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    Bi4-Lancaster Firming, Saturday, October 22, 1994
Fay Strickler
Penn State Extension
Home Economist
For Berks Co.
Pumpkins in their varied shades
of orange are appearing in virtual
ly every roadside stand and super
The large shpely ones make the
most terrifying jack-o-lanterns,
while the smaller deep orange
pumpkins or squashes are better
for cooking.
Basically, there is no distinc-
tion between “squashes” and
“pumpkins”, and thus the word
has merely become a culinary
term traded back tracitionally to
the early settlers.
When most people talk about
pumpkin thier thoughts usually
turn to their favorite food made
from pumpkins such as a golden
crusted pie cooling on a tabletowp
is a lure that often tempts children
to poke a finger in its creamy mid
Yet Pumpkin pie is not the only
way to send thetantlizing aroma of
fresh-baked pumpkin through the
house. Indeed, when it comes to
baking, pupkin is as versatile as it
is economical, nutritious and
good-tasting. People of all ages
are sure to savor it in some of its
other less familiar yet equally
scrumptious forms.
For example, upmpkin nut
bread makes the perfect go
together with morning coffee or
an afternoon snack any time of the
year. For lunch boxes and after
school, pumpkin cookies or
muffins are super munchies.
Pumpkin brownies or a frosted
pumpkin cake are ideal for the
next club meeting or bake sale.
And for the finishing touch on
that special dinner party, there’s
elegant pumpkin cheesecake or
down-home pumpkin pudding.
And when a menu needs a pick
me-up try pumkin ice cream par-
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taits or pumpkin soup.
Freshly baked pumpkin dishes
delight most family members
without them realizing that they
are eating a very nutritious veg
etable with irresistible aroma and
taste. Remember, we need to eat
at least 3-S servings of vegetables
each day.
Rich in Vitamin A, pumpkin
also contains iron, potassium and
Vitamin C, plus many other nec
essary nutrients. A one cup serv
ing of pumpkin is the richest
fruie-vegetable source of beta
carotene, a possible dietary
inhibitor of certain cancers.
Pumpkins also porvide a wealth
of other vitamins and minerals.
With just 80 calories per serving,
pumpkin is low incalories, sodi
um and fat. Although many
M?L I.
homemakers prefer the ready to
use commercial canned pumpkin
because it is convenient, tradi
tional cooks like to bring the
pumpkin in from the field and
prepare it fresh in their kitchen.
Here are the basic cooking
directions for pumpkin: halve or
quarter the pumpkin, remove
seeds and stringy portions, cut
into small pieces, cut off rind,
cook, covered, in small amount of
water, lightly salted, about 25-30
minutes. Since pumpkin is a
watery vegetable, a large amount
of cooking water is undesirable.
When cooked, drain, mash well,
place mashed pumpkin in strainer
and let drain for 30 minutes to
remove excess liquid. One 5-lb.
pumpkin yeilds about 4 1/2 cups
of mashed, cooked pumpkin.