Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, June 17, 1995, Image 71

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    (Public Auction Register I
Clodng Date Monday 5:00 P.M. I
of each week’* publication I
Antiques and Household
Goods. Located at 1360
Kissel Hill Rd., Manheim
Township, Lane. Co., PA.
Directions: Rt. 501 South of
Lititz, Turn East onto Mill
port Rd., Left onto Kissel
Hill Rd. Terms by Kathryn
L. Snyder. Horst Aucts.
53+/- Acres Farm. 502
Freeburg Rd„ RD, Middle
burg, PA. Directions: From
Harrisburg Travel North on
THURS. JUNE 22 - Rt. 11 & 15, Just North of
S:3OPM Elk Township (Th>- Liverpool Turn Left onto Rt
ga, PA.) Penna. (Galeton- 104 and Continue to Rt. 35,
Potato and Onion Farm Auction
Sal* to b* h*ld at tha farm located along Stauban County Road 77 on th* Prattaburg Much.
Discontinuing farming dua to haalth raaaons, sailing will ba a compiata llna of doalrabl* maeblnary that haa had good cars and maintsnancal
LIFT TRUCKS: Case 584 E “Construction King’ diesel rough terrain forklift, 4,000 lb., tilt and side shift features, just 1275 original owner hours, like
new); Komatsu FQIBH LP-gas towmotor, 3470 hours, 3,000 lb., 360 degree turn head, pneumatic tires; Clark C3O LP-gas forklift, 4,000 lb. hard rub
ber tires, tilt feature; Clark C3O LP-gas forklift, 3,000 lb., extra high 151/2 lift height, 3 stage mast, tilt feature, hard tires; Hyster LP-gas forklift, 4,000
lb., hard tires, tilt feature;
TRACTORS-DOZER-CRAWLER: Deutz Fahr DX4,70 M.F.W.D. Tractor factory cab with air and heat, 2255 hours, 16.9-38 rear rubber, 14.9-24 front
tires, 2 hyd. remotes; I.H. 1066 turbo tractor, 8 speed gear-drive, hi-lo with torque, 540 pto, 3 pt. hitch, 2 hyd. remotes; Case 2294 MFWD tractor, orig
inal owner, 4 speed main/3spd. power-shift, factory cab with air, heat and radio, 16.9-26 / 20.8-38 rubber, 3 pt. hitch, 540/1000 pto, 2 hydraulic
remotes; Case 1390 diesel, M.F.W.D. tractor, 16.9-30 rear rubber, 9.5-24 front tires, hyd., 3 pt. hitch, 2751 hours; J.D. 1050 diesel tractor, 2 hyd. out
lets, 3 pt. hitch, 2348 hours; A.C. “G" vegetable crop tractor with hydraulics; Two (2) A.C. “G" tractors for parts; Two (2) Grand Haven (A.C. G style)
tractors with 4 row cultivators; Ford 8N tractor with rear mount forklift; J.D. 350 diesel dozer, 4 way 61/2 ft. blade; Oliver DC 3 crawler, narrow tracks
on 60 in. centers; Spare parts (tracks, trans., axes, hoses etc.) for OC 3 crawler; Du-AI 210 front end loader with self leveling bucket; Sets of new
9:00-32 and 9.5-R4B row crop tires on Uniferth rims; Set of 16.9 (14) 30 duals; 18.4-38 snap on duals; 20.8-38 duals, step-out bolt-on for 36 in. rows;
Pr. of 13.6-26 tires on rims;
TEN (10) TRUCKS FOUR (4) BULK BODIES: 1980 I.H. S series model 1724 S/A truck, 825-20 rubber, 4/2 trans., 16 ft. diamond steel flatbed body;
1973 GMC 7500 truck, 10-wheel twin screw, 6-53 V-6 Detroit with 50,000 miles on factory new engine, 5 main and 4 aux. trans.; 1979 Ford C-800
truck, 10-wheel twin screw, 391 engine, 5 speed/3 speed aux.; 1978 Ford C-800 truck, 10-wheel twin screw, 391 gas engine, 5 speed/3 sp6ed aux.;
1973 I.H. M-2 10-wheel twin screw, 6 cyl., 5 speed/3 speed aux.; 1972 I.H. M-2 truck, 10-wheel twin screw, 549 V-8 gas, 13 speed Road Ranger,
