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    Brubaker Farms
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the farm. Many for love and
because you think she’ll be a good
mother of your children.”
Growing up. the children were
always given the freedom to do
what they enjoyed doing.
They learned to work and be
responsible, but were never held
back from school activities except {
after Mike had gone out for two
school sports and wanted to add a
third, he was reminded that work
on the farm needed to be done.
“We were always paid some
thing for chores around the farm
even if it was only 25 cents an
hour,” Tony said.
The parents said they learned to
give space to each child to be their
own individual even if they did not
always agree with the decisions
Of his parents. Tony said, “They
were not quick to say no even if
they thought it was pointless. They
were not authoritarian. We could
make our own decisions —even if
that sometimes meant carrying the
biggest guilt trip in the world.”
“They were great role models
and still are,” he said.
Marshall said that the closeness
of family relationships is one of the
reasons he is willing to commute
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three and a half hours to the airline
in New York.
“I consider it to be a small sacri
fice to be able to live here and raise
four sons on the family farm. My
idea of what I think of this bunch is
the very best If my boys grow up
like Tony and Mike, I’d be quite
proud,” he said.
I The Brubakers value Marshall’s
* non-farming opinons when it com
es to decision making.
“He’s got a good business mind
and he’s our tie to the outside
world,” Luke said. “He reminds us
that there is a shaking up in every
industry not just in fanning.”
Although the setup requires
much less manual work, the Bru
bakers said, “Just because it’s
mote efficient doesn’t mean we
aren’t working. It’s a lot more to
manage and no room for error.”
Each partner estimates that they
work 10 to 12 hour days. “When
you’re having fun, the time goes
fast,” they each insist.
Marshall said, “The tiling I
admire about the family is that
when it’s time to work, they work
hard and get dirty, but thou they
have a lot of fun and aren’t afraid
to play hard too.”
Mike said, “Farming is a good
1 way of life where you can be with
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Myths Persist About
Poisonous Holiday Plants
Co.) Some reports about poiso
nous holiday plants are as mythi
cal as tales of Santa, says a Penn
.State horticulturist.
“Certain holiday plants be-
your family and if you manage
well enough you have time to
spend doing other things.”
All play golf, tennis, and hunt
Tony skis and plays basketball.
Barb is on the church building
committee and a member of Farm
Women Society 27.
“I’ve always loved agriculture,”
said Luke, who was FFA president
when he went to Donegal High
School. He is chairman of the East
Donegal Township Supervisors;
chairman of the Poultry Meat
Council, Pa. Poultry Meat Rep
resentative, and on the government
legislative committee for the
American Farm Bureau, and a rep
resentative for the Pennsylvania
Poultry Federation.
Mike is on the meat council for
the Pa. Poultry Federation and on
the ag committee of the Lancaster
Chamber of Commerce.
Jmg Door
racks &
lieved to be fatal if eaten are rela
tively harmless, while others are
truly toxic,” says Dr. J. Robert
Nuss, professor of ornamental
horticulture in Penn State’s Col
lege of Agricultural Sciences.
“Since children and pets can’t
make the distinction between
what’s dangerous and what isn’t,
it’s best to keep all plants out of
their reach.”
Many people persist in believ
ing that the most popular Christ
mas plant, the poinsettia, is
extremely poisonous.
“People who are allergic to the
plant’s milky sap can develop a
rash if it gets on their hands,” says
Nuss. “But the poinsettia isn’t
fatal if eaten. If children or pets eat
any part of the plant, at worst they
might experience some stomach
About 20 years ago, two Ohio
State researchers fed large quanti
ties of poinsettia parts to rats, with
no ill effects. In 1975, the U.S.
Consumer Product Safety Com
mission exonerated the poinsettia
of the false charge that it’s lethal
if ingested.
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday, Dacambar 17, 1994-B5
The commission also refuted
allegations that the berries of
American mistletoe are fatal if
eaten. “But that doesn’t mean
mistletoe berries are edible,” says
Nuss. “Mistletoe should be hung
out of the reach of children
and pets, and berries that drop
should be removed from the floor
About 400 plant species in the
United States are known to be
poisonous, according to “Poiso
nous Plants of the United States,”
by Walter Conrad Muenscher.
Among them are holly, ivy,
Jerusalem cherry, laurel, rhodo
dendron and yew all commonly
used in holiday decorations.
If a child or pet accidentally
ingests these plants, consult a
physician or veterinarian immedi
ately. Do not induce vomiting
without the advice of a doctor. If a
plant containing corrosive juices
has been eaten, vomiting can dam
age the digestive tract.
The Poison Information Center
for central Pennsylvania can be
reached by calling 1-800-521-6110.