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    C6-Lancaster Farming, Saturday, December 17, 1994
Dealer Sees
Latest Products
ST. LOUIS, Mo. C.B. Hoober
of C. B. Hoober & Son in Inter
course, Pa., and Middletown, Del.,
was here for an in-depth look at
the latest in Case IH agricultural
Among other products, Hoober
saw the next generation of Case IH
Axial-Flow® combines.
The first Axial-Flow combines,
introduced nearly 20 years ago,
redefined a good harvest, provid
ing better quality grain and more
of it from an exceptionally
dependable machine.
Hoober explained that the new
2144, 2166, and 2188 combines
feature an all-new cab, as well as
upgraded electronics, hydraulics
and power train. “I’m looking for
ward to getting these out in the
field with my customers,” he said.
At the dealer meeting, Hoober
received an update on Case,
including its business and product
development plans.
Co.) Hoffman Seeds, Inc. has
introduced five new Funk’s G®
brand hybrids for the 1995 planting
These hybrids have been pro
duced from research efforts con
ducted by Ciba Seeds and Hoff
man. Each new hybrid is supported
by extensive field trials to verify its
4193 averaged 147 bushels/acre
at 23.7 percent moisture in 1993
Cornell University trials. A 90-day
hybrid, it is recommended for
Monsanto Introduces New Container
ST. LOUIS, Mo. Monsanto tal Protection Agency) regulations, as
Company introduces a revolution- well as current customer needs,
ary new 2-1 /2 gallon herbicide con- “The first thing we did to reduce
tainer that eliminates the foil seal exposure was eliminate the foil seal,”
and also features an innovative no- said Voelker. “We replaced the foil
glug, no-drip design. seal with a resealable cap that not
According to packaging engi- only reduces exposure during the
neers, the new, patented container opening process, but also eliminates
is designed to reduce user exposure spillage and leakage when the con
to herbicides and make herbicide tainer is rescaled after use.”
handling easier and faster. Voelker said the no-glug pour
“We spent a lot of time finding out ing effect is achieved with a large
what our customers wanted,” said airflow” handle designed with a
Scott Voelker, senior packaging engi- special split inner opening. “This
neer for Monsanto. “Then we worked lets air flow back into the container
to design a container that would at the same rate the liquid empties
exceed their expectations. We to create a smooth, fast-pouring
focused on future EPA (Environmen- action,” he said.
Warranty On Spreader Floors
BIRD-IN-HAND (Lancaster
Co.) Millcreek Manufacturing
is offering a 20-yean warranty on
the new floors used in its line of
compact manure spreaders. The
longer lasting floors add increased
economy by significantly extend
ing the life of the spreaders.
High density polyethylene
derived from recycled milk con
tainers is formed into planks simi
lar in appearance to tongue-and
groove wood. Millcreek uses the
boards to form the floors inside the
spreaders, where corrosion, rust,
and rot are most likely topccur.
C. B. Hoober of C. B.
Hoober in Intercourse, Pa.,
and Middletown , Del. , (pic
tured here with Dick
Bomberger and Tom Yohe)
attended Case IH dealer busi
ness meetings in St. Louis,
and was among the first to
see the new 2100 Series
Axial-Flow combines, which
feature an all-new cab, as well
as upgraded electronics,
hydraulics, and power train.
Seeds Releases Hybrids
silage or high-moisture corn and
performs - best as a full-season
hybrid in Group 0 environments.
4193 is tolerant to rust, southern
com leaf blight, Stewart’s wilt, and
ear smut.
A 90-day hybrid, 4144 responds
well to high management practices
and is recommended for early
planting. It performs well as an
early hybrid in Group 2 environ
ments and can be planted in heavier
soils (muck/peat) at populations
from 22,000 to 26,000 plants/acre.
4144 has good early vigor and
The larger Millcreek spreaders
are designed to fit through 5'
doors. The smallest Model fits
Millcreek offers a 20-year
warranty on the floors of its
Compact Manure Spreaders.
Pfizer. To Acquire Animal
NEW YORK, N.Y. Pfizer
Inc., agreed to acquire Smith Kline
Beecham Animal Health (SBAH)
for $ 1.45 billion, Pfizer announced.
The acquisition will offer Pfizer
additional opportunities to capital
ize on its current product line and
innovative research and develop
ment capability.
In 1993, Pfizer and Smith Kline
Beecham had combined animal
health net sales of approximately
$1.2 billion.
“Pfizer is a global leader in
health care,” said William C. Steere,
Jr., chairman and chief executive
officer of Pfizer, “and this acquisi
tion further builds on our strengths
by adding Smith Kline Beecham’s
excellence in animal vaccines and
companion-animal products, and its
significant animal health presence in
countries that complement and
expand Pfizer’s current geographic
“We are confident that tjiis
acquisition will help make our ani
mal health business an increasingly
important contributor to Pfizer,” he
Pfizer markets many important
livestock products, including two
products recently introduced. The
antiparasitic Dectomax, first
launched in 1993 in Brazil (the
world’s second largest cattle pro
ducer), and is now available in
Argentina, South Africa and, since
September 1994, in the United
Kingdom and Ireland. Dectomax
A tall hybrid, 4214 shows excel
lent early vigor and growth. Rec
ommended for early planting, this
91-day hybrid can be grown for ear
corn, silage or high-moisture corn.
