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    CG-Lancaster Fanning, Saturday, January 28, 1995
Keller Joins All Plant
All Plant Liquid Plant Food,
Inc. of Ashland, Ohio has an
nounced the addition of Paul E.
Keller of Womelsdorf as regional
sales manager.
With more than 17 years ex
perience of selling plant foods,
Keller is responsible for develop
ing sales of All Plant Products east
of Ohio directly to farmers and
through .farmer dealers.
Keller said he joined All Plant
because they produce a high quali
ty product at a very fair price.
Keller also farms 150 acres
with his wife and children in
Berks County.
Collins Joins
YORK (York Co.) Kenneth
C. Collins of Hanover was recent
ly hired by Farm Credit as a fin
ancial management service (FMS)
Collins was formerly employed
by Agway, Inc. as district man
ager for Dekalb brands in western
Pennsylvania. He has operated his
own consulting firm providing
business analysis and tax services.
Collins’ education includes a
bachelor’s degree in accounting
Detachers Have
Infrared Optic Sensing
NAPERVILLE, 111. Regard
less of the milking machine manu
facturer, detachers across the mar
ketplace require an accurate sensing
device. Surge has developed and
patented a state-of-the-art infrared
optic sensor.
Unlike all other take-off sensing
devices. Surge patented optic sens
ing actually “sees” the milk flow
through the milk-flow sensor. The
milk breaks a beam of light during
the milking cycle. When the milk
flow stops, the end-of- milking light
is again received by the receptor and
a signal is sent to the Surge Omni
detacher control. Following an
adjustable time delay, the vacuum is
shut off and the pressure inside the
milker unit is equalized to the
atmospheric level and the unit gen
tly detaches.
The Surge Optic Sensing does
not depend on milk contact to detect
milk flow, so buildup from milk
fats, proteins, and cleaning solutions
will not inhibit the sensing accuracy.
Baler Produces De
Claas® Reliant® 46 Round Baler
with Roto Cut cutting device pro
duces a dense, evenly distributed
bale. The solid bale better retains
hay quality and breaks apart easi
ly, simplifying feeding.
Equipped with a 6/4 -foot pick
up, unique rotor and precision cut
ting system, the 46 Rotocut balers
provide increased throughput and
reduce peak loads.
~v. C-
/ V
A v t; < *
Farm Credit
and a master’s degree in business
administration (MBA).
Collins will serve farm clientele
in the Pennsylvania counties of
Franklin, Fulton, Cumberland,
and Perry and in the Maryland
counties of Frederick and Wash
ington. Collins will deliver ac
counting and record keeping ser
vices, tax planning and-prepara
tion, and business management
counseling-and advice.
The sensing eyes are tightly
sealed and fully encapsulated in an
epoxy potting compound. The
epoxy potted sensors are physically
protected from moisture, impact,
and the adverse effects of expansion
and contraction because of environ
mental changes. Because the epoxy
polling’s durability and environ
mental integrity, it is frequently
used by other industries requiring
maximum electrical connection pro
The baler’s wide double tine
pickup provides clean, efficient
pickup even in wide, uneven
windrows. Its unique Helix-4 ro
tor with 34 star shaped tines feeds
crop evenly, quickly while 14
knives provide a clean, tidy cut.
The knives on the 46 Roto Cut
arc spring loaded and individually
protected from foreign objects and
automatically reset after object
has passed through.
Paul Keller
r»*t •‘As S.ST
ca Ag Products announced that it
plans to offer a microencapsulated
com herbicide, Top Notch, for the
1995 planting season, pending re
The active ingredient in the pro
duct is acetochlor, which was first
registered in March 1994 for use
in the U.S. as Surpass and Harness
Plus herbicides.
The new microencapsulated
formulation was designed to pro
vide the most consistent residual
Displacement Row Applicator
OWATONNA, Mn. spring
1995, Gandy Company is intro
ducing a positive displacement
metering (PDM) system for all of
its row crop granular chemical
applicators. This new metering
system is available on new Gandy
applicators or as replacement
attachment for existing Gandy row
The system’s benefits provide
positive shutoff when the parent
drive stops, thus eliminating drib
ble when planter or implement is
lifted on headlands or into trans
port position. Also, when mechan
ically driven from a ground wheel
Inline Ripper Available
Rich manufacturing announces
the release of the 357 inline ripper.
The 357 inline ripper is avail
able in a 3-, 5-, and 7-shank unit.
Shank can be set up on 30-inch or
36-inch spacing.
