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    Vol. 40 NO. 18
Maryland Holstein Convention Sale Has $11,700 Top
The highest selling cow in the Maryland Holstein Convention Sale is Ladys-Manor
Top Star-ET, at 2y6m was consigned by Robert and Mary Smith of Monkton and sold to
Marlin and Kathy Hoff of Carroll County for $11,700. Mary Smith is in front. Behind the
cow are Marlin Hoff, left and Robert Smith. In the box are, from left, Oenny Remsburg
and Mike Heath. D.D. Hottngsworth is at the halter.
Gov. Ridge Announces ’95-’96 Budget Proposal
Lancaster Farminj^Staff
Co.) Stale Gov. Tom Ridge
during a Tuesday press conference
announced his proposal for the
next slate budget, calling for tax
cuts and according to a pub
Late Blight Disease Threat Under Gun At State Potato Growers Meeting
Lancaster Fanning Staff
Co.) —Potato growers beware: a
new type of potato blight fungus, if
it makes its way through the crops
this season, could prove devastat
ing and provide challenges never
faced before, according to a Cor
nell plant pathologist
Dr. William E. Fry, Department
of Plant Pathology, Cornell Uni
versity, told about ISO potato
growers that the new isolate could
be more fit more virulent more
aggressive, survive longer, and
resist most major fungicides in the
long run. Growers must take steps
now to control a disease which has
grown to bea "national concern,”
according to Roger L. Springer,
general manager of the Pennsylva
nia Co-Operative Potato Growers.
State potato growers joined
industry and university representa
tives at the 44th Annual Potato
Growers Institute and 79th Annual
Co-Operative meeting on Wednes
day and Thursday at the Willow
Valley Resort and Conference
The major topic at the meeting:
late blight and how to control it
The disease proved devastating
last year to many growers.
Because of last year’s cool
spring, wet summer, and moist
604 Per Copy
M As Receives 5 Percent Increase In Overall Spending
lished report the smallest
spending increase in more than 10
With all forms of estimated
revenue tallied in, the proposed
spending would total $31,198 bil
lion, a decrease from last year’s
overall budget.
harvest season, the fungus which
causes late blight attacked a great
deal of the crap grown in many
Directors of the Pennsylvania Co-Operative Potato Grow
ers, Inc. met at the 44th Annual Potato Growers Institute on
Wednesday morning. From left, Keith Masser, Mark Masser,
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, March 11, 1995
The typical budget process
begins with the governor’s admi
nistration proposing a budget to
the legislature, which scrutinizes it
and makes its own changes and
suggestions, or makes a complete
Normally, the budget falls
stales in the Mid-Atlantic and
Northeast, according to Fry.
Symptoms include full ear lesions
Hve Sections
Maryland Correspondent
According to Gus Schwartzbeck,
co-chairman of the 199 S Maryland
Holstein Convention Sale, the sale
was one to remember. “The dairy
business is pretty tight right now,”
Schwartzbeck said, “and I just
thought it went better than I ex
pected it would go. I thought
everything brought what it was
worth, and some even brought
more than I thought they would.”
With 62 head of Holsteins fea
tured in the Saturday, March 4
sale, prices averaged $2,861 per
head. The top-selling cow was a
two-and-a-half-year-old who
came fresh on July 22, and sold for
a whopping $11,700. Ladys-Man
or Top Star-ET was bred and bom
on the farm of owners Robert and
Mary Smith of Monkton, Mary
“$15,000 in contracts for AI
stud went with her,” said Mary
somewhere in between, depending
on what compromises are made in
the course of debate as to what
should be the state’s spending
The state legislature has until
the end of June, normally the close
of session for the summer, to
and complete stalk damage. With
in weeks, without fungus treat
ments, plants turn brown, wither.
John Epler, Paul Mast, Henry Reiner, Donald Horner, Kevin
Troyer, Timothy Geiger, Noah Krelder Jr., Everett Blass Jr.,
Leroy Hoover, and Eugene Manifold. Photo by Andy Andnws
$21.00 Per Year
Smith. “She’s out of four genera
tions of cows bred here on the
farm.” Smith noted that Lady’s
Manor Top Star-ET had a dam that
was “excellent,” a second dam that
was “very good” and a fourth dam
that was “very good.”
“He’s worked very hard on
these cows,” Smith said of her hus
band, Robert. “She’s one of our
best!” Smith also said that a full
sister to Ladys-Manor Top Star-
ET will be offered for sale at the
upcoming National Sale.
The second highest selling cow
on Saturday was a five-and-a
half-month-old Red & While out
of Derrwyn Centra Selsy-Red-ET,
a dam who made All-American
R&W in 1992 as a three-year-old.
Out of Golden Oaks Farms in
Wauconda, Illinois, the calf was
purchased by Charles E. Thie-
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approve a budget for the state. The
state fiscal year runs from July 1 to
June 30.
If a budget isn’t approved in
time, special legislation can be
approved to fund state operational
expenses until an approved budget
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and die. The tubers are infected
and soft rot sets in, rendering many
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