Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, February 04, 1995, Image 161

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The Early Riser® Compliancy Plan:
No Attachments Required
— .. ■—)
* ■ ;X *l
Front Pulled, Equalizing
Qauga Wheels- These
* are connected through
1 a special linkage that
* maintains equal pressure
on the gauge wheels at
all times. As one wheel
moves up and over an
. obstacle, the other
wheel is forced down. This equalizing action limits opener
movement to half the height of the obstacle and results in more
uniform depth control and better seed placement. Example: If
your customer Is planting two Inches deep and encounters a
2’A Inch root, the equalizing gauge wheels will limit opener
movement to f % Inches, so the seed Is planted In the soil, not
on top of It.
SUggarad Disc Opanart-
Staggered double disc
openers use the leading
™ disc cut the soil and
and the trailing
disc to open the seed
trench. This design
provides superior cutting
efficiency and penetration
over parallel double disc openers. This design virtually
eliminates the need and costs of add-on coulter attach
ments common to competitive so-called “no-tiir planters.
NOTE: Some competitors have tried to tell your customers that the furrow firming point compacts
the soil and reduces germination, but this is not true. The furrow firming point isn't as wide or
deep as the double disc openers that actually open the seed trench. A rolling disc opener
creates a water-wheel effect with the loose soil it’s moving. Some of this loose soil falls back
into the just-opened seed trench. The furrow firming point removes this loose soil.
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Apron, Hyd. Endgate, 2 Speed Worm
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3 tfrhcMOr Fairing, Saturday, Fttruwy 4, 1995-bSi
No. 9191 Ghibli, 1500 PSI, 220 Volt
No. 9384 Mi-T-M, 1500 PSI, 5 HP Briggs
No. 9468 Cam Spray, 1200 PSI, 2 HP, 220 Volt
No. 9390 2000 PSI, 220 Volt Pressure Washer
No. 9264 3000 PSI, 18 HP 1C Pressure Washer
No. 9391 2000 PSI, Wisconsin Pressure
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A Case International 950 The secret s in the design
Early Riser planter is designed The exclusive Cyclo Air
to plant in mulch-till and no-till metering system and Early Riser
fields as well as it does in clean- row-unit together put seed in a
tilled fields precision-controlled environ-
Yet you won t have to add ment which results in fast starts
costly coulters or down-pressure and bigger yields next harvest
springs Plus, no matter what Stop by to find out more
the field's tillage condition you II about the Case International
get accurate seed placement 950 Early Riser planters
spacing and depth control for the original conservation
fast complete germination compliance planters
I : *.^VSi
your customers who
rely on the planter to do
more ol the tillage function In reduced tillage operations. They
provide Increased service life over standard opener blades.
■■■■MHMHBMHUHMM Furrow-Firming Point -
Any double disc opener
tends leave a
shaped seed trench that
can lead to uneven depth
control, Inaccurate In
row seed spacing and
germination problems.
To eliminate these
concerns, the Early Riser row unit uses a furrow (liming point to
remove the seed trench *W% and leave a well-defined "V
trench bottom.
A New Case IH Magnum 7210
130 HP All Wheel Drive a
12 Foot Heavy Duty Hydraulic Blade In Slock
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6 Row Planter With Dry
Fertilizer And Lots Of
Other Fine Features
Earth Matal* Opanar
Bladaa • Earth Metal
blades are Known for
their superior wear
characteristics and
strength. This Is
especially Important to
Built For Excavating,
Ideal For Snow Removal