1978 F-600,361 gas engine, tires and wheels set for 36 in. rows; 1972 I.H. 1600 S/A truck, 4/2 trans., cab and chassis only; 1972 Chevy C-50 S/A
truck, 4 sp. trans., 16 ft. steel deck body; 1946 G.M.C. S/A dump truck; Haines 20 ft. bulk body with electric over hyd. operated side door, new style
rear-discharge opening; Two (2) Haines 18 ft. bulk bodies, each with electric over hyd. operated side doors, new style rear-discharge opening;
McConnell 18 ft. Sulk body with electric over hyd. operated side door, new style rear-discharge opening;
GENERAL EQUIPMENT John Deere, 9 ft. dozer-blade, hyd. lift and down pressure, manual angle; Dahlman hopper-style rock picker; Pull type
hydraulic land leveler, 8 ft. wide; I.H. 510 4-16 semi-mt. plow; I.H. 47516 ft. hyd. fold transport disk; I.H. 18 ft. vibrashank; 4-row 3 pt. cultivator; Maine
Style 4-row hitler, mid-mount; 4-row 3 pt. tool bar; Ford 3 pt. 12 ft. drag; Woods 6 ft. pull type rotary mower nearly newl; CT 3 pt. post hole digger near
ly new; 14 ft. tandem axle trailer; Graham plow; Oliver 3 bottom 3 pt. plow; J.D. 2 row older potato planter; 1100 gal. steel water tank; Hypro pump
model 9910-D150; Wisconsin power unit; Master B-155 salamander heater; 6 ft. wide x 5 ft. long alum, dock plate; App. 55,000 ft. of 4 foot snow fence
plus qty. of steel posts; Real nice 8 ft. x 8 ft. wood frame building with peek roof, 10 ft. from ground to peek, used for chemical storage, like new and
easy to move);
SPECIALTY VEGETABLE EQUIPMENT Gaspardo 255 8 row raw seed precision vacuum planter with 300 gallon poly tank, like newl; Two (2) Air
Flow 4 row onion harvesters both with Wisconsin power units and complete with box platforms; Air Flow 4 row roadway opener; Custom Built 3 pt. 8
row rotary bar undercutter; Haines 2-3-4-6 seed cutter with duster; Dahlman PC4SO 4-row potato planter, cup-style, liquid/dry fertilizer; Haines gas
over hydraulic 4-row seed loader with powered swivel; Lockwood potato harvester, belted secondary, side elevator and boom chains, clod-eliminator
cross. 300 gas Ford 6 cyl. powers fan; Lockwood 2 row potato wlndrower, belted cross chain and row scratcher; Haines bulk-loader 26 In. chain siz
er and roller picking table, 42 ft. conventional boom; Singer bin loader; Chickering 8 roll onion topper; Haines 26 in. x 7 1/2 ft. chain sizer with 31/2
ft. belt dikoharge extension; Haines 24 in. x 61/2 ft. 15 rubber roll brusher; Three (3) Haines 6x6 power hoppers; Haines 12 in. xlO ft. belt conveyor;
Haines 12 in. xlB ft. chain conveyor; Haines single head manual bagger; Haines 16 in. x3O ft. electric, belted, elevator; E.O.P. single head mini bag
ger for 10# -100#functions, complete with EDP model 901 electronic scale, like newl;
IRRIGATION: CapraH 4x4p.t.0. pump on trailer; Other 4x4 pump; App. 2000 ft. 4 in. x 30 ft. Tico and Cummins & Brisker hook and latch pipe;
App. 900 ft. 2 In. x 3 in. in 20 ft. and 30 ft. lengths;
BOXES: 500 “Peter BNek* pallet boxes 42x47x31 high; SO 44x48x33 high; 2200 other nestable boxes (42x47x31; 41x46x32; 40x47x33); Boxes
offered in lots! 80 4-way pallets; Covers and bungy straps for 1100 pallet boxes;
A good line of machinery sells here on Monday, June 26thl Lunch and portajohns on site!
