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    Aio-Lancttter Filming, Friday, January 6, 1995
You and your family will want to make the annual January pilgrim*
age to Harrisburg this week to attend the Pennsylvania Farm Show. The
event in the Farm Show Complex runs from Jan. 7 to IS and promises to
be the best ever.
An institution in itself, the Farm Show is a showcase of Pennsylvani
a’s leading industry and a tribute to the fine men and women who pro
vide essential food and fiber products to our neighbors in Pennsylvania
and others around the world. The show provides a unique opportunity!!
for exhibitors to compete with their peas in 30 departments on a statew
ide level, ultimately setting new standards and improving the industry
overall. In addition, commercial exhibitors have one of the best chances
of the year to show their products and services to many of their potential
customers. And they can do it for a week in one location.
Secretary of Agriculture Boyd Wolff says you will notice a few
changes this year. The opening ceremony has been moved to Saturday,
and the Sunday’s schedule has been revised to improve the draft horse
shows. Farm Show Fashions With A Flair will enhance the clothing
classes in the Family Living Department and an auction of rabbits
(youth meat pens) will be held.
History buffs will enjoy several exhibits around the Farm Show Com
plex this year to commemorate the 50th anniversary of World War 11.
Pennsylvania’s farmers did so much to help the war effort, and this
Complex was actually used by the federal government for several years
to train mechanics and repair aircraft engines. '
Not only is the Farm Show a great place to see agriculture--it*s also a
great place to taste agriculture. You will find the Food Market to buy
and sample food products from Pennsylvania companies. The statewide
commodity associations will be serving tons of delicious foods in the
“Farm Show Canteen.” The Food Pantry features cooking demonstra
tions all week using more delicious Pennsylvania products. For the first
time this year donations will be collected on behalf of the Pennsylvania
Association of Regional Food Banks,
When you consider everything to see and do at the Pennsylvania
Farm Show, you will want to go. Most likely you will see all your
friends there too.
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Pennsylvania State Farm Show. Tulpehocken Young Fanner meet-
Farm Show Complex. Harris- *ng T ulpehocken H.S. Library,
Dairy Management and Piofitabil-
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I was in New Hampshire over the holidays and took this pic
ture at the Over-Look Farm in Peterborough. I thought you
may enjoy the humor.
Mike Filler
Brookfield, Ma.
All Your Friends
The Farm Show
M(iild;i\, |:uni.m\ >)
To Attend
1995 Farm Show
The 79th edition of the Pennsyl
vania Farm Show opens Saturday,
Jan. 7 and runs through next
Thursday, Jan. 12.
This year’s show will feature
more than S,SOO animals. Entries
include 608 head of pigs, 945
sheep, 472 beef catde, 508 dairy
cattle, 210 dairy goats, 171 horses,
692 rabbits and 1,928 poultry.
The show will once again fea
ture a life-size butter sculpture
depicting the relationship between
Pennsylvania’s dairy farmers and
the success of U.S. military per
sonnel during World War 11. There
will be cooking demonstrations,
educational exhibits, farm animal
learning center, folk dance festi
val, and the famous food court.
A 90-minute horse shoeing
demonstration is scheduled for
4:15 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 11
in the Large Arena. There are
many more events and activities.
Come to the 1995 Farm Show to
see what is new, what is best, and
meet your friends.
To Bring Food
Donation For
Farm Show
A statewide food drive is being
conducted for the first time at the
1995 Farm Show.
Visitors are encouraged to con
tribute a few non-perishable food
products when they come to the
Farm Show. This worthwhile
effort is being conducted on behalf
of the Pennsylvania Association of
Regional Food Banks.
Easy-to-identify collection bar
rels will be placed at five strategic
entrances to the Farm Show Com-
ity Seminar, Chester County
Government Services Center,
West Chester, also Jan. 17.
Warren County Extension annual
meeting. Holiday Inn, Warren,
| \U-clru‘stla>' J;mn;ir\ I^^
Pennsylvania Auctioneer’s Asso
ciation Annual Convention,
Harrisburg Marriott, thru Jan.
Nutrient Management Advisory
Board meeting, Room 309,
1201 N. Cameron St., Harris
burg, 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Dairy Management and Profitabil
ity Seminar, Berks County Ag
Delmarva Corn/Soybean/
Vegetable Conference, Shera
ton Inn, Dover, thru Jan. 13.
Dairy Management and Profitabil
ity Seminar, Riverton Hotel,
Franklin County Holstein annual
meeting, Gibbles Restaurant,
Chambersburg, 7 p.m.
(Turn to Pago A 44)
plex. The greatest needs are for
nonperishable items, especially
canned fruits and vegetables,
canned meats, and fish and entrees -
like stews and pasta meals.
