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    Cholesterol Research Makes Case
COLUMBUS, Ohio Until
recently, health scientists assumed
that low-fat diets would help re
duce everyone’s risk of coronary
heart disease (CHD). Based on
new findings, however, some sci
entists now question the benefits
of global dietary recommenda
tions, and are considering indivi
dualized guidelines for heart dis
ease prevention.
Research by Ronald Krauss,
head of the department of molecu
Farm Show Conducts First Annual Food Drive
HARRISBURG (Dauphin Co.)
A statewide food drive is being
conducted for the first time at the
1995 Pennsylvania Farm Show,
according to State Secretary of
Agriculture Boyd E. Wolff. Visitors
are encouraged to contribute a few
non-perishable food products at the
free agricultural exposition, which
runs January 7-12 in Harrisburg.
“This worthwhile effort is being
conducted on behalf of the Penn
sylvania Association of Regional
Food Banks,” Wolff said. “Easy
to-identify collection barrels will
be placed at five strategic
entrances to the Farm Show Com
plex throughout the week.”
According to Tim Whelen,
executive director of the South
central Pennsylvania Fo6d Bank,
“Food drives proride us with
some of the most valuable foods
that are donated to us, because
most of them come in retail size
and we get such a great variety.”
He is very excited about this
first-time collection at the Farm
Show, and indicated the greatest
peeds are for non-perishable
hbms, especially canned fruits and
vegetables, canned meats and fish,
god entrees such ad stews and
pasta meals.
, “Ultimately, the goal of our
Food Bank is to eliminate hunger.
We do this through the collection,
storing, ahd redistribution of food
stuffs to a network of charitable
feeding programs around south
central Pennsylvania. We’re a
supply-driven organization, which
means we can only give away
what people donate to us. As a
result, these food drives are very
important toward our abilities of
meeting the needs of the hungry,”
m **§
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lar medicine at the University of
California’s Lawrence Berkeley
Laboratory, indicates that only a
small percentage of the population
needs to be overly cautious about
its consumption of fat to reduce
CHD risk. Krauss's laboratory
program is supported in part
through a grant from the National
Dairy Promotion and Research
Board and is administered by Na
tional Dairy Council.
The research indicates that
“pattern B” an increase in
Whelen said.
He estimates that more than
170,000 people, roughly six per
cent of the population, were
served by the 260 feeding pro
grams in the 16-county area of
southcentral Pennsylvania during
1994. But there is further cause for
concern. Roughly 12 percent of
the state’s population is at or
below the poverty level, and there
fore at risk of hunger, according to
The Food Bank distributes its
foods through various channels,
including soup kitchens on-site
feeding sights for the elderly or
disabled, residential programs
small, dense low-density lipopro
teins (LDLs), or “bad” cholesterol
particles combiner! with high
levels of triglycerides marks those
with the greatest risk for CHD.
The individuals involved repre
sent about 15% of the population.
In a seven-and-a-half year study
of nearly 15,000 male doctors,
Krauss and associates matched
312 subjects who had heart attacks
with 312 healthy “control” sub
jects. The 20% of subjects with
the smallest and most dense LDL
such as halfway houses and sup
plemental feeding programs
designed to help prevent emergen
cies by providing needy people
with food on a regular basis.
This is the first time a food
drive is actually being held at the
State Farm Show, but food dona
tions are often made to charitable
organizations at the end of Farm
Show Week. The fresh vegetable
displays and processed foods from
the Food Pantry are delivered to
local missions. The butter sculp
tures have always been created
and displayed under extremely
sanitary conditions to be donated
to local charities afterward.
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For Individualized Diets
particles, combined with the high* ' dangersof global dietary
est triglyceride levels, had more interventions. They found that the
than three times the risk of heart restrictive diets changed the meta
attacks as the 20% with the largest hohsms' of 20%-35% of the study
LDL particles. This remained true g rou P from a normal h P ld P^ 6
even after adjusting for other risk 10 d * at Pah® l7l . B - Jh® results of
factors - such as the ratio of total a study involving women
cholesterol to high-density, lipo- aarcs“ 11e c s “ 11 ...
pKKems (HDU). cbed*. *£■
oSStISSrt 'studies have
shown that, while the presence of uture abihty to identify genes that
pattern Bis more common in men, determine dietary response. This
it is an important risk factor for and related research will help fur
women as well, especially after ther the concept that dietary
menopause, Krauss added. guidelines should become more
Commenting on the dietary im- individualized, based in large part
plications of this study, Krauss differences in genetic makeup,
said that “For CHD prevention. “The Dairy and Nutrition Coun
most healthy people simply don’t ® u Mid East is very excited about
require intensive intervention by d,e results of Dr. Krauss’s re
dietary means. For the majority of search,” said Ann Marie Stazenski
the population, severe restriction ED, LD, director of medical pro
of fat, including dairy fat, does not P® lllB, Eis findings have provided
appear to add value.” the basis for our efforts to educate
In fact, restrictive diets can ag- health professionals on the need to
gravate the underlying risk of individualize dietary recom
heait disease in some individuals, mendations.”
Krauss argued. In a study of 250 Dairy and Nutrition Council
men on low-fat, high-carbohy- Mid East is the nutrition education
dratc diets. Krauss and his asso- arm of Mid East United Dairy In
states identified some of the po- dustry Association.
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® production
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