TERMS: CASH or honorable chaok day of auction.
Acceptable Identification required!
Owned by BATES MUCK FARM. INC. Contact Gordon Bate* avanlnga at 807-622-4301; or Duane Morrell 607-866-2184
MONDAY ; JUNE 26,5:00 PM,
To liquidate the bualnese estate of Quality Produce aelllng will be the following well maintained line;
1990 TOMAC PA 21 computerized bagger, (onions-potatoes-citrus) with two way discharger and 16 in. x 8 ft. long feed conveyor;
1986 TOMAC PA 9 computerized bagger, single discharge; BAKER “WEIGH-O-MATIC” 16 head auto bagger with Chatillon 20 lb.
scale heads; NORTHWEST model ABH-2 double station bagger with Swiftweight over and under scale heads; Three (3) ZAKKEN
CENTRALE B.V. double tube (clipper heads) automatic stapling machines, (2-1990,1-1986 model yrs.); Two (2) FISCHBEIN model 10300
sewing machine heads on adjustable stands; Three (3) NEW JERSEY flat wire bag stitchers; FILPER poly bag hanger and takeoff;
LIFT TRUCKS: CLARK model CF4OB LP gas forklift with 360 degree rotating head, 4000 lb. capacity; CLARK model GCS2O LP
gas forklift with 180 degree rotator, 2925 lb. capacity; Three (3) YALE 3000 lb. electric hand pallet jacks; Two (2) Chargers; COPPER
LOY 6000 lb. capacity, aluminum 5 ft. wide x 4 ft. long dock plate;
POTATO AND ONION PACKING LINES: HAINES 6 ft.xT ft. power receiving hopper with variable speed 24 in. discharge draper chain
conveyor; HAINES 14 ft. bulk body receiving hopper; HAINES 12 ft. x 30 in. high flight rubber coated draper chain high rise convey
or with adjustable heigh legs; HAINES 26 in. chain sizer with 2 side take-off units; HAINES 48 in. washer 9 ft. long with 10 brush rolls
and 8 rolls of sponge donuts; HAINES 36 in. x 8 ft. long roller picking table with side take-off; HAINES 36 in. x 13 ft. flat belt distrib
ution table with 2 side gates and 4 place bagging end; HAINES 18 in. x 7 ft.'corrugated belt finished product conveyor; Two (2)
HAINES and HALLOCK 5 ft. round tables; HALLOCK 24 in. x 14 ft. roller picking (grading table) with adjustable legs and side take
off; HALLOCK 48 in. x 22 ft. flat belt distribution table with 3 side gates; HALLOCK 12 in. x 22 ft. flat belt conveyors; Two (2) 12 in.
x 17 ft. flat belt takeaway conveyors; One (1) 10 in. x 7 ft. flat belt takeaway conveyor; HALLOCK 18 in. x 7 ft. corrugated belt con
veyor; HAINES 12 in. x 11 ft. L-belt style feed conveyor; HALLOCK 6 in. x 6 ft. L-belt conveyor; HAINES 24 in. x 20 ft. draper chain
style dirt eliminating conveyor with hydraulic receiving end; HAINES 38 ft. bulk trailer false floor unloading conveyor; Mechanical bag
holder; RUCKER MACHINE with roll stand; Bench grinder; Daytona 60/12 amp. battery charger; I.R. 3 phase 5 h.p. twin cyl. air comp,
with hort. tank; I.R. HG Series Hydroguard air dryer; Plus Misc. Other Toots and Equipment!