.. The Food Bank distributes its
foods through various channels,
including soup kitchens, on-site
feeding areas for the elderly or dtis
abled, residential programs such’ as
halfway houses, and supplemental
feeding programs designed to help
prevent emergencies by providing
needy people with food on a regu
lar basis.
So bring a few cans of food and
make the first Farm Show food
drive a success.
To Plan
Pesticide handler employers
must make sure that a decontami
nation site for washing off pesti
cides and pesticide residues is pro-
f ®a®jys
January 8,1995
Background Scripture:
Matthew 12
Devotional Reading:
Isaiah 42:1-9
There is an old Russian folk
tale about an archbishop who,
fearful that they might be doing
things in an unorthodox manner,
travels across the icy wasteland
near the Arctic Ocean to visit
some unlearned monks. Arriving,
he talks with them about their reli
gious lives and practices and is
appalled at the simplistic way in
which they pray He hastens to
instruct them in “the right way to
pray.” Satisfied, he begins his
journey home rowing his boat
through the ice flows. But looking
across the water he is amazed to
see the three monks walking to
him up on the water! “O Holy
Father,” they exclaim, “forgive us
and tell us once more the right way
to pray.” “Depart from me!” he
shouts, rowing away as fast as he
can now a wiser and more
humble man.
That story has often challenged
my typical clergy concern for
doing things the “right way” in
church. I too need to be reminded
that even the best theology falls far
short of capturing God within it.
No human institution, including
the churches, can wrap God up in
a nice, neat little package nor
even a big one. It is supreme arro
gance to assume that God must
live within our clever systems.
In the gospels, Jesus constantly
ran afoul of these attempts to limit
and, in effect, control the Divine.
When he healed a man with a
withered hand on the Sabbath in
the synagogue they said it was not
lawful to do so. But Jesus believed
that the holy Sabbath is not higher
than holy compassion. To make
someone whole is never against
the spirit of the Sabbath or the will
of Him who created it. And when
He heals a dumb and blind demo
niac, the Pharisees make the ulti
mate protest; “It is only by Beelze
bul, the prince of demons, that this
man cast out demons” (12:24).
Some people still say pretty
much the same thing; “It’s against
the rules!” (or read “our rules”).
vided to handlers while they are
doing handling tasks. '
Worker employers must make
sure that a decontamination site for
washing off pesticide residues is
provided to workers who are in a
pesticide treated area and doing
tasks that involve contact with
anything that has been treated with
pesticide, including soil, water, or
plant surfaces.
These sites must be provided
regardless of the number of
employees. Decontamination sites
must be located within a quarter
mile of the work area if a WPS
labeled pesticide has been used
within 30 days.
Sites must have water, soap, and
disposal towels. ,
For more information on WPS
and its requirements, contact your
local cooperative extension office.
Feather Profs Footnote: "If
you can imagine it, you can
achieve it; if you can dream it, you
can become it."
And, when this doesn’t get the
desired result, “You are working
with the Devil” I suppose no one
doing Christian discipleship
should ever be overly concerned
When that charge is made, for it is
often a sign that we are following
in the footsteps of the Master. Peo
ple said it of Jesus; why not of us?
When they do, we must
remember His response: “Every
kingdom divided against itself is
laid waste, and no city or house
divided against itself will stand;
and if Satan casts out Satan,he is
divided against himself. If the
work we are doing is detrimental
to the strategies of the evil one,
then the power upon which we
depend is that of God, not Satan.
That is the one standard to which
we must hold up all our work and
Probably the hardest of all
Jesus’ sayings follows; t“I tell you,
every sin and blasphemy will be
forgiven men, but the blasphemy
against the Spirit will not be for
given. And whoever says a word
against the Son of Man will be for
given; but whoever speaks against
the Holy Spirit will not be forgiv
en.” To attribute God’s work to
Satan is the worst of blasphemies.
Because we are creatures and not
the Creator, none of us can be per
fectly certain when something is
or is not of God. If we could, we
wouldn’t need God.
But, isn’t there some way to
help us sort for ourselves? There
is: “Either make the tree good, and
its fruit good; or make the tree bad,
and its fruit bad.’’ That’s what
Christian discipleship is all about;
making the tree good. That means
lifting people, instead of putting
them down (which is in God’s job
description, not ours). That means
healing instead of breaking, loving
instead of hating, being compas
sionate instead of judgmental,
helping instead of hindering.
How do you “make a tree
good”? There is nothing esoteric
or obscure about the “how” you
make the fruit good. “For the tree
is known by it fruits," and so are
we. Fruits are what count.
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