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    voi. 40 NO. 26
Copes Help Prepare
For National Holstein Convention
Cumberland Co. Correspondent
GRANTHAM (Cumberland
Co.) —John and Helen Cope have
been members of the Pennsylva
nia and National Holstein associa
tions since the mid-19505.
Next month, they will be the of
Pa. Guernsey Association
Holds Awards Banquet
Melissa Morrow
1995 Pa. Guernsey Queen
Dairy Recipe Contest, Families
Part Of Lancaster Farming’s
June Dairy Month Celebration
Laneasttr Farming is holding a Cow Mania Drawing. To be eligi
ble to win one of the collectible cow items offered, send a recipe using
at least one dairy product as a sizeable ingredient.
The recipe may be for an appetizer, dip, soup, bread, main dish, veg
etable, dessert, beverage, snack or salad. It must include at least one of
the following ingredients: milk, cream, sour cream, whipped cream,
butter, yogurt, buttermilk, ice cream, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese,
cream cheese, or any hard or soft cheese.
Do not send recipes using margarine or non-dairy substitutes.
Clearly print or type your recipe. Be sure to give accurate measure
ments, temperatures,, times, and sizes of baking dishes to use.
Be sure to include your name, full address, and phone number on the
recipe. Please include a few paragraphs about yourself and your fami
ly. Although it is not required, we’d like a'picture of you or your family
to include with the recipe when it is printed during June Dairy Month.
Photos will be returned if you mark your name and address on the back
of the photo.
This is a popular annual event for our readers who not only enjoy the
recipes but also reading tidbits of information about the person who
submits the recipe.
Send your recipe, accompanying information, and photo to Lou
Ann Good, Lancaster Farming Cow Mania Drawing, P.O. Box 609,1
E. Main St. Ephnta, PA 17522.
Only one recipe per family. Send it immediately as the deadline for
entries to reach us is June 1.
60c Per Copy
ficial hosts when thousands of
their fellow association members
come to Pittsburgh for the 110th
annual National Holstein Associa
tion Convention.
This is the first time that Penn
sylvania has served as the conven
tion site since 1976, and the Copes
Bedford Co. Correspondent
BEDFORD (Bedford
Co.) The Pennsylvania Guern
sey Breeders’ Association recently
held its convention April 21-22
with an awards banquet at the Are
na Restaurant in Bedford, a break
fast queen coronation, and the
annual Blue Halter Calf Sale.
The J 995 state Guernsey Queen
is Melissa Morrow, of Tyrone,
who was crowned by Beth Anne
queen during a
morning event during the second
day of the convention.
The contestants were introduced
during the awards banquet the
evening prior.
During the awards banquet,
Snyder-Homestead Guernseys, in
New Enterprise, received multiple
The breed association also rec
ognized the recipients of All Pen
nsylvania awards, based on the
results of showing an animal
throughout the year, according to
age class.
Officers of the association
include Bemeta Gable, of Snyder-
Homestead Guernseys, president;
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday, May 6, '1995
have put plenty of work into mak
ing sure everyone learns a lot
while having a good time.
John Cope, who is semi-retired
from the Ashcombe’s dairy opera
tion in York County, said he and
his wife have been involved in
planning for the convention for
the past four years.
The Copes, who are co-chair
persons of the convention, have
been working with 18 planning
committees that have a total of
about 230 members.
John Cope said he and Helen
became chairpersons of the event
after they were asked to take the
job by the board of directors of the
Pennsylvania Holstein Associa
John has been a member of the
national association’s board of
directors for 13 years and has
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Ridge Appoints Deputy Ag Secretaries
Co.) —On behalf of Gov. Tom
Ridge, Agriculture Secretary
Charles C. Brosius on Wednesday
announced Ridge’s appointment
of three deputy secretaries for the
Agriculture Department
“I am delighted to welcome
these three well-qualified exper
ienced individuals. They will
work with me in leadership posi-
Opportunities On Increase
For Poultry Grads
Union Co. Correspondent
Co.) At the fifth annual Penn
State Poultry Science Club
Awards Banquet last week, club
members, parents, faculty, and
friends recognized the year’s
achievements and listened to
words of wisdom from Paul Hann,
president of the Pennsylvania
Poultry Federation.
Since graduating in ag educa
tion from Penn State. Hann has
been a salesman for Purina Mills.
He has attained Top Salesman of
the Year status several times and
has been president of the Pennsyl
vania Agricultural Marketing As
Citing an increase in opportuni
ties in the future for agriculture
graduates, Hann told students they
need to adapt to changes in the
field and to use their college edu
cation to maximize their experi
ences. Hard work and common
sense are two keys to success, he
said, along with the ability to work
with people, to listen to others, to
work at what you love to do, and
to apply information in books to
real life.
Hann’s advice to students for
making their lives matter was to
John and Helen Cope are co-chairs of the National Hols
tein Convention set to be held June 25-28 in Pittsburgh.
tions within the
increase the visibility of the Key
stone state’s number one indus
try,” Brosius said.
“Gov. Ridge recognizes the
importance of increasing the pro
fitability of our farms and agri
business to maintain a position of
strength, and our new deputies are
committed to being a part of that
“care for people, risk more than
others think is safe, dream more
than others think is practical, and
expect more than others dunk is
Lana Sollenberger, the new Pa. DHIA president,.
gives some thoughts on hie vision for the state milk'
testing and records organization In this on-farm Inter
view. See story page A-32.
Four Sections
•**KlBge appointed Walter Peech
atka, executive deputy secretary;
Russell C. Redding, deputy secret
aiy for marketing, promotion and
program services; and Christian
R. Herr, deputy secretary for regu
latory programs.
Peechatka, formerly deputy
secretary for regulatory programs
and director of die Bureau of Plant
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possible." Accepting responsibili
ty for mistakes and faults and cor
recting them when possible is also
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