Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, January 28, 1995, Image 25

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The Lodge Pool is open until midnight Tuesday and
Wednesday nights.
Wednesday Mornings, February 1,1995
Presiding: Nancy Bosold, Montgomery Co. Ext
9:00 What I’m Looking for When I Buy—panel—
Robert Amsterdam, Raymond Cohen & Son,
Biglen/llle, moderator Robert Von Lieu, Associat
ed Wholesalers Inc., Robesonla, Nell Courtney,
Buffalo Valley Produce Auction, Mifflinburg, Fred
erick Funk, Funk's Farm Market, Mlllersvllle
10:00 Penna. Vegetable Marketing and Research
Program Update —Chairman
10:15 Fertigation and True Solution Fertilizer*— Dr.
Douglas Sanders, North Carolina State University
11:00 Sweet Com Varietiea— panel—Dr. Peter Ferrettl,
Penn State Unlv. Moderator
Robert Kotch, Rogers Seeds
Tom Bagels, Asgrow Seeds
Mark Kaminski, Stokes Seeds
W. Atlee Burpee, Abbott and Cobb Seeds
Presiding; James Welshans, Dauphin Co. Ext.
9:00 New Films to Increase Shelf-life of Cut Vegeta
bles—Aaron Brody, Devon
9:30 Food Safety in the Pre-cut Industry —Stephanie
Doores, Penn State Unlv.
10:00 Selling to the Restaurant Trade —Al Buehrer,
Indian Rock Produce, Quakertown
10:30 What’s New in Prepared Salads— Wende Di
Matteo, ASK Foods, Palmyra
11:10 State of the Pre-cut Industry— Edith Garrett,
Nat'l. Assoc. Fresh Produce Processing, Alexan
dria, Virginia
TREE FRUlTS— Trinidad Room
Presiding— Steven Balderston, Maryland Horticultural
Society President
9:00 Present and Future Role of Weather in Orchard
Decision Making— Dr. Joseph Russo, ZedX Inc.,
Automated Weather Instruments: How Reli
able Are They? — Dr. James Travis, Penn State
A Grower’s Experience with Weather Monitor
ing Equipment —At Caggiano, grower, Bridgeton,
10:25 Adapting Software Packages to Orchard
Needs—Jake Esh, Esh Computer Systems
10:45 Evaluation of Pesticide Record'Keeping Sys
tems—Jerome Frecon, Rutgers Cooperative
11:15 Sooty Blotch and Flyspeck: What Can Be
Done?— Dr. Turner Sutton, North Carolina State
11:45 *IPM Programs for Peaches— Dr. Walker Miller,
Clemson University (1 cat. 2)
WOMEN’S AUXILIARY — Convention Center Lobby
8:45 Bus Trip to Chocolate World and Park
City Center (cost $l5, lunch on your own)
Wednesday Afternoon, February 1,1995
Presiding: Boyd Mertz—PVGA Secretary-Treasurer
1:30 Greenhouse Vegetable Production— Dr.
Richard Snyder, Mississippi State Univ.
2:00 Producing Vegetable Transplants— David
Miller, Miller Plant Farm, York.
2:30 ‘Tomato and Pepper Insect Control in the
Greenhouse — Cathy Thomas, Dauphin County
Extension (1 cat. 3)
3:10 Design and Management of Irrigation in the
Greenhouse — Dr. Craig Storlie, Rutgers
Research and Development Ctr.
3:50 Questions and Answers with Speakers
4:00 PVGA Annual Business Meeting
■Nigerian Room
Presiding: Myrtle Hetherington, PVGA Director
1:30 *Pe»ts and Pollinator* in Cucurbits— Dr Shel-
by Fleisher and Maryanne Frazier, Penn State
University (1 cat. 3)
2:00 "Disease Control in Pumpkins— Dr. Alan Mac-
Nab, Penn State University (1 cat. 3)
2:40 Growing Seedless Watermelon with Plastic
and Fertigation— Dr. Edwin Kee, University of
3:20 "Weed Control in Cucurbits— Dr. Bradley Majek,
Rutgers Research & Development Center
4:00 PVGA Annual Business Meeting— Cinema
SMALL FRUIT— Cocoa Suites 2, 3 & 4
Presiding: Gregory Bums, Elk CountyrExt.
1:30 Everbearing Raspberries—What We Know,
What We’re Testing—Dr. Barbara Goulart, Penn
State University
2:00 Blueberry Cultlvars—What Grows Well
Where? —Michael DeGrandchamp, DeGrand
champ’s Nursery
2:40 Strawberry Cultlvars—What’s New? What’s
Useful?— Dr. Gene Galletta, USDA Agricultural
Research Service
3:15 Our Experiences with Strawberry Plastl
culture—panel—Dr. Joseph Flola, Rutgers Fruit
Research and Development Center, moderator
Robert Rouse, University of Maryland, Sam Walk
er, New Jersey, Tom Jarvis, grower, New Jersey
TREE FRUlTS—Trinidad Room
Presiding: William Tietjen, Rutgers Research and
Development Center
1:45 ’Alternative Crops for Nematode Control— Dr.
