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Briarcliffs Magic Princess.
E-91%, topped the Leading Liv
ing Lifetime Production Contest
in both the milk and protein cate
gories. She is owned by The Bill
ings Farm, Woodstock, Vt. Gen
erators Favorite Heather, E-90%,
is the lifetime fat production win
ner, owned by John R. Miller.
Chesterfield, Mass.
The Leading Living Lifetime
Production Contest is sponsored
each year by the American Jersey
Cattle Association. It recognizes
Jerseys alive as of December 31 of
the contest year.
In order to be nominated, cows
must have a lifetime production of
150,000 pounds milk, or 7,500
pounds fat, or 5,000 pounds pro
Only DHIR production credits
are used to calculate the standings.
The total lifetime production
achieved by the winners of 1994
Leading Living Lifetime Produc
tion Contest is a credit to the pro
ducing ability of the Jersey breed.
Briarcliffs Magic Princess
E-91% is working on her 11th lac-
California Consignment
Tops Pride West Sale
Sunset Canyon Karate-ET, con
signed by Eric Silva, Turlock, CA
brought $26,800 to top the Pride
of the West Sale held May 12.
“Karate” was purchased by Net
work Genetics of Hilmar, CA.
Duncans Princess Belle was the
high selling female bringing
$20,000. “Belle” was consigned
by Cedarcrest Farms, Faunsdale,
AL and purchased by Blaxland
• Agricultural • Commercial • Residential
Partial In-Ground Tank Featuring Commercial Chain Link Fence
(5’ High - SCS approved)
• Retaining Walls • Bunker Silos
• Manure Storage, Etc.
Sizes And
To Your
We Work
Herd For
.Leading Living
tation, producing a total of
251,579 pounds milk, 8,959
pounds protein, and 10,576
pounds fat in 4,209 days. She has
a mature equivalent average on 10
lactations of 23,052 pounds miiir
956 pounds fat, and 803 pounds
protein. The 14-year-old cow has
completed six lactations of mote
than 18,000 pounds milk and 680
pounds protein. This cow also
ranked second in fat production.
Generators Favorite Heather,
E-90%, produced 10,698 lbs. fat
to take top honors in Uiat category.
AJCA Announces Production Award
Beths Magical Lana, E-92%, own
ed by George Crews, Star, ID, has
been named the winner of the
1994 President’s Trophy by the
American Jersey Cattle Associa
tion. This trophy is designed to re
cognize the cow that has excelled
over any other in production for a
single year. This is the fifth year
the award has been based on ma
ture equivalent protein produc
tion. “Lana” won the award for
Jerseys, Victoria, Australia.
The Pride of the West sale was
held in conjunction with the 14th
World Jersey Conference hosted
by the United States and held in
Monterey and Modesto, CA. The
conference drew attendees from
20 countries, including the United
States. Approximately 600 people
attended the sale.
A total of 51 animals were sold
averaging $3,790.
Lifetime Winners. Announced
This cow also placed fourth in
milk production and protein pro
duction. She has- completed 12
lactations in her lifetime.
The Leading Living Lifetime
Production Awards will be pre
sented during the AJCA-NAJ an
nual meetings in 'Albany, N.Y.,
July 1.
For more information, contact
Sara L. Gaetz. American Jersey
Cattle Association, 6486 E. Main
St., Reynoldsburg, OH
43068-2362, (614) 861-3636.
her m.e. average of 26,423 lbs.
milk, 1,230 lbs. fat, and 1,122 lbs.
protein. Her actual production at
8-3 in 305 days was 26,690 lbs.
milk. 1.230 lbs. fat, and 1,122 lbs.
AU Tillies Legend Twinkie,
E-91%, owned by Kurt and Carol
Alberti, Buhl. ID, has been named
the winner of the Hilmar Cheese
Award. This award is based on a
National Milk Promotion
(Continued from Pago A3l)
In an all-white room in an
ethereal setting, he sees a large
chocolate chip cookie on a table,
eats it and says, ‘This must be
He then goes to a refrigerator
filled to capacity with milk car
tons. All empty.
He wonders where he really
ended up.
The Insomniac commercial has
a women who can’t sleep wanting
to eat a bowl of cereal while watch
ing television.
Her milk carton is empty, and
then everything on television that
she watches has to do with milk.
Dealer For
• H-Bunks
• J-Bunks
• Trench
Silo Walls
• Hog &
Cattle Stats
305-day lactation completed in
1994. It is computed using the
modified cheese yield formula for
38% moisture Cheddar. “Twinlde”
won the award for her actual pro
duction at 7-0 in 305 days was
28,840 lbs. milk, 1,400 lbs. fat,
and 1,155 lbs. protein. Her record
yields a winning total of 2,748 lbs.
of cheese. The award is sponsored
by the Hilmar Cheese Company,
The Diner commercial has a
young man at a luncheon counter
needing a glass of milk to finish his
meal, when the waiter tells him
that the young woman several
seats away has the last one. In this
one, he gets his milk, but it has
good situation comedy.
The Santa commercial has Santa
Claus eating the cookie that was
left for him, but discovering there
is no milk. He leaves no present,
and takes the tree up the chimney.
Another commercial, not titled,
has to do with a young priest eating
a huge chocolate brownie from a
vending machine, and then is
> .JL
This is part of the award-winning Aaron Burr commercial
produced for the California Milk Processors which now is to
be the core of a national campaign, Including Pennsylvania.
ADC Is the Place To Be
Member education and youth programs - the outstanding
benefits that George and Theresa Inhof refer to - are among the
strengths of the premier dairy cooperative in the region.
Atlantic Dairy Cooperative has a 78-year history of excellent
service to its members. Financially strong, ADC guarantees a market
for all member milk and excels in maximizing returns. ADC is a
leader in providing equity payments, quality bonuses and over-order
premiums to members.
Nearly 4,000 dairy farmers agree that "ADC is the Place to Be."
For free information on how you can secure the future of your
dairy farm operation, write or call:
Atlantic Dairy Cooperative y \
1225 Industrial Highway IsitfltfM
Southampton, PA 18966 MWPVJ
Lancaster Firming, Saturday, Juna 17,-11
Hilmar, CA.
The Ptesident’s Trophy and the
Hilmar Cheese Award will be pre
sented at the AJCA-NAJ Annual
Meetings in Albany, NY. July 1.
For more information, contact:
Sara L. Gaetz, American Jersey
Cattle Association, 6486 E. Main
St., Reynoldsburg, OH
43068-2362, 614/861-3636 or
FAX 614/861-8040.
unable to get a carton of milk out of
another machine to wash it down.
Nuns appear and tell him, with
chocoalle on his face, that it’s time
to start church service.
“While we believe that our cur
rent campaign is excellent and has
been effective in selling more
milk, the ‘Got Milk?’ campaign
could allow the entire industry to
put greater weight and support
behind one campaign,” said DMI
Chief Executive Officer Tom
“Our goal here is to sell more
milk, and this move will allow our
promotion dollars to have the most
“Atlantic Dairy Cooperative's youth
programs provided us with a
beneficial learning experience. We
learned more about co-ops,
developed our leadership skills and
made newfiiends. ”
—George Inhof
and sister, Theresa
Spring City, PA