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    HARRISBURG (Dauphin
Co.)—A special task force has
been formed to help Pennsyl
vania’s potato and tomato farmers
minimize late blight damage to
their 199 S crops, Acting Agricul
ture Secretary Charles C. Brosius
“The Department has joined
forces with The Pennsylvania
State University to combat late
blight disease, which is a threat to
commercial growers,” Brosius
said. “We also will work together
with the farming community and
federal regulators to try to minim
ize crop losses.”
Late blight (Phytophthora
infestans) is a fungal disease
affecting tomatoes and potatoes.
Brownish to purplish-black spots
appear on leaves or stems of
plants. The disease can occur at
any time during the growing sea
son when humid, rainy conditions
Under favorable conditions, the
division of
Fiskes- andT(omf>son, /no.
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Task Force To Fight Late Blight
disease develops rapidly. If late
blight occurs On potato or tomato
plants, spores of the blight fungus
can move quickly from field to
The Pennsylvania Late Blight
Task Force met to recommend a
variety of ways late blight disease
could be detected and controlled.
As a result of the first meeting,
testing arrangements were deve
loped, education and training
efforts were detailed, and a
request was made to the federal
Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) for a crisis exemption to
release the fungicides Dimetho
moiph and Cymoxanil (Curzate)
to control late blight disease.
After hearing recommendations
from the task force, the Pennsyl
vania Department of Agriculture
agreed to provide staffing, equip
ment, and telephone support for a
199 S effort to 1 minimize the
impact of laite blight in
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Chicken Houses • Veal Bams • etc.
717-949-3212 Leone Message
‘Hg-r/cu/tura/ c WisAdowns
c Toßacco (Dust
• David Z. Fisher, Route #64, Mill Hall, PA 17751
• Bailer's Greenhouse, Rt. 54, Montgomery, PA
• Yoder’s Stora, RDI Box 11,229 S. Kish Street,
Belleville, PA 17004
• Aaron S. Brubaeker, Box 647, Liverpool, PA
• Jesee E. King, Spring Glen, PA 17078
1 West Perry Dead Equipment, Blaln, PA 17006
4 John S. King, Mud Level Road, Shippenaburg, PA
•I The Fertrell Co., P.O. Box 265, Bainbridge, PA
• Huber Animal Haalth Supplies 810 Tulpehocken
Rd., Myerstown, Pa 717-866-2246
•Lapp's Sharpening Service, 276 Gibbla Rd.,
Myerstown, PA
• Lititz Harness Shop, Lexington Road, Lltitz, PA
• Paul B. Zimmerman, Inc., 50 Woodeorner Road,
Lltitz, PA (717) 736-7350
• Sauder'a Nursery, 1210 East Earl Road, East Earl,
PA (717) 354-9851
• Boiler’s Health Foods, N. Shirk Road, New
Holland, PA
• Glick’s Natural Products, Gsist Road, Lancaster,
• Miller's Natural Foods, 2888 Miller Lake, Blrd-ln-
Hand, PA 17505
• Bird-In-Hand Farm Supply, Maple Ave., Bird-In-
Hand, PA
• Esh Farm Supply, Clearvlew Road, Ronks, PA
• Paul Fisher, S. Queen Road, Gordonvllle, PA
• Esh’s Sharpening, Rt. 340, Gordonvllle, PA
• Jonathan Smucker, Rt 340, Klnzers, PA
•Flaud’s Greenhouses, Buena Vista Road, Gap, PA
• Banjamin B. King, King’s Road, Honey Brook, PA
• Singing Spring Foods, Vintage Road, Christiana,
• Enos K. Seller, Edisonville Road, Strasburg, PA
• Peach Lane Greenhouse, Peach Lane, Ronks,
• Long Lane Greenhouse, Mine Road, Paradise, PA
• White Oak Greenhouse, Pond Road, Strasburg,
• Furnace Road Fabrics, Furnace Road,
Quarryvilte, PA
• Emanuel King, Coopers Drive, Kirkwood, PA
• Andrew H. Seller, 244 Thompson Road, Delta, PA
• John W. Miller, 164 Rose Valley Road, Dover, DE
• Israel S. Swarsy, 430 Cedar Tree Lane, Charlotte
Hall, MD 20622
GREEN GARDENS WILL SHIP SO and 60 lb. «lzet U.P.S.
Growers should take several
measures to protect their crops
against late blight disease. They
should select seed potatoes that
meet or exceed USDA standards
for late blight. They also should
scout through their crops a mini
mum of two times per week soon
after crop emergence and utilize
the Department of Agriculture’s
Direct Dealer Inqulrea To:
Green Gardens
123 Loop Road, Quarryvllls, PA 17566
Integrated Pest Management hot
line (1-800-PENN-IPM) by mid-
April for occurrence information
and management tips. They
should apply fungicides as envir
onmental conditions (blightcast)
warrant. Cull piles or potatoes that
were not dug up last year should
be killed with the proper herbi-
It does
a body
good, *
' pushes the udder & teat away from
r the dew daw. Apply two weeks prior
to freshening.
This product can be purchased at your local Farm Stores or Feed
Mills or by contacting your local animal health centers.
The TEATSAVER" supplied by
< J.B. Supply Ltd.
} Chetek Wisconsin 54728
\/*vv V For Information Phone (715) 924-2136
LancMtar Farming, Saturday, May 20,1W5-A3B
cides or buried under.
Commercial growers potential
ly affected by late blight may
receive further information about
the management program by con
tacting their professional associa
tions, county extension agents,
and/or specialists at The Pennsyl
vania State University.
Pennsylvania’s commcrical
potato crop was valued at $29.5
million in 1994. The 1994 com
mercial tomato crop was valued at
$16.5 million, ninth in the nation.
Public Auction Register
Closing Date Monday 5:00 P.M.
of each week’s publication
SAT. MAY 20 -10 AM
Wyndham Storage Center,
Lititz, Rt. SOI, just N. of
Lititz. Butchering &
Restaurant Equip. Beth
lehem Butchershop, Inc.,
owner. Ensminger Aucts.
SAT. MAY 20-11 AM Farm
machinery, real estate.
Walton, NY. Dale Lam
brecht, auct.
SAT. MAY 20 - 9:45AM
Repossession Sale.
Approx. 180 repo's & off
lease vehicles, Keystone
Public Auto Exchange
WED. MAY 24 - I:3OPM
Belleville livestock Market,
20 fresh & springing hols
toin cows. For more info
call Gene Qlick
THURS. MAY 25 -10 AM
Sealed bid sale, trustee
sale in bankruptcy, super
market. Ail machinery &
equipment, $160,000 retail
inventory. 500 E. Lancaster
Ave. Rt. 222, Shillington,
Pa. Wm. F. Comly 4 Sons,
Inc., aucts.