heavy
horse world. The Keystone Inter
national Livestock Exposition has
been chosen as one of 45 recog
nized Qualifying Shows on the
Classic Series Show circuit. Each
year all across America, six-horse
hitches perform at state fairs and
agricultural exhibitions to accu
mulate points for their region and
The 18th Annual Keystone
Stockmen’s Contest, a youth
activity in the program of the
KILE Show, is scheduled for
Monday, October 9, 1995. The
contest is open to all 4-H and FFA
members. Each county or chapter
is invited to enter one or more
teams of three or four members.
These members will also compete
as individuals;
Registration begins at 8:00 a.m.
and the contest concludes at 4:30
p.m. This allows a group to parti
cipate in the contest, view the
livestock and horse shows in prog
ress and return home the same
Shepherd’s Lead Line
looks better, the Sheep or the
Shepherd? Judges will tell at the
Keystone International Livestock
Exhibition Shepherd’s Lead Line
Competition to be held on Satur
day, October 7, 1995 precisely at
NOON at the Farm Show
The objectives of this class are
to present a class of yearling ewes
>n a most attractive manner and
give spectators an Opportunity to
see the best of the sheep industry.
The normal procedure at a
Livestock Show is for the animal
to be all primped and lovely, but
in our Lead Line Competition the
Leadsman is also in the limelight
Both are to be dressed fashionably
in their best wool outfit (at least
80% wool).
Not just another pretty face can
steal our show. Our herdsperson
Laneati*r Farming, Saturday, Saplambar 30, 1995-810
Heavy Hitch Classic Set For KILE
beyond competing at Qualifying
Shows spread across Canada and
the United States. The competi
tion builds to a climax at the end
of the year when the high-point
hitches are invited to compete in
the final competition, the Classic
Series. The winner of the Classic
Series All Breed Trophy is consid
ered by many to be the best six
horse hitch in the world.
The stated goals for the Classic
Series are “to increase the number
of draft hitches on the show cir-
Youth Contests Featured
Prizes are awarded for the win
ners. The high scoring team wins
$lOO as well as ribbons. The indi
vidual high score wins $75, with
prizes going to the top 30 particip-
Saturday Is Kid’s Day
The Keystone International
Livestock Exposition has chosen
Saturday, October 7, 1995 as a
special day for children. Daily
attractions continue throughout
Kid’s Day including a special per
formance by “Mo Vint, The Har
monica Player,”
must not only look terrific, but our
sheep must also show their model
ing talents. The contestants and
the sheep must be able to work
together in the ring.
The Lead Line Competition has
been around KILE for years and
each year it gets easier for our
contestans to End their Wool
We help point out the virtues of
wool. It is a produce that has been
around forever and in recent years
is making a well deserved
The Keystone International
Livestock Exposition is sponsored
by the Pennsylvania Livestock
Association in cooperation with
the Pennsylvania Department of
Agriculture and the Pennsylvania
Farm Products Show Commis
Why not plan to enjoy yourself
at the 1995 Keystone International
Livestock Exposition.
The Heavy Hitch Classic will begin at 7:00 p.m. in the large arena on Saturday, October 7.
cuit” and to “increase public
awareness of the sport of driving
heavies, thereby expanding deve
lopment of the draft breed
The four major draft horse
breeds that compete in the Classic
Series are Belgians. Percherons,
Clydesdales, and Shires. Hitches
are judged on conformation, man
ners, the proper fit and cleanliness
of the harness, the appropriateness
of the wagon, and the hitch’s way
of going. The stride of a draft
ants. All others will receive parti
cipation ribbons. The five highest
placing contestants in the overall
individual scores are interviewed
by a committee of three officials.
Kessler’s “Barnyard” is open
all day long providing a unique
experience for the children to
actually touch and hold farm ani
mals such as chicks, ducks, and
baby pigs. A famers will be there
to answer any questions young
sters may have.
Three shows will be presented
throughout the day featuring the
Animals of Distinction. Young
sters will especially enjoy the per
formances of these special
Lebanon Valley National Bank
is sponsoring the “Agri-Kid
Olympics” at 12:00 noon. The
Olympics is a fun time for kids as
they compete in such farm-related
events as Sack Races, Wheelbar
row Races, Laughing Contest,
Horseshoe Pitch, Hog-Calling
Contest, and learning how to
The Kiddie Pedal-Power Trac
tor Pull is a special event very
similar to the big tractor pulls seen
at many county fairs. Children
must pre-register at 1:30 for the
event which will be held at 3:00
p.m. The event is limited to 80
participants. So be sure to sign up
So, why not plan to bring your
children to the 199 S Keystone
International Livestock Exposi
tion at the Farm Show Complex in
Harrisburg, PA.
horse at the walk should be long,
one that covers ground, with plen
ty of snap. The trot should be styl
ish, giving the distinct impression
of power and energy.
The sport of driving draft
horses is continuing to grow and
find favor with audiences across
the continent. The Classic Series
competition offers incentives for
exhibitors and encourage breeders
of quality hitch horses.
The stylish driving horses seen
in the ring today are the result of
1995 Is The Year
Of The Beef
1995 has been designated as
“Year of the Beef,” so beef exhibi
tors will receive special attention
as part of the effort to increase
public awareness of the beef
industry and the high caliber of
beef shows held annually at KILE.
The Keystone International
Livestock Exposition is in its 39th
year at Harrisburg. The Exposi
tion is recognized nationally as a
showcase for the nation’s top beef
cattle, swine, sheep, and horses. It
will be held at the Farm Show
Complex in Harrisburg on Octob
er 4th-9th.
At the 1995 Show, we are
attempting to give people a reason
to stay. One of America’s top per
forming acts, “Animals of Dis
tinction,” will be performing three
shows daily. These world famous
animal performe r are drawing
countless hours of preparation and
care that culminate in the brilliant
performances you will witness
during this Classic Series Qualify
ing Show Competition.
The real winner of the Classic
Six-Horse Hitch Series is the
spectator. Over 400 draft horses
will be on display and it is
expected that over fifteen six
horse hitches will be competitive
for the Classic.
record crowds from coast to coast.
They not only entertain but also
educate against animal abuse and
The strolling act, booked pri
marily for Thursday evening, Fri
day, Saturday and Sunday, is Mo
Vint and he will amble around the
Farm Show Complex putting on
his show. For too many years, the
only reason people had to attend
the KILE Show was to look at the
animals and one quick trip
through the bams and they went
home. Mo Vint, attired in some
interesting costume, will perform
harmonica demonstrations and
vocals, for young and old, from
Peg ‘O My Heart to Rubber Duck
y and Orange Blossom Special.
Why not plan to come and
enjoy yourself at the 1995 Key
stone International Exposition.