It performs best in lighter soils at
populations from 22,000 to 24,000
plants/acre. It is also recommended
for no-till-planting.
4254 is a 95-day hybrid offering
consistent performance regardless
of fertility levels or soil types. It
provides tolerance to rust and
giberella ear rot, while producing
good stalks and roots for good
standability. 4254 is recommended
for planting at populations from
22,000 to 26,000 plants/acre.
4554 is a 114-day hybrid that can
be used for grain, silage, ear com or
highmoisture com. A consistent per
former, it can be planted in varying
soil types with populations ranging
from 22,000 to 26,000 plants/acre.
4554 is recommended for no-till and
produces an intermediate ear type. It
offers good resistance to ear smut
and tolerance to northern and south
ern com leaf blights, Stewart’s wilt,
and common rust.
For more information on these
new hybrids, call Hoffman Seeds at
1 (800) 776-7929.
through 4' stable doors. With the
spreader at the stall, hand-forking
is greatly reduced. The spreaders,
smaller versions of large agricul
tural units, provide small farm and
horse operators with a convenient
means of spreading manure on
fields and solving disposal prob
lems while recycling organic
nutrients back to fields and pas
For more information, contact
Joe Click, Millcreek Manufactur
ing Company, 2617 Stumptown
Road, Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505,
Health Business
sales are growing rapidly in
response to consumer enthusiasm in
the $1 billion annual global arttipar
asitic category.
The antibacterial Advocin, for
treating livestock respiratory dis
ease, is available in Japan and else
where in Asia, Latin America and
Africa. In 1995, Pfizer plans 49
new-market launches of Dectomax,
Advocin and Aviax, a new product
for the prevention of coccidiosis, the
Seedway District Sales/
Service Manager Brent Miller,
right, is pictured with Eric
Sheib of F.M. Brown’s Sons.
Recognizes Dealers
YORK (York Co.) Seedway
recently recognized F.M. Brown’s
Sons and Clifton Miller for service
to local customers of the company
during Seedway’s 10th anniversary
dealer meeting held in Hershey.
Dekalb Releases
DEKALB, 111. A new alfalfa
variety breaks through the current
genetic barriers to offer alfalfa
growers more of the features they
want, including higher tonnage.
Dekalb Genetics Corp. has
released DKI27, a new fall dor
mancy 3, multileaf alfalfa variety
with multiple pest resistance,
including high resistance to
aphanomyces root rot and excellent
tolerance to cool season leaf dis
Rating 24 out of 25 on the Wis
consin disease resistance index,
DKI27 will perform under a wide
range of conditions. In addition to
high resistance to aphanomyces
root rot, it shows high resistance to
anthracnose, bacterial wilt, fusari-
Old Guard Gets New
Recognition As Insurer
LANCASTER (Lancaster Co.)
A national personal-finance
magazine has discovered something
that farmers and rural homeowners
in the Mid Atlantic region have
known about for a century —Old
Guard Mutual Insurance Company.,
Old Guard, based in Lancasters
cited in the November issue of
Smart Money Magazine as a rural
insurance specialist that offers
attractive rates to rural property
Smart Money, a publication of
Dow Jones & Co., which also pub
lishes the Wall Street Journal, men
tions Old Guard as part of an in
depth article for homeowners seek
ing to lower their insurance costs.
urn wilt, phytophthora root rot, pea
aphid, and spotted alfalfa aphid.
DKI27 also has resistance to verti
cillium wilt, stem nematode,
downy mildew, and lepto leaf spot
and tolerance to common leaf spot.
It also features exceptional winter
hardiness and fast recovery after
cutting. “The release of DKI27
reflects Dekalb’s selection priori
ties,” said Dr. Mark Lawson, direc
tor of alfalfa research operations.
“Our main selection categories
include characteristics such as
high-tonnage, disease resistance,
feed quality and improved winter
hardiness. A particular emphasis
right now is aphanomyces resis
tance and improved winterhardi
ness for its dormancy rating.”
The article notes that rural resi
dents often pay higher premiums
for farm and home insurance than
city dwellers because firefighters
must travel farther to reach them.
But the author of the article, Liz
Comte Reisman, indicates that
rural residents often can hold down
premiums if they “work with a
local insurance agent to price-shop
among small mutual insurers, such
as Old Guard Mutual, that special
ize in insuring dairy farms and rural
It mentions further that Old
Guard offers a 20 percent discount
if the local fire department has a
tanker that can cany water to the
fire scene.
most commercially significant dis
ease threatening chickens.
SBAH is a world leader in ani
mal vaccines and companion-ani
mal health-product sales.
Pfizer’s animal health products
treat mainly livestock and poultry
diseases. The SBAH portfolio offers
leading products, including virgini
amycin, for both livestock and com
panion animals.
David Whitely, district sales/
service manager, right, is pic
tured with Clifton Miller.
Seedway dealers from Pennsylva
nia, Ohio, Maryland, New Jersey
and Virginia attended the event,
which included product demonstra
tions and training sessions.