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    Marketing Short Course, Value-Added Products At Vegetable Conference
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added vegetable products.
In addition, on Thursday morn
ing, Adrienne Zoble, a business,
advertising, and public relations
consultant, will speak about how
to write a marketing plan. Zoble,
founder and president of Adrienne
Zoble Associates in Somerville,
NJ., has worked with both small
and large businesses in developing
marketing plans and training
During the special marketing
short course on Thursday, Zoble
said she will be speaking about
developing a marketing plan for
small businesses. During a special
afternoon panel, Zoble said she
will be looking at advertisements
to analyze them for what benefits
the'products or services provide
(taste? convenience? location?
hours?) as contrasted to merely
“features” that don’t answer the
question consumers ask when
reading an ad: WIIKM, or “what’s
in it for me?”
Donna Miller, an artist with D-
Square Designs in Lemoyne, and
Rudy Grab, advertising director
for Funk’s Farm Market in Mil-
Best Com and Tomato Afarieties for Pennsylvania
xtra Early SE
Sugar Enhanced Com
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V headache of isolation.
ft Stokes has die earliest maturing homozygous SEs
V in the world • helps you take advantage of the best
prices early in the season.
ft Primarily for fresh market roadside - where flavor is
V critical.
Guinevere, 56 days
Sugar Snow, 68 days
Divinity, 78 days
Aladdin, 56 days
Qeronimo, 63 days
Ivanhoe, 66 days
Custer, 55 days
Patton, 60 days
King Arthur, 66 days
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lersvillc, will also participate in the
advertisement review panel, to be
moderated by John Stark, Pennsyl
vania Department of Agriculture.
Short course participants are urged
to bring along samples of print
advertising and the panel will then
evaluate them for the audience.
There is an additional $l5 fee for
participation in the short course.
Dr. Joan Thomson from Penn
State will make the opening pre
sentation of tiie short course. She
will be presenting the results of a
survey of 1,214 Pennsylvanians
and their produce-buying habits.
On Thursday afternoon, after
the marketing short course ad
review panel, is another panel,
“Breathing New Life Into Pen
nsylvania’s Fanners’ Markets,”
modered by John Stark, Pennsyl
vania Department of Agriculture.
Charles Radle, Pennsylvania
Department of Agriculture, will be
tevewing some of the food safety
requirements farm markets need to
meet if they prepare fresh veget
ables for ready use.
Troxell said the state vegetable
growers association regularly con
ducts an annual survey of what
Or Fax 716-695-9649
growers think about the confer
ence. The marketing short course
has some of the best response of
the survey, he said.
Troxell said the short course is
used to draw high quality speakers
at the conference. “It is something
that has been well received and
that people appreciate,” he said.
Also, members of the associa
tion, which totals 600, also point
out good response to tiie irrigatioiT
and integrated crop management
portions of the conference.
Several other aspects of the con
ference include the Fresh Market
Vegetables segment during the
Tuesday morning program, such
as comparison of staked and
pruned tomatoes vs. neither, by
Doug Sanders, North Carolina
State University, andacostanalys
is for stake-grown tomatoes by
Robin Brumfield, Rutgers
Wednesday morning features
the use of fertigation, by Sanders.
Troxell said that “fertigation” is a
big topic, as evidenced by the
answers on the survey from the
state vegetable growers. ‘ ‘lt’s been
a topic that we get a lot of requests
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Ultra Series has created a demand in bedding plant
sales as well as the commercial growers.
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has developed the Tastebud* Gene which has
given the Ultra Series its outstanding balance of
sugar/adds and tasty sweet flavor.
® All seed is defuzzed, sized, HWT TSP and Chlorine
treated to help control disease.
® Excellent stress tolerance ®No green shoulders
® Noticeably better flavor than any competitor varieties
® Stokes Exclusive ® Virtually crack free
62 day - earliest variety available with
commercially acceptable qualities.
62day - Our best row crop early basket type
68 day, main season Jumbo version
he Ultra Series
Lancastar Firming, Saturday, January 28, 1995-A23
for,” he said.
Also, there are various grower
panels throughout the three-day
conference, including “Grower
Experiences With Carousel Plan
ters” moderated by Dwight Hess.
Furman Foods. Marietta, on Tues
day afternoon. Another panel, dur
ing the Wednesday morning Gen
eral Vegetables section, is “What
I’m Looking For When I Buy,” a
panel modered by Robert Amster
dam, Cohen and Son, Biglerville.
In addition, state fruit grower
educational sessions are held all
three days, including complying
with regulations on Tuesday after
noon, small fruit sessions on Wed
nesday afteroon, and fruit sessions
all day Thursday. There is also a
bedding plants session on Thurs
day afternoon at the conference.
At the conference’s trade show,
more than 120 exhibitors have
signed up to display vegetable and
fruit production products on two
floors of the convention center.
‘ ‘This is one of the better shows in
the Northeast for them,” accord
ing to Troxell. “Historically,
growers have always been satis
fied with the show.”
Awards will also be presented at
the conference. On Tuesday at
noon, the annual Tomato Awards
Luncheon is held to honor produc
ers for processed tomato yields.
Tickets are $9 each for the
On Tuesday evening at 6:30, the
Fruit and Vegetable Growers
annual banquet is held. There, the
associations honor retiring presi
dents and several lifetime mem
berships in the associations are
awarded. Troxcll said three mem
bers will be honored with lifetime
memberships at the conference.
Cost of the banquet is S2S per
Troxell said the annual confer
ence will also be held next year at
Hershey. One of the reasons is the
central location and because Her
shey has the facilities to handle a
large conference under one roof.
One-day member registration is
$25 and three-day registration in
advance is $3O. Non-member one
day registration is $35 and three
day registration is $55.
Regular yearly membership in
the state vegetable growers associ
ation is $4O.
For more information, contact
Troxell at the Pennsylvania Veget
able Growers Association, RD 1
Box 392, Northumberland, PA
17857-9723, (717) 473-8468.
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