Minimum cutting width starts
at 5 feet and goes to a maximum of
18 feet.-Shank options available
are a parabolic shank, which is I
-1/4 inches- x 3 . inches-high
strength abrasion resistant steel, or
the straight knife shank, which has
two replaceable knife edges or 1-
1/2-inch wide chromium carbide
steel on a 1 l/4-inch x 3-inch
Either a two-piece point or a
two-piece wing point are available
for the ground working tool. You
can choose an option of a 20-inch
plain or a 20-inch rippled coulter
to cut the residue that remains on
the top soil. For heavy residue
Farm Safety, Health
In Spotlight At Conference
Farmers are invited to attend
Farm Family Insurance Compa
nies’ 1995 Rural Health and Safety
Conference, March 22, at the
Sheraton Hotel in Saratoga
Springs. The conference is open to
farmers in New York, New Eng
land, and New Jersey.
In addition to a CPR certifica
tion course, the two day event will
nse, Chopped Bale
The Claas® Reliant® 46
Round Baler with Roto Cut
cutting device produces a
dense, evenly distributed
bale. The solid bale batter re
tains hay quality and breaks
apart easily, simplifying
Zeneca To
control of annual grasses in no-till
com, according to Zeneca’s Dirk
Drost. Encapsulating the active in
gredient extends the length of ef
fective weed control in no-till
“Top Notch provides excellent
control in no-till when applied
early preplant through crop emer
gence,” Drost said. Top Notch also
washes off trash more completely
as a result of the encapsulation.
Each microcapsule, containing
the active ingredient acetochlor
Introduces Positive
or live shaft, the Gandy PDM sys
tem is speed compensating, apply
ing the same rate per acre even
when field speed varies.
The application rate is gov
erned by a set of sprockets,
ordered separately, which deter
mine the rate per acre. Multiple
hoppers may be connected in line
to run from one set of sprockets.
User must supply input drive
sprocket and chain based on his
parent implement drive.
For more information, contact
572 Industrial Drive, Lewisberry,
PA 17339, (717) 938-5100.
Wil-Rich 357 Inline Ripper
is available in a 3-inch, 5-
inch, and 7-inch, shank unit.
Shank can be set up on 30-
inch or 36-inch spacing.
conditions, a rear shank extension
is available to offset the shanks
and allow more residue to pass
between the shanks.
For more information on the
full line of Wil-Rich equipment,
write: Wil-Rich Manufacturing,
P.O. Box 1038, Wahpeton, ND
offer special sessions on wellness,
physical changes with age, dealing
with the elderly on the farm, per
sonal protective equipment, and
chain saw safety. There will also
be a presentation on establishing a
Farm Safety 4 Just Kids Chapter.
If you’re interested in attend
ing, contact your county Farm
Bureau president or call the NYFB
Communications Dept, for more
information at (518) 436-8495.
Com Herbicide
and the com safener dichlormid
inside a thin polymer wall, is
about 10 microns in size—rough
ly one-tenth the diameter of a hu
man hair. The microcapsules are
suspended in an aqueous base.
The in situ encapsulation process
allows for thinner, smoother walls
and less polymer overall in the
The technology also allows
Zeneca to control the rate of herbi
cide diffusion through the micro
capsule walls.
For spring 1995, Gandy
Company is introducing a
positive displacement meter
ing (RDM) system for all of its
row crop granular chemical
applicators. This new meter
ing system is available on
new Gandy applicators or as
replacement attachment for
existing Gandy row hoppers.
Wix Filters
WIX Filters has received a
national award from FFA in
recognition of its decade-long sup
port of careers in agricultural and
FFA chapters nationwide.
The award, presented during
the 29th annual FFA National
Convention in Kansas City, Mo.,
recognized WIX Filters for partic
ipating in the convention for the
past 10 years and providing funds
for FFA scholarships and chapter
“We enjoy our association with
the FFA and appreciate this recog
nition,” said Les Peterson, market
ing manager for WIX Filters.
“FFA does an outstanding job pro
moting careers in agriculture, and
we are pleased to be a part of that
During the convention, WIX
Filters sponsored an information
booth, helped select the national
student winner of the “Agricultur
al Sales and Service Award” and
contributed vehicles from its col
lectible cars series to a FFA fund
In addition to supporting the
convention and career show, WIX
Filters sponsors an annual fund
raising event for FFA chapters,
paying 25 cents for each WIX Fil
ters boxtop turned in between the
first of January and April 15. The
program has generated more than
$250,000 for FFA chapters.
WIX also offers four National
FFA College scholarships to FFA
members pursuing degrees in agri
cultural mechanics, and sponsors
the National FFA Foundation .
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