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    818-Unci»t»r Farming, Friday, January 6, 1995
Ida Risser
After the rush and bustle of
Christmas activities which includ
ed making two big meals for visit
ing family members, I finally get a
chance to sit down and reminisce.
Recently, I read a travel article
on Watkins Glen in New York. It
reminded me of the first time that
I saw this geological wonder. In
1928 my Shreiner grandparents
took a several day trip and took me
along with them.
My grandfather had a new
Buick and as it was summer, we
rode in the open car. If it rained, I
lay on the floor in the back and
covered myself with a blanket. We
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took along a supply of food and
only stopped at the grocery store
for more provisions. It was a
leisurely drive through New
York’s vineyards.
When we arrived my grand
mother did not think that she could
make the 832 steps to the top of
the gorge and so a taxi took her to
the top while I and my grandfather
and aunt walked. The 1 1/2 miles
long trail goes through three short
tunnels and behind three water
falls. The largest waterfall is 60
foot Central Cascade. The narrow
creek drops 545 feet through cliffs
of shale.
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Farm Show Salutes
Agriculture From A To
HARRISBURG (Dauphin Co.)
State Farm Show, the largest
indoor agricultural exposition in
the country, opens this week.
More than 300,000 people are
expected to visit the free show
January 7-12 to learn more about
the state’s leading agricultural
industry and its newest products
and services.
As an educational forum, the
Farm Show is instrumental in
One night we stayed in a hotel
on the main street of a small town
and it was so noisy that we had a
hard time falling asleep. And, the
one bed was unstable with a head
board and a footboard that both
leaned toward each other. We
feared it would collapse.
This trip is one of my first
memories of sleeping away from
home. But it is a pleasant memory
and surpasses more recent visits to
the same 800-acre park that
opened to the public in 1863. It is
a trip worth taking.
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keeping farmers and consumers
abreast of advances made in agri
culture. As a marketing forum, the
show gives farmers a chance to
compare equipment, services and
supplies while providing agribusi
ness with an opportunity to devel
op new markets.
As a social and planning forum,
it offers agricultural organizations
a perfect location to discuss key
issues and plan for the future. And
as a competitive forum, it offers
the showring for improvement
among peers.
Not only is the Farm Show a
great place to see and leam about
agriculture, it’s also a great place
to taste agriculture! From the
cooking demonstrations in the
Food Pantry and to the agribusi
nesses in the Food Market, to the
famous commodity associations in
the Food Court, fabulous food
From A to Z, there is literally
something for everyone to see, eat
or learn about at the Pennsylvania
Farm Show, including:
• A —Apples, animals, agricul
tural associations, apiary exhibits,
aquaculture, airplane motors,
• B—Beef cattle, baked pota
toes, beef sandwiches, butter
sculpture, bred gilts, Bruce John
son prints, bulls, bagels, broccoli,
birds of prey, brochures, bologna,
• C—Champions, cattle, chick
ens, collectibles, commercial
exhibitors, competition, combines,
cooking demonstrations, chicken
com soup, Christmas trees, cinna
mon buns, carrots, chainsaws, corn,
clothing, crafts, cakes, cookies.
• D—Dairy cattle, dairy goats,
dairy fun, demonstrations, dump
lings, donuts, drills, deer, draft hors-
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es, ducks.
• E —Exhibits, emus, eggs, ewes,
entertainment, elk.
• F —Farmers, families, fruit,
food processors, Food Court, Food
Market, Food Pantry, fashions,
FFA & 4-H members, farm ani
mals, fencing, Family Corner,
Family Living, flowers, french
fries, fish.
•G —Grains, goats, grinders
• H —Horses, horticulture, hon
ey, hay, horse pulling, harrows.
• I —lce sculptures, ice cream,
irrigation equipment, insects.
• J —Junior livestock.
• K—Kid stuff, knowledge
knots, knapsacks.
• L —Lamb stew, llamas. ’
• M —Milk, milking parlor,
mushrooms, maple syrup, machin
ery, meetings, milkshakes, mixers,
• N —novelties, new products,
nursery dealers, needlework.
• O—Older Pennsylvanians,
• P—Poultry, pumpkins, pork,
posters, pies, pony pulling, poin
settias, peaches, people, plants,
pickled eggs,
• Q —Quilts, commodity queens.
• R—Rabbits, rodeo, radishes.
• S—Swine, sheep, seeds,
Shaver’s Creek, Scooper Bowl
sheep to shawl contest, supreme
champions, story telling, sou
venirs, show and tell, scholar
ships, square dancing, soup, salad,
samples, silos.
• T—Tractors, trade show,
tobacco, turkeys, trailers, tomatoes.
• U —University representatives
• V—Victory Garden, vegeta
bles, vo-ag exhibits.
• W—Worftl War II exhibits,
window displays, wool.
• X, Y, Z—eXcitemcnt, zuc