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    Tiffany Dean Shows Champion
The championship showmanship title goes to 13-year
old Jessica Schmidt, left, and the reserve to 11-year-old
April Leaman. Although both girls are several years youn
ger then many of their competitors, they excelled in
smoothness and adapting to the lambs’ stances.
Lancajter Fanning Staff
Co.) When the sawdust settled
at the Solanco Fair Sheep Show on
Wednesday, KJ. glowed with an
aura of the stuff that champions
exude. For his stately bearing and
firm muscling, the 127-pound
sheep claimed the champion mark
et lamb trophy.
Owner Tiffany Dean said she
named K.J. after the former
champion Penn State football
player Ki-Jana Carter because she
loves the Penn State team.
The market lamb showed some
of the same characteristics as its
namesake because it took all the
strength the 9-ycar-old owner
possessed to keep the feisty market
lamb from bounding away.
Tiffany is the daughter of Joan
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and Gary Dean of Strasburg. It was
the first time Tiffany showed a
champion. She had purchased the
lamb from Lloyd Reiff of Stras
The reserve market lamb title
went to another Reiff lamb, this
one shown by Brent Landis. It was
the second year in a row that the
10-year-old took the reserve mark
et lamb title at the Solanco Fair.
Bam Bam, named for the Flints
tones, got plenty of exercise in pre
paration fra* the show because
Brent likes leading him around his
yard. Brent is the son of Jim and
Linda Landis of Quarryville.
Chosen from the 58 entries, the
champion and reserve titles met
with competition from Grant
Hossler’s champion lightweight,
Allison Hughes champion middle
weight and reserve champion
lightweight, and Brad Leaman’s
champion and
Lytle said he chose the champ
ion and reserve from the light
heavyweight class for being the
most complete.
In showmanship, 13-year-old
Jessica Schmidt outmaneuvered
30 other showmen, including those
several years her senior.
“She adapts well to her sheep,”
Lytle said of Jessica’s smooth
transition between standing and
kneeling while showing her Dorset
“It’s just a normal sheep,” Jessi
ca said of the Dorset named
Jessica is the daughter of Laurie
and Pete Schmidt of Drumote.
Reserve championship honors
wait to 11-year-old April Leaman,
daughter of David and Jackie Lea
man of Willow Street.
A partial listing of show results
1 Sara Stnckler, 2. Tina Henry, 3 Joy Young
1 Kevin Smoker, 2. Amy Stnckler. 3 Jacon
Clasa 3
1 Jessica Schmidt; 2. April Leaman; 3 Ryan
1. Allison Hughes; 2. Tiffany Dean; 3. Hope
Long; Champion-Jet tica Schmidt; Reserve-April
Market Lamb Show
Lightweight Class I
1 John Schmidt, 2. Tyler Swanson, 3 Kevin
Lightweight Class 2
1 Tina Henry; 2. Jason Young; 3 Amy
1 Grant Hosslcr, 2. Allison Hughes; 3 Kevin
Boyer. Champion Lightweight-Grant Hossler,
Reserve Champion Lightweighl-AUison Hughes
1 Allison Hughes, 2 Brent Landis. 3 Melissa
Middleweight Clau S
1 lina Henry, 2 Debra Young, 3 Melusa
1 Becky Byrne, 2 Sara Stnckler. 3. Nale Wal
ter, Champion Middleweight-Allison Hughes,
Reserve Champion-Brent Landis
it on.
Market Lamb At Solanco
Class 1
Class 2
Class 4
Lightweight Class 3
Middleweight Class 4
Middleweight Cleu i
it off.
Uncart* farming. Saturday, September 23,1995-Al9
Tiffany Dean holds on to her champion market lamb while
Brent Landis shows his reserve champion market lamb.
Judge David Lytle, a Hampshire breeder from Chester
County, judges the 58-head sheep show on Wednesday.
Light Heavyweight Clue 7
I Brail Lendu, 2 April Lumen, 3 Adam
Lighl-llcavywclghl Clue I
I Tiffany Dun, 2 April Lumen, 3. Becky
Llghl-lieivyweight Clue 9
1 Tiffany Dun, 2. Jeuica Schmidt; 3. Brett
Winter, Champion Light-Hnvyweight-Tiffany
Dun, Rcurve Champion Light-Huvyweight-
Field Day To Highlight
Community Composting
KIMBERTON (Chester Co.)
Seven Stars Dairy, Kimberton
CSA vegetable farm, and Kimber
ton Waldorf School are all located
within a few hundred yards of each
other in upper Chester County.
Each composts a combination of
farm and community wastes pro
ducts and recycles them into valu
able resources for thd farm and
garden. On Saturday, Sept. 23,
horn 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., they will
Brent Landu
lluvywelght Cleu 10
I Brad Luman, 2 Brad Leaman. 3 Kevin
1 Adam Byrne, 2 Kevin Smoker; 3 Jeremy
Welk, Champion Huvyweight-Brad Leaman,
Reserve Champion Huvyweight-Brad Leaman,
Champion Market Lamb-Tiffany Dun, Reaerve
Market Lamb-Brent Landis
open their doors to show now they
do it This field day will be of inter
est to consumers, farmers, stu
dents, teachers, and municipal
‘The opportunity to show a vari
ety of ways that farms and com
munities can work together to
recycle their organic wastes was
just too good to pass up,” said Cary
Oshins, composting specialist for
the Rodale Institue, who is work
ing with both of the farms.
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Heavyweight Clau 11