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    Xtra Consistency
Harness Xtra delivers consistent control
across a wide range of growing con
ditions, too. Because it binds tightly
to soil particles, Harness Xtra stays in
the weed zone. Even after heavy rains,
Harness Xtra is there to provide consistent,
season-long control.
menses xtra pseformi muse hi irazns milium nom
% Control ■ Harness Xtra ■Atrazine
100 90
20 ii
0 —^^ —
Triazlne-Resistant Triazlnc-Rcsistant
Pigweed Lambsquarters
Source- 1994 Monsanto Product Development Trials
Rates=2 3 qts/A Harness Xtra and 15-2 0 Ibs/A atrazine.
INazfne-Rosfetant Broadeaf Control
Unlike Bicepf Dualf and and even common ragweed
Extrazinef only Harness are no match for Harness Xtra.
Xtra offers you complete Plus, the ideal combination of
triazine-resistant broadleaf Harness and atrazine will pro
control. duce more consistent control
Lambsquarters, pigweed, in varied weather situations.
Always follow label direction*. Restricted Use Pesticide. Harness* and Roundup* are registered trademarks of Monsanto
Company Surface Blend' is a trademark of Monsanto Company Bicep, Dual, and Princep are registered trademarks of Ciba Corp
Bladex and Extrazine II are registered trademsrks of EI duPont de Nemours & Co, Inc Gramoxone* Extra is a registered trade
mark of Zeneca. © Monsanto Company 161-94-13
But dry weather is where Harness Xtra
really stands out. Acetochlor, the active
ingredient in Harness Xtra, needs only
one quarter-inch of rainfall for activation
in most situations, so it requires oply half
as much rainfall as some other herbicides
to begin killing weeds. In a dry spring,
Corn Talk, Lancaster Fanning, Saturday, March 18, 1995-Page
Meal For Varied
Application Methods
Approved Application Mothod/Uming
Early Preplant: Apply Harness Xtra up to 30 days before
planting. You’ll spread out your workload and still get season
long control of labeled grasses and broadleaves.
Preplant Incorporated: Apply and Surface Blend™ or shallowly
incorporate Harness Xtra any time within 14 days prior to planting.
Preemergence Surface: Apply Harness Xtra before the crop
and weeds emerge and within 5 days after your last tillage trip,
High Quality Formulation
Other premix formulations can settle out in the spray tank,
creating a nasty “hard pack.” Harness Xtra resuspends after
agitation making it superior to other premixes. Plus, Harness
Xtra mixes easily with fluid fertilizer.
Use Rates For Harness Xtra
Always be sure to follow the Harness Xtra label directions
for best results. Listed below is a guide for application rates
based on your soil type.
Harness Xtra Applcanon Rates
Soil Textural Group Broadcast Rate Per Acre*
Coarse 1.8 quarts
Medium 2.3 quarts
„Fine 2.3 quarts
*ln areas of heavy weed infestation use up to 2 3 quarts per acre on coarse textured soils and up to 2 7 quarts per acre
on medium and fine textured soils
Contact the Monsanto Representative
Jeff Vance Rex Petit
Lancaster* PA Monroeville, PA ,
717-560-8894 412-373-8633
Mike Kuhns
Sellnagrove, PA
that can be the difference between
relatively clean fields and a weedy mess.
Along with superior control and consis
tency, Harness Xtra is cost competitive
with other premixes. All of which make
Harness Xtra the best value in its field.
In Your Area
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