.Jonathan Haibrendt, Penn State Unlv. (1 cat. 2)
2:15 ’Brown Rot Control Strategies— Dr. Walker
Miller, Clemson University (1 cat. 2)
2:55 - Stone Fruit Handling in California— Dr. Carlos
Crisosto, University of California at Davis
3:35 Winter injury of Stone Fruits: Facts & Fallaci
es— Dr, Ed Dumer, Rutgers Univ.
4:00 Peach and Nectarine Report— Jonathan Lott,
Peach and Nectarine Research Board
Wednesday Evening, February 1, 1995
TRAVELOGUE-Trinidad Room
8:00 Australian Adoption of IPM Practices—Dr. Ed
Rajotte, Penn State University
Fruit and Vegetable Production in Nova Scotia —
Dr. George Greene, Penn State University
Thursday Morning, February 2, 1995
Presiding: Daniel Schantz, PVGA Past President
9:00 Best Bedding Plant Varieties for 1995 Ted
Eck, Fred Gloenecker Inc., Gibsonla
9:30 Think Before You Act—ls Year-Round Produc-
tlon for You? —Jeffrey Segan, Segan’s Bloomin'
Haus, Allentown
10:20 Use Aggressive Retailing— Tyler Richardson,
Richardsons Market, Newark, Dela.
11 ;00 Commercial Integrated Production of Bedding
and Potted Plants — Donald Layser, Layser’s
Flowers, Myerstown
SMALL FRUlTS— Nigerian Room
Presiding —Antonia Bilik, Blair Co. Ext.
9:00 Maximizing Blueberry Shelflife — Dr. Eric Han
son, Michigan State University
9:30 Small Coolers for Shelflife Extension of Small
Fruits — Dr. Daniel Schofer, USDA Ag. Research
10:25 Nutrition in Small Fruit: General Concepts and
Specific Problems— Dr. Eric Hanson, Michigan
State University
11:15 A Friendly Fungus—Mycorrhizas in Blueber
ries— Dr. Barbara Goulart, Penn State University
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, January 28, 1995-A25
■Trinidad Room
Presiding: Eric Oesteriing, Westmoreland County
9:00 The Tree Fruit as an integrated Unit: implica
tions for Management— Dr. David Eissenstat,
Penn State University
9:30 Are Plastic Bulk Bins in the Future? — David
Cox, Knouse Foods Co-operative, Peach Glen
10:10 New Stone Fruit Cultivate from Breeding Pro
grams—Dr. Joseph Goffreda, Rutgers Research
and Development Center
10:40 High Quality Production of Stone Fruit— Dr.
Carlos Crisosto, University of California at Davis
11:20 The Results of a Worker Safety Compliance
Check: What Did I Learn? — David Bingaman,
Penna. Dept, of Ag., moderator, Dwight Mickey,
grower, Chambersburg, Scott Slaybaugh, grower,
Biglerville, Scott Brown, grower, Loganville
WOMEN’S AUXILIARY — Cocoa Suites 2 & 3
11:30 Vintage Fashion Show and Luncheon —Mira
Graves, consultant for Sevarges & Co. (cost $l6)
Thursday Morning, February 2,1995
(limited registration, additional $l5 for the day)
Presiding: Barron Hetherington, PVGA Director
9:00 Overview—“l99s, Your Best Marketing Season
Tet,”—Jeffrey Patton, Lehigh County Extension
9; 10 What 1,214 Pennsylvanians Told Us About Pro
duce — Dr. Joan Thomson, Penn State University
9:45 Perfectly Easy Marketing—“ How to Write a
Marketing Plan in Little Time with Big
Results,” — Adrienne Zoble, Adrienne Zoble
Associates, Somerville, NJ
11:15 Regulation Update,...“Where Adding Value
Also Adds Responsibilities,” Charles Radio,
Penna. Department of Agriculture
Thursday Afternoon, February 2, 1995
CETING SHORT COURSE Cocoa Suites 2 & 3
(limited registration additional $l5 for the day)
Presiding; John Stark, Penna. Dept, of Ag.
Update from PDA —John Stark, Penna. Dept, of
Ad-Share—Analysis of Ads from the
Audience —panel —John Stark, Penna. Dept, of
Ag.—moderator, Adrienne Zoble, Adrienne Zoble
Associates, Somerville, NJ, Rudy Grob, Funks
Farm Market, Millersville, Donna Miller, D-Square
Design, Lemoyne
Breathing New Life into Pennsylvania’s Farm
ers’ Markets —panel —John Stark, Penna. Dept,
of Ag.—moderator, Jonathan Johnson, Center for
Rural Penna. David Denton, Huntingdon Farmers’
Market, Houston, Martin Wise, Harrisburg Area
Comm. College
Low-Cost Software for Computerized Book
keeping—Dr. Larry Jenkins, Penn State Univ.
THE EXHIBIT AREAS. Wives will be required to pay the
registration fees unless they register with the Wom
en s Auxiliary. Employees Of PVGA members as well as
members’ family will be admitted at the member’s rates.
Students and children 16 and under are admitted free. An
additional fee of $15.00 will be charged to attend the Mar
keting Short Course. If at all possible, please PRE-REG
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