TERMS: CASH or honorable check night of auction. Acceptable I.D. Required. Lunch Available.
Owned By QUALITY PRODUCE 807-522-3725 (Office) ask for Bruce or Clyde
Auction Conducted By PIRRUNG AUCTIONEERS, INC. “Professional Auction Company
Way m^4 7 ? e^7 ork uSSJS*
( / lOj /ZO'ZjZU Bonded - Insured - Reputable"
James P. Pirrung
Gaines-Germama Area;.
Ralph Berner Retirement
Auction of Excellent Tools
and Equip. Including JD
440 Dozer. Pirrung Auc
tioneers, Inc.
MONDAY, JUNE 26,10:00 a,m.
Warehouse Equipment Auction
Turn Right and Proceed
into Freebutg, Tom Left on
East Street and Go About 1
Mi. Auction on the Left
Signs Posted. David & Mar
ie Ulmer. Massinger/
Courtney Aucts.
Dairy Cow Sale. Located
South of Carlisle, PA., Off
1-81 at Plainfield Exit to Rt
11, South 2 Mi. To Cumber
land Golf Course, Turn
Right; Go 1 Mi. to Clay Rd„
Left to Stop Sign, Left to
2nd Farm on Left. Owner:
Bill & Cynthia McKeehan.
Rick Foreman Auct.
Real Estate, Located at
101 T Mine Road, Paradise,
Bart Township, Lancaster
Co, PA. From Rto. 41 &
Rt#. 30 Intersection in Gap,
Take Rto. 41 South to Rto.
T4l, Turn Right Over RR
Bridge to Stop, Turn Left on
Mine Rd., to Property
Approximately 5 Mi. on
Right. Auction Conducted
for: Mary M. Braungard.
Barr Davis Auctioneers.
T:ISPM Holsteins. Trian
gle, NY (Broome Co.) Auc
tion to be Held at Bam #2
on Eggleston Hill Rd., Turn
Off Rt 206 in Triangle to
North SL, Go ’/. Mi. & Turn
to Eggleston Hill Rd. & Go 1
Mi. to Farm. Triangle is 5
Mi. East of WP & 6 Mi.
West of Greene. Owners:
Smith Brothers. Mel Man-
asse Auct
FRI. JUNE 23 • 9AM Gum,
Tools, Quality Furniture.
Located at 27 North Pine
St, Lewis town, PA. Leon
and Mad aline Snook Own
er. Mark Qlick Auct.
FRI. JUNE 23 -10 AM &
SAT. JUNE 24 - 9AM 19
Acre Farmette, Household
Goods, Antiques, farm
equip, coins & guns.
Located 2V4 miles SW of
MittersviDe, take S. Duke
St. out of MHlersille, go past
Funk's Farm Market, at first
crossroad turn right on
Long Lane, at 1097 Lone
Lane, Conestoga Two,
Lane. Co., Pa. By Daniel M
& Esther L Shenk. Robert
E & Jeffrey R. Martin,
Lanent«r Farming, Saturday, June it IWS-831
FRI. JUNE 23 -11 AM Nice
Una of Machinary, Barn
Equipment, Trucks. Cort
land, NY. Auction to Be
Held on the Farm on Sher
man Rd., From Cortlandvil
le Crossing Mall & SCM,
Go 2 Mi. South on Rt. 13
and Turn to Webb Rd., Go
'A Ml. and Turn to Sher
man Rd., Ist Farm. Arrows
Off Rt. 13. Owner: Carpen
dale Farm. Mel Manasse
FRI. JUNE 23-11 AM Yod
er Holstein Dairy Dispersal.
At the farm 3Vt miles from
Grantsville, Md, north on
Dorsey Hotel Rd. 2 miles to
Crab Run Rd. to River Rd.,
left Ist farm. Joseph B. &
Nancy Yoder, owners.
