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    822-Lancaster Farming, Saturday, June 24, 1995
y ask
W OU uuiUmstM
This column Is for readers who have questions but
don't know whom to ask for answers.
"You Ask—You Answer” is for non-cooking ques
tions. When a reader sends In a question, it will be printed
in the paper. Readers who know the answer are asked to
respond by mailing the answer, which will then be printed
In the paper.
Questions and Answers to this column should be
addressed to You Ask—You Answer, Lancaster Farming,
P.O. Box 609, Ephrata, PA 17522. Attention: Lou Ann
There’s no need to send a BASE. If we receive an an
swer to your question, we will publish It as soon as possi
QUESTION—Mrs. Joseph 8011, Harleysville, would like to
know where to pruchase mendettes, a small disc with a screw
that fits a small hole in pans and holds the other side on.
QUESTION —Eva Eby, Manheim, would like to know how
to get climatis vines to bloom.
QUESTION—Lois Burkholder, Washington Boro, wanted
to know why her iris does not bloom.
QUESTION —Lois Burkholder, Washington Boro, wanted
to know why her rhubarb goes to seed as soon as it starts
QUESTION Margaret Diamond, Kunkletown, would
appreciate information on hair embroidery, instructions on the
craft, items owned with a history, or items for sale. Send it to
80 Evergreen Lake, Kunkletown, PA 18058-9329.
QUESTION—Joan Francisco, Stroudsburg, would like to
know where to purchase oil of cassia, used in Italian cooking.
QUESTION Norma Jean Yankey, Mt. Solon, Va., has a
Burpee pressure canner Model #AR 1525. The screw in the
control valve is weak and the pressure will not register proper
ly. Does anyone know where she can find another control
valve. The canner is approximately 40 years old.
QUESTION Yvonne Lawrence, Newburgh, N.Y., would
like to know where to purchase a rhubarb and soda mixture
used for indigestion. She used to purchase it in a pharmacy
but finds the New York pharmacies don’t stock it anymore.
QUESTION Mrs. William Pierce, Palmyra, would like to
know where to purchase antique two-bottom dishes for crock
type chicken water fountains. Must be white with 10-inch top
and 8-inch bottom.
QUESTION Esther Miller, Coatesville, and Edgar Jack
son, Ligonier, would like to know how to puff wheat, rice, corn,
and other grains for making cereal. Esther writes that when
she visited Europe, the Austrians especially served puffed
cereals and one of her favorites was puffed peas served with
QUESTION Patricia Varchol, Reinholds, writes that she
started plants from seed for her large garden. She used a
commercial planting mix for starting the seed, grew the plants
under lights for 15 hours a day, watered from the bottom and
watered only enough to keep them from drying out. She had a
great germination rate, but since then has lost almost all the
seedlings to damping off. Every time she has tried to start
seeds, the seedlings met the same fate.
She knows it’s too late this season, but are there tips or
tricks to try next year to keep this from happening?
QUESTION —Kay McGrath, 68 Hunter St., Tamaqua, Pa.,
writes that she found an antique in the attic of a deceased
relative. She believes it is a spinning wheel loom. She has a
picture of it if someone collects such objects.
QUESTION Paul Early, R.R. 1, Box 632 A. Annville, Pa.
17008 has a hopper to a wheelbarrow grass seeder that was
made in the 19205. He would like to hear from someone who
has the wheelbarrow part or he would be willing to sell the
hopper. ,
QUESTION Ruth Dundore would like the book with the
following poems; Brier Rose, The Old Man Goes To School,
The Station Agent's Store, and The Last Hymn. It was pub
lished about 1900.
QUESTION Maxine Tutton, Fort Royal, Va., would like
the address for a mail order company that sells patterns for
clothing that fits cement lawn geese that are so popular now.
QUESTION—JuIia Rissler, Mohnton, would like Sue Bar
ton books by Helen D. Boylston, especially Sue Barton,
Superintendent of Nurses. Call (717) 484-0515, or write to
Julia at 448 Orchard Rd., Mohnton, PA 19540.
QUESTION —George Rousis, Bally, hopes to move to the
Midwest or Montana in a few years. He'd like to know how to
find out weather temperature highs and lows, rainfall, and
snowfall for the individual states during the past 10 years.
QUESTION —Jenny Palovitch of Lancaster County would
like to purchase a wrought iron bench that wraps around a
tree. It may be new or used.
QUESTION Several years ago, Harold R. Stoudt of
Hamburg purchased aluminum-clad electric fence wire by
direct shipment from South Star Industries in Tenn. The deal
er discontinued his business. Does anyone know of the com
pany or one that sells similar high quality aluminum clad male
able steel wire? It did not recoil when unspooled and could be
hand spliced.
Mrs. Joseph 8011, Harleysville, writes that
al old greeting cards in a purse. When shi
friend who isn’t home, she leaves a noted
QUESTION A Lehighton reader would like to know the card. She thinks it is a nicer touch than lea
market price for goose and duck eggs.
QUESTION Marian Mosemann, Summit Hill, would like
to know where to purchase gift boxes for jellies and breads.
Candy boxes are too small.
ANSWER George Ueltzen, Saylorsburg, wanted to
know how to get rid of carpenter bees in his barn and out build
ings, which are full of holes. Nothing but a tennis racket seems
to stop them. Thanks to Rhoda Sauder, York, who writes that
the solution is to use a hand sprayer with a solution of 2 teas
poons liquid Sevin to a gallon of water. Spray the holes where
there is little activity in early morning or evening. Sevin has a
residual effect. Bees entering or exiting the holes will die. Usu
ally spraying once every two years is sufficent. This will also
get rid of wood boring bumblebees.
Mthnton, PA
(n«ir Adimdown)
Rout* 235
Dimtron, MD
301472 -6 553
NMdmtrt, PA Cantra Hall, PA
717-573-2215 814-314-1421
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complete line of completely
advanced John Deere balers.
• See square balers with the
hay control to produce bales
that stack like bricks.
Htgiretown, MD
Square Bales or Round,
You're in the best Shape
with John Deere
Chinibtrtburg, PA
Wdtontown, PA Oiterd, PA
717-13*4557 110432435*
ANSWER For the reader who wantg
recycle Christmas cards, here are two anse
Spamer and Margaret Diamond, Kunklei
This idea is from Hazel Spamer. Select gi
cut 21 to 25 3-inch circles. Arrange ace
Select place mat shape. Two sheets Co
well, but you need to be sure of card place
touch cards to Contact background. A see
covers up unwanted backs of cards. Clearo
front and keeps it easy to clean and pn
Decide on the arrangement, strip backing
background Contact paper. Carefully, bee*
relift the Contact paper after it is laid down, an
on the background and press down firmly,
Prepare transparent front covering Contact
ly place it over the cards, pressing down fii
pockets. Remember you cannot lift and re
trim it to shape after the mat is asseml
Margaret Diamond writes that she has
bowl. She doesn't have a pattern but she dei
for someone who can improvise without spa
She writes that it takes some time but is very
ish. The bottom is made from a very large ca
crocheted with two-single crochets in everyhjj
stitched together with white crochet thread
The top is seven-inches across and the j
middle measures nine-inches across. The*
out. This is what it looks like: 1
Hanowr, PA
717432-334 S
MH Hill, PA
A.B.C. GROFF, INC. go: ciMMdil
No* Henmd, PA Moeraflold, WVI
717-354-4191 304-53 MW
„. .jffiffiP-- r , rreuAi I<e iuo LANDIS BROS I
Whltoferd, MD RO #2 Box 74-A 717.291.11x1
301-452-5252 Loysvillo, PA 717
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