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    Average Farm Feed
Costs For Handy
To help farmers across the stale
to have handy reference of com
modity input costs in their feeding
operations for DHIA record sheets
or to develop livestock feed cost
data, here’s last week’s average
costs of various ingredients as
compiled from regional reports
across the state of Pennsylvania.
Remember these are averages so
you will need to adjust your figures
up or down according to your loca
tion and the quality of your crop.
Com, No. 2y - 2.8 bu. 5.01 cwt
Wheat, No. 2 - 3.7 bu. 6.18 cwt
MMf If you didn't get us. you
KKU probably paid too much.
HI With old fashion work
HR ethics we will wash to your
<* All your washing needs A' V
WiU Travel.
Chicken Houses - Veal Barns - etc.
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717—949—3212 Leave Message
• True line variety which matures similar to
Williams 82 but has more yield punch.
• Very good emerger that gets off to a fast
• Good standability
• Tolerance to phytophthora root rot
— lor und' r stress conditir
type that grows to a good height.
High yielding pure line variety in the ear y
group IV maturity class
Rohrer 4010 is a medium bush type
soybean grows to medium height, and has
excellent standability
Has very good disease resistance
Goes well in either drilled or wide rows.
Barley, No. 3 - 1.72 bu. 3.67
Oats, No. 2 • 1.65 bu. 5.15 cwt
Soybeans, No. 1 • 5.62 bu. 9.38
Ear Com 71.19 ton 3.56 cwt
Alfalfa Hay - 79.25 ton 3.96
Muted Hay - 81.25 ton 4.06 cwt
Timothy Hay - 82.50 ton 4.13
Irrigation Pumps
I The Aqua Pump |
. 2 " X 2" High Pressure
* 85 PSI Max
•110GPM Max
* 5.5 hp Honda or
Vangard Engine Model 25P8-6
* Roll Fame with 6.6 Gal. Fuel Tank
Honda Engines
Honda Pumps
IPT Pumps
Wisconsin Engines
Seals available for
most brands of pumps
Don't scrap those good old pumps with
obsolete or blown engine, Repower them
with a new diesel or gas engine
Mfg & Distributed by
We Ship
R.P.S. or
Training Coordinator
Co.) Enthusiastic, cheerful and
hardworking are three adjectives
that can best be used to describe
Linda Sticklin, a 14-year em
ployee of Pa. DHIA.
Currently Linda is responsible
for servicing a 29 herd circuit
which includes the counties of
Tioga, Bradford and the state of
New York.
Along with the responsibilities
of a technician. Linda also assists
Diane Mcllwain, region manager.
These duties include training and
promoting Pa. DHIA in northeast
Pennsylvania and New York.
Recently Linda completed the
Westfalia Systemat training
course, which was held at State
College. Satisfactorily completing
the training course gives Linda
even more flexibility in her train
ing duties.
One thing Linda said she enjoys
8 Hp Diesel Engine with roll frame
and pressure pump, 75 PSI Max
130 GPM Max (65 GPM at 65 PSI)
Parts for
385 W. Metzler Rd.
Ephrata, Pa 17522
(717) 859-3533
Sticklin Completes Training
Service for
Most brands of small
Gasoline & Diesel
Pumps up to 50 hp,
safety shutdown
systems designed and
installed pump
performance testing
Lancaster Faming, Saturday, Juna 24, INS-A 23
w *f
Linda Sticklin
most about her job is meeting peo
ple. While growing up she had the
opportunity to work at a gas sta-
Pa.DHIA Promotes Mayes
Training Coordinator
Co.) The Pennsylvania Dairy
Herd Improvement Association is
pleased to announce that Randy
Mayes of Burnham, now holds the
position of help desk operator.
In this position, Randy is re
sponsible for answering computer
problem questions, oversee the
computer repairs and keep an in-
Randy Mayes
(Continued from P*a« A2l)
dren - Wayne 11, (age 16) and
Page, (age 14), as well as three
part-time college students. On
June 6, a herdsman from the Uni -
versity of Wisconsin joined the
Hickory Hill Farm family.
Many plaques and awards grace
the office walls at Hickory Hill
Farm, some from the Holstein
Friesian Association'of America.
Others from the Maryland Coop
Milk Producers, including a Silver
Quality award. These are remind
ers of the success Hickory Hill
Farm had before they went out of
the dairy business. Now that they
are back in business, Wayne Ar
macost says that his family hopes
to do it again.
“We believe there will continue
to be a dairy business,” he says
confidently. People will continue
to drink milk. When deciding
what to do with the bams, we re
searched our options, then we de
cided to milk cows again. The
dairy industry has had its prob
lems over the years, but I think it
(ion pumping gas. This allowed
Linda to meet many people.
Upon graduation from Wells
boro Senior High School, Linda
became deeply involved in the
agricultural industry. Along with
working for Pa. DHIA, Linda has
been a partner in a family-run
dairy for 28 years.
Some hobbies that Linda said
she enjoys are bowling, bingo,
gardening and just simply meeting
Linda is a member of the First
Methodist Church, Grange and the
Bowling Association.
Pa. DHIA is proud to have such
a dedicated person working as part
of their team. We would like to
take this opportunity to thank Lin
da for her assistance in many past
projects. We look forward to
working together, even more in
the future.
Please feel free to contact Pa.
DHIA at 1-800-344-8378, if we
can be of any assistance with your
dairy operation.
ventory on the computers.
Randy comes to us from the
Mifflin County area where he
served as a field technician for 18
years. He was responsible for
maintaining a 30-herd circuit,
which equaled 1,700 cows.
Upon graduation from Chief
Logan High School in Burnham,
Randy worked on a dairy farm for
one year and became a DHIA
Randy is an active member of
the First United Methodist Church
of Burnham, a member of the Blue
Rock Sportsmen’s Club and a
member of the Boy Scout Asso
In the past, he has been a recipi
ent of the Merit Award at Pa.
DHIA. Some of the activities that
Randy enjoys are playing church
league softball, hunting and fish
When asked what he enjoys
most about working at the help
desk, Randy quickly responded
that he enjoys working with peo
ple. The idea of just helping some
body through a problem sends a
good feeling through one’s body,
Randy said.
Randy and his wife, Gail, have
two children, Justin and Brandy.
Hill Farm
still has just as much stability as
any other business.”
Armacost says that his faith is
in the Lord. “I always think of a
passage in Zachariah,” he said,
“that says ‘Not by power, not by
might, but by my spirit, sayeth the
Lord’. That’s what we are holding
onto.” he says. “All things are
guided and directed by the Lord,”
he says confidently.
Just before leaving his office to
direct a concrete truck about to
pour a new section of floor, Mr.
Armacost glances at the television
screen that looks out over his
milking area.
It is sparkling clem and ready
for the 4 p.m. milking. Outside,
two part-time college students
fork piles of feed to the cattle. In
the distance, the hum of a tractor
can be heard on a hillside. The
scene is peaceful . . . idyllic.
Hickory Hills Farm is humming
too, with the activity that comes
with new life, and the production
of milk!