Clark A. Yoder, auct.
State Graded Feeder Pig
Sale. Carlisle Livestock
Market, Inc., Exit 12 off 1-81
turn South then left onto
Alexander Spring Rd.,
SAT. JULY 8,1995
9 AM
Selling for Lawrence Martin
Listing of materials to appear in
ads of June 24 and July 1.
Located 4 Mi. North of Shippens
burg, PA V Take Route 11 North to
Koser Rd v iVzMile to Auction.
(717) 530-5007
10 AM
2501 E. Ontario Street, Philadelphia, PA.
Precision Manufactures of Industrial &
Agricultural Sprays, Nozzles & Accessories
MACHINERY: 17 Lathes; 2 Universal Automatic AM 410,
automated, Milling/Drilling machines w/micro processor,
multi pteses; grinders; Arbor presses; 7 Precisian Milling
machines w/mdex drive controls; 2 Millet Falls Pneumatic
drills; 4 Hardinge Dovetailed bed milling machines; Dumote
High Speed sensitive drills; single & Multi head drill presses;
Precision hand Miller machines; Sunnen Precision Honing
machines; 6 compressors; vertical sander, Matvei & Ridge
metal saws; Bridgeport Miller w/vise; electronic sealers; drill
taping machine; punch press; polisher machines; high speed
drills; exhaust systems; fans; caping machine; Boston ted
brush machine; Beaver routers; degreasets; Vises; work tables;
shelving; parts bins; Harper gas oven; shop vacs; Big Joe pal
let jack; platform scale; ladders; tooling; banding machine;
TEST EQUIPMENT: Optical Optical
tester; microscope gauge; Newport laser light beam w/optical
mount & accessories; Nikon V-12 profile projectors w/metric
calibrator, Ultrasonic testers; micro testers; electronic digital
gauge; hand tolerance gauge, flow transmitters,
RAW MATERIAL: aluminum, brass; steel & stainless rods;
nozzles; fittings; scrap metal;
OFFICE EQUIPMENT: Pitney Bowes 5600 mailer & digi
tal scale; time clocks; Leading Edge & other computer sys
tems; fax; IBM Selectnc typewriters; desks, chairs, cherry &
other modular office units; 3 antique oak stack bookcases; oak
map drawer unitsp; stools; file cabinets; carts; conference table
& chairs; lockers; calculators; floor safe;
Inspection; Mon, June 19, 10 AM to I PM & 9 AM
Auction Day.
Terms: Cash or certified funds, 25% deposit at
Knockdown with hill payment at conclusion of auc
tion. No buyers premium.
Removal: At conclusion of auction & Wed., June 21,
9 AM to 4 PM
IB§fa h>APPY & i*to&BEPGliic'
232 N. 2nd Street / Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 925-8020 (800) 383-8523
FRI. JUNE 23 - 6:3OPM-
Real Estate, Personal
Property. Location; From
Duncannon, Petty County,
PA Take Rt. 849 N. 2V4 Mi.
to Wheatfield Estate. Bear
Right onto Fennell Church
Rd. Follow To Lpsh Run
Rd., Turn Left go to Bretz
Lane, Follow to T, Turn
Right and go to Next to Last
Property on Left #306.
Watch for Auction Signs.
Ross K. Bretz Estate. Mark
K. Keller AucL
Corvette, Antiques, Old
Toys, Lionel Trains, Equip
ment, Tools. At 1251 Jack
sonville, RD„ Bellefonte,
PA. (On Bellefonte By-
Pass Near 1-80 Inter
change) Watch for Auction
Signs. Mr. Jack E. Evans,
Jr. Owner. Ron J. & Ron S.
GilHgan Aucts.
FRI. JUNE 23 - 7PM Mid
dleburg Dairy Sales, Rt.
522 3 mi. E. of Middleburg.
74 Cows, 69 Heifers. Bryan
Imes, auct.