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    A34-Lancwtw Finning, Srturday, Novtmßcf 12, 1994
Co.) Penn State’s Department of
Dairy and Animal Science has cho
sen four young scholars to receive
the John O. Almquist Graduate Stu
dent Research Awards. Harry Roth
of Atlantic Breeders Cooperative,
sponsor of the awards, made the
presentations to Michele Lykos,
Eric Kolver, and Theodoras Lykos,
and Daryl Nash at a luncheon cere
mony on October 21. All four are
Ph. D. candidates in animal science.
The purposes of the Almquist
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Awards are to assist graduate stu
dents in conducting quality
research, to encourage the develop
ment of quality research proposals,
and to provide experience in writing
competitive research proposals. At
the ceremony, Professor Gary
Rogers noted that the committee
decided to present four awards
instead of three this year because
the proposals submitted were out
Michele Lykos’s research topic
is The effect of insulin-like growth
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PSU Scholars Chosen
factor II on f casein mRNA expres
sion in comma-D cells. Her advisor
is Professor Craig Baumrucker.
Eric Kolver’s topic is Synchro
nizing ruminal degradation of pas
ture N with supplemental carbohy
drate to increase pasture N utiliza
tion by high producing dairy cows.
Professor Lawrence Muller is
Kolver’s advisor.
Theodoras Lykos, whose faculty
advisor is Professor Gabriella
Varga, has chosen the topic. Avail
ability of nonstructural carbohy
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drates affects ruminal fermentation
characteristics, blood metabolite
concentrations, and nutrient uptake
by the mammary gland in high pro
ducing dairy cows.
Daryl Nash’s topic is Genetic
improvement of mastitis resistance
in dairy cattle: relationships among
sire-predicted transmitting abilities
for somatic cell score, daughter
intramammary infections, and clini
cal mastitis Professor Gary Rogers
is Nash’s advisor.
All four recipients will present
their findings in the department’s
Colloquium series during the
semester their thesis is completed.
Each student will received funds to
support research in pursuit of a
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Clyde K. Alderfer
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graduate degree.
John O. Almquist, for whom the
awards are named, was on hand at
the presentation to congratulate the
winners. Almquist, who served on
the Penn State faculty for nearly 40
years, retired in 1983. He joined the
research faculty in 1944, six years
before his creation of Penn State’s
Dairy Breeding Research Center.
He received the 1981 Wolf Prize in
Agriculture an award referred to as
the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for
his work in artificial insemination
for livestock improvement. Many
techniques Almquist developed for
cattle have been applied to other
species, including humans.
tal or
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