Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, October 22, 1994, Image 59

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    GREENSBURG (Westmore
land Co.) At the recent joint an
nual conference between the State
Conservation Commission (SCC)
and the Pennsylvania Association
of Conservation Districts, the pro
posed changes to the statement of
policy of the Chesapeake Bay Pro
gram were officially adopted.
Among several changes in the
statement of policy was the inclu
sion of the entire Chesapeaker
Bay Watershed into the Bay Pro
gram. A 1993 study by the Depart
ment of Environmental Resources
resulted in recommending the ex
clusion of certain sub-watersheds,
including all of Adams County,
from the program. However, after
several months of debate and
questions about the study, the re
commendation was dropped and a
new strategy of allowing the entire
Chesapeake Bay drainage area in
to the program was proposed.
The SCC accepted the new
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Adams County Back In Bay Program
strategy which makes all of
Adams County eligible for enroll
ment in the Bay Program.
In an effort to improve water
quality in the Chesapeake Bay, the
Chesapeake Bay Program was
started through federal and state
funds to provide cost-share mon
ies to agricultural operations to
implement best management prac
tices (BMP), These BMPs are de
signed to control and minimize
soil erosion and nutrient runoff.
They include such sound practices
as contour strips, grass-lined wa
terways. terraces, and manure
storages to name just a few.
The program is administered lo
cally by the Adams County Con
servation District with the assis
tance of the USDA Soil Conserva
tion Service. Currently, here in
Adams County more than 5S
farmers have taken part in the pro
gram and have received nearly 1
million dollars toward installing
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This teamwork concept
eliminates the uncertainties of
BMPs and doing their part in im
proving water quality in both our
local creeks and streams as well as
the Chesapeake Bay itself. Brian
Sneeringer, nutrient management
technician for Adams County,
commented, “These Bay farms
serve as an example of the fine
work farmers both locally and
statewide are doing to minimize
pollution and improve our en
vironment. We are extremely
pleased that the State Conserva
tion Commission has allowed us
to continue to assist fanners both
financially and technically to con
tinue this trend.”
The trend, however, might not
last if the conservation district
does not receive more applicants.
Because Adams County was on
the brink of being dropped from
the program, the conservation dis
trict did not pursue any new appli
cants for the program. Now that
Adams County is back in the pro-
P.O. Box 126,
Philllpsburg, NJ 08865
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, October 22, 1994-C3
gram the Conservation District is
looking for new applicants.
Bay Technician Mildred Mus
selman said, “If we do not have
farmers applying to the program,
the state will not allocate money to
Adams County. We must show in
terest and need in Adams County
in order to receive further alloca
Any farming operation in
Adams County is eligible for the
program. If accepted into the pro
gram, a contract betwee the con
servation district and the landown
er is signed in which the landown
er agrees to implement the
necessary BMPs to control soil
and/or nutrient runoff. The district
agrees to provide technical assis
tance as well as financial assis
tance at a rate of 80 percent of the
costs to a maximum of $30,000.
The Bay Program is often asso
ciated with manure storages and
animals, but this is not always the
case. Deb Kammerer, conserva
tion technician for SCS, said,
“Any farmer who has .erosion
problems and is in need of soil
conservation practices should also
consider applying to the program
for assistance.”
The conservation district en
courages any fanner with barn
yard runoff problems, animal
waste management concerns, or a
large amount of soil conservation
work, as required by their conser
vation plan, to consider applying
to the Bay Program for assistance.
For more information, contact
the Adams County Conservation
District at (717) 334-0636.
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Since 1858)
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Peradise, PA
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