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    84-Lancaster Farming. Saturday, May 27, 1995
Well the end-of-school, begin
ning-of-summer rat-race is upon
us! And this is supposed to be fun,
right? Well, I hope that you are
taking time during this holiday
weekend to spend time with your
family and to honor servicemen
who gave their time and their lives
for our country.
But if instead you find yourself
rushing—to multiple baseball
games, gatherings, meetings, and
errands—you are not alone. Just
because you’re not alone, doesn’t
mean you don’t deserve some
relief. Here are several ideas that
you may want to try. I borrowed
them from some of the “Earth
Day” literature—reduce and
Reduce the amount of things on
your schedule. Say to yourself and
your family, “Everything is not
going to get done.” Period. Make
some choices. Also, train yourself
to reduce clutter in your lives
before it accumulates. If you know
you’re not visiting a resort this
summer and you don’t need
another credit card, you can dis
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without even opening it. Review
the aummer playground, camp and
festival opportunities. Which ones
will you do? Which ones will you
say “No” to?
You can also reduce clutter by
running a 15-minute pick-up drill
with your family. Assign each per
son to one room. For IS minutes,
you all scurry to straighten up,
store away or throw away, wipe
down, and spruce up a room. It’s
amazing what people can do when
the clock’s ticking. Promise to
take a break after IS minutes to
survey the results.
Reduce you expectations for
what a clean house is, what a fam
ily reunion should be, what a gra
duation party consists of. Make
them realistic pictures that you
and your family can accomplish.
And then remember that you
should not be pulling off the show
on your own. Who else can help.
If people offer to help, “What can
I bring/do?” be prepared with a list
of possibilities. Don’t say, "Oh,
nothing, just bring yourself.” Ask
you family to play an active role in
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an older teen go to a younger
child’s ball game instead of you?
Can your father phone in an order
to the bake shop or pick up a gra
duation gift that just arrived at the
Think about the time you spend
in travel, at meetings, and in idle
conversation. Can these be
reduced? How? Continually ask,
“What would happen if we didn’t
hold that meeting?” “Can I pick up
those things on my way to the mall
tomorrow instead of making an
additional trip today?” “Doesn’t
my son drive by that shop every
day on the way home?” We can
Auction To Benefit Birth Center
Co.) —Birth Care & Family
Health Services will hold its Third
Annual Benefit Auction on Satur
day, June 3,9 a.m. to S p.m. at the
Hoffman Building, Solanco Fair
ground, Route 472 So., Quarryvil
le, PA. Located in the heart of
Lancaster County farmland. Birth
Care is Pennsylvania’s first non
profit birth and health care center,
founded in 1978. Proceeds of the
Perry County Seeks Applicants
For Pageant
Co.) —Perry County Dairy Prom
otion Committee is seeking girls
between the ages of 8 to 24 to help
in promoting nature’s most perfect
food milk! Girls ages 8 to 11
serve as a Little Miss, while girls
12 to 15 serve as either a Dairy
Miss or Dairy Ambassador. Young
between the ages of 16 to 24
COVINGTON (Tioga Co.) Tioga County Dairy Maid.
Monday, June 12, has been set for - Dairy princess and dairy maid
the Tioga County Dairy Princess applications are available at the
Pageant. Tioga County Extension office in
Contestants are needed between the Courthouse Annex in Wells
the ages of 16 and 24 for the dairy boro or by calling (717) 724-9120
princess title. Girls between the or by calling Bonnie Baker at (717)
ages of 13 and 16 can become a 549-2599.
• It Grills
• It Steams
• It Smokes
• Ho Flare-up Guarantee
• Lifetime Warranty on
Cast Iron Burner
• Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Holland Grill
Spains View
2890 Guilford Springs, Rd., Chambersburg, Pa.
CALL 1-800-328-4450
come up with lots of ways to
reduce the time spent -in these
Also leant to “recycle” things.
If you’re cooking pasta, cook a
huge batch at one time and use it
for several meals. This saves time
in the long run. You can do the
same thing for ground beef, chick
en breasts, rice, and potatoes.
Think of multiple uses for the food
you spend time preparing. Also
reuse other things that take time.
Did your granddaughter make you
a cute centeipiece for Easter at
daycare? Maybe you can reuse
that idea for a
benefit sale support the center’s
services to needy families.
Featured at the sale will be
beautiful handmade Amish and
contemporary quilts and other
needlework, woodcrafts, furni
ture, farm and building supplies,
tools, and housewares. Local folk
arts and crafts along with original
artworks including limited edition
prints from some of Lancaster
Co.’s best known artists have been
donated. Collectible Winross and
can vie for the title of Perry County tactMarelßaubat(7l7) 834-4721
Dairy Princess. °r Patty McLaughlin at (717)
To find out qualifications, con- 582-4847.
Tioga County Wants Contestants
sri 68 ItaSi
banquet you lu .c uj plan. Did you
do something at work that can be
used at your civic meeting? By
multiplying the times you use the
things you create/make, you
stretch your efforts to accomplish
When all the other steps for jug
gling fail, ask yourself before
making a choice about your
time...“ What will this matter three
months from now or five years
from now?” Some actions will
greatly influence the future. Some
will have little impact. The answer
to that question will help you
make good decisions.
Eitl trucks v/iii be sold at noon.
Children’s activities and great
food will be available.
For information or to donate to
the sale, contact Maren or Rita at
(717) 786-4010 or 786-5506.
Donations welcome until 5/30/95
and pick-up can be arranged. Visa,
Mastercard, Discover and pre
approved out-of-state checks
accepted. Auctioneers: John Stolt
zfus (AU-001728-L) and Enos