Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, June 03, 1995, Image 57

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QUESTION E. Walsh from Auburn would like the name and phone number
of a business that sells round pens for training horses. Portable pens should be 60
feet in diameter and be constructed with metal pipe panels. Approximately 6 feet
s,high in 10 to 12-foot panels.
QUESTION Esther Miller, Coatesville, and Edgar Jackson, Ligonier, would
like to know how to puff wheat, rice, corn, and other grains for making cereal.
Esther writes that when she visited Eurppe, the Austrians especially served
puffed cereals and one of her favorites was puffed peas served with soup.
QUESTION Patricia Varchol, Reinholds, writes that she started plants from
seed for her large garden. She used a commercial planting mix for starting the
seed, grew the plants under lights for 15 hours a day, watered from the bottom
and watered only enough to keep them from drying out. She had a great germina
tion rate, but since then has lost almost all the seedlings to damping off. Every
time she has tried to start seeds, the seedlings met the same fate.
She knows it’s too late this season, but are there tips or tricks to try next year to
keep this from happening?
QUESTION Kay McGrath, 68 Hunter St., Tamaqua, Pa., writes that she
found an antique in the attic of a deceased relative. She believes it is a spinning
wheel loom. She has a picture of it if someone collects such objects.
QUESTION—PauI Early, R. R. 1, Box 632 A, Annville, Pa. 17008 has a hopper
to a wheelbarrow grass seeder that was made in the 19205. He would like to hear
from someone who has the wheelbarrow part or he would be willing to sell the
(Contlnuad from Pagi BIS)
QUESTION — A Lebanon reader would like to know where to purchase a Kist
ka, an instrument that resembles an old-time fountain pen that is used to apply the
wax for egg decoration.
QUESTION Ruth Dundore would like the book with the following poems:
Brier Rose, The Old Man Goes To School, The Station Agent’s Store, and The
Last Hymn. It was published about 1900.
- ' QUESTION Mrs. S. Carol. P.O. Box 344, Shiloh, N.J. 08353, would like
some Amish penpals.
QUESTION —Maxine Tutton, Fort Royal, Va., would like the address for a mail
order company that sells patterns for clothing that fits cement lawn geese that are
so popular now.
QUESTION Julia Rissler, Mohnton, would like Sue Barton books by Helen
D. Boylston, especially Sue Barton, Superintendent of Nurses. Call (717)
484-0515, or write to Julia at 448 Orchard Rd., Mohnton, PA 19540.
QUESTION Florence Fisher. Etters, would like to know what to do to keep
pigeons off a tin roof.
QUESTION —George Rousis, Bally, hopes to move to the Midwest or Monta
na in a few years. He’d like to know how to find out weather temperature highs and
lows, rainfall, and snowfall for the individual states during the past 10 years.
QUESTION—Jenny Palovitch of Lancaster County would like to purchase a
wrought iron bench that wraps around a tree. It may be new or used.
QUESTION Several years ago, Harold R. Stoudt of Hamburg purchased
aluminum-clad electric fence wire by direct shipment from South Star Industries
in Tenn. The dealer discontinued his business. Does anyone know of the com
pany or one that sells similar high quality aluminum clad maleable steel wire? It
did not recoil when unspooled and could be hand spliced.
QUESTION A Lehighton reader would like to know the market price for
goose and duck eggs.
Lancaatar Farming, Saturday, Juna. 3,1995-
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