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    vol. 40 No. 46
All-American Dairy Show Is For Every Dairy Farmer
Lancaster Farming Staff
Co.) Today starts the 1995
Pennsylvania All-American Dairy
Show (PAADS), scheduled to run
through Sept. 28 at the state Farm
Show Complex in Harrisburg.
It kicks off tonight with the
suite’s dairy princess pageant and
ends Thursday after the naming of
the supreme champion.
This year, organizers of the Pen
Remember the All-Amerlfean supreme champion from
last year? Fair-Hill Enhancer Song-ET is Ex-95 EEEE and
owned by Marion Andrew, Centerville, Md. Enhancer Song
has just finished her 5-year-old record of nearly 46,000
pounds of milk with 1190 f, 1219 p. This is her second record
over 40,000 m and she is part of the first cow family of the
breed to have seven Gold Medal Dams in a row. The climax
of the 1995 All-American will come next Thursday when a
new supreme champion will be named In the large arena of
the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg.
Gov. Ridge Declares
Drought Emergency
Lancaster Farming Staff
Co.) State Gov. Tom Ridge on
Wednesday declared a drought
emergency for32counties that pri
marily form those that supply
headwater drainage for the Sus
quehanna and Delaware rivers.
Not included in the official
“emergency” declaration are coun
ties along the lower reaches of the
nver and western counties, though
all areas of the stale have been suf
fering from drought conditions.
The remainder of the state is under
some levfj p( water conservation
Thfc««t*|ency tjechration was
made as fldws in the Susquehanna
have reached 10-year lows.
Bedrock is evident everywhere
in the state’s central river and boat
traffic is almost nonexistent except
for occasional canoes.
Though a cold front moving into
the state was to have brought rain
Friday, officials said an inch of
rain per week, for a series of
weeks, was needed to recharge
groundwater. Almost all surface
water flows, except during certain
storm events, come from ground
water, as does all well water.
In addition to thoje counties
60* Par Copy
nsylvania All-American Dairy
Show have added an entire week’s
worth of educational programs.
The result is, that perhaps truly
for the first time, the PAADS has
become the premier event for all
dairy enthusiasts, from commer
cial milk sales-oriented operators
to those with a primary focus on
elite breeding stock.
“I’m really excited,” said Lolly
Lesher, fund raising coordinator,
“because the show has a lot to offer
associated with the headwaters of
the S&quehanna and Delaware
rivers, Adams County, which
serves as part of the headwaters for
the Potomac River, is also under a
state of drought emergency.
There are actually three official
drought status levels upon the
entire state.
Thirty-two counties were under
the drought emergency status as of
Friday morning, 11 were under
drought warning status, and 24
were under drought watch.
Mandatory restrictions apply to
all. whether the water source is
public or private. Enforcement of
restrictions is to be in place and
charges are to be Bled against
die USDA’s Consolidated Farm
Service Agency.
“On the recommendation of Lt
Gov. Mark Schweiker and his
drought task force, this emergency
declaration places mandatory
_ restrictions on non-essential water
use for 6.S million residents ...”
He also urged residents in the
remaining counties to use common
sense and conservation measures
as well to prevent widening the
mandatory restrictions.
“The need for conservation has
never been so critical, and I’m ask
(Tum to Fag* AM)
mentor FarMng. Saturday, Soptotnbor 23, 1995
the commerical dairyman. It’s not
Just a breeder’s show anymore.
There’s the trade show, the com
mericial edcuation exhibits, sales
.. There’s just a lot in just four
The Pa. All-American Dairy
Show is the largest dairy event in
the suite with five national shows,
a regional show and two suite
shows covering the six main dairy
There are also several important
cattle sales held during the week, a
youth dairy cattle judging contest
and awards banquet, and (he state
dairy princess pageant
Farm Bill Development
Driven By Budget Cut Agenda
Managing Editor
Co.)-The climate in Washington,
DC, surrounding the development
of a new farm bill is different than
when past farm bills have been
designed. Thai’s the report given to
the Council of Farm Organizations
at their regular meeting Monday,
by James Dunn, professor of Ag
Economics at Penn State. Dunn is
working in theofficeof US Senator
Rick Santorum (R-PA) until the
Deb Landis Is New Poultry Ambassador
Lancaster Fanning Staff
LANCASTER (Lancaster Co.)
—For the first time, the Lancaster
County Poultry Ambassador (for
merly called poultry queen) has no
former ties to the poultry industry.
Unlike her predecessors. Deb
Landis neither lives on a poultry
farm nor do her parents work for
the industry.
Deb’s credentials as a spokes
person for the industry comes from
her experiences in communicating
with people from different
“She is superbly qualified,” said
Guy Martin, who heads the search
committee for the Lancaster Coun
ty Poultry Association. “We
wanted someone who could well
represent the industry to the non
farming community and be a
spokesperson for it.”
Deb is taking a cram course on
learning industry facts and nutri
tional values of poultry meat and
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Editor’s Note: The
Northeast Poultry Show is
scheduled September 26-28
at the Host Resort in Lan
caster. A special section of
“Poultry Notes” in this
issue features this show. In
addition, other features,
management reports, and
advertising messages are
~ included.
On Thursday night, one-at-a
time under the beam of a bright
spotlight, the grand champions of
each of the breed shows are to be
lead into the darkened Large Arena
of the Farm Show Complex for the
final competition that of
supreme champion.
The purse for the winner of the
supreme champion is $1,009,
according to Lesher. All six of the
the breed grand champions receive
a special premium in that event. It
is a special occurance to have six
breed grand champions in a show
ring in competition at one time.
Of all premiums dispursed last
new farm bill is completed.
The 1990 farm bill was the
largest piece of legislation ever
passed (1,000 pages) and con
tained items on food stamps,
school lunches, women, infant, and
children programs and various
nutrition programs in additiort-W'-
the regular farm commodities. This
bill contains over half of the
national budget.
In the past the farm bill was dri
ven by regional farm interests
across party lines with other non-
Unlike her predecessors, Deb Landis neither lives on a
poultry farm nor do her parents work for the industry, but
she has plenty of experience in communicating with people
from diverse backgrounds. This ability is a plus in fulfilling
her duties as poultry ambassador.
Rvo Section*
year, Lesher said $74,000 was
returned to exhibitors.
What makes this year even more
special is that during the week,
while all these shows, sales and
events are occuring, for the first
lime a full senes and variety of free
dairy-related educational prog
rams are to be offered.
The relatively new Northeast
Building in the complex has allow
ed show organizers to create a
“Dairy Activities Center’' (DAC).
The center is conveniently located
on the first floor and is adjacent to
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farm items included to develop the
political interest that is lacking
from the small voter segment of
But this year the farm bill is dri
ven, not along regional lines, but
by the budget reduction agenda.
The by-partisan nature of the ag
committee has changed with each
side trying to make political hay
out ol the other side’s cost reduc
tion proposals. Right now, Dunn
said the senate ag committee is
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$25.00 Par Year