Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, October 22, 1994, Image 27

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    Grober Inc. Presents A Modern Veal Raising
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This is a water driven system,
sort of a passive flush system.
Beneath each of the two rows of
30 stalls in each bay, there is a full
length manure trough, which ini
tially looks to be typical of a gravi
ty driven manure system, or a
scraper system.
Not these.
The manure gutters are built
level and have a wooden baffle at
the end, near the corridor. Each
gutter is to be filled with water,
and, since the manure solids float,
whatever manure is added can be
expected to be forced to flow over
the baffle into another channel run
ning perpendicular, underneath the
corridor the length of the building.
Of the three propane tanks located at the rear of the veal
raising facility, two are dedicated to fuel two forced-air hea
ters, while the nearest tank is reserved to serve a large
backup generator.
Champion Sheep
Plain 'n Fancy
Albright’s Feed Mill
Miles Angstsdt Livestock Hsullng
Berks County Sheep & Wool Growers
Bernvllle Quslity Fuels
F.M. Brown Son Inc.
Century 21
Columbisn Cutlery Inc.
Core Ststee/Hsmllton Bank
Fernwood Auction Co.
First Nationsl Bank of Fleetwood
First Nstlonel Benk of Leesport
John Fry Auction Service
Geho Architects
Giorgio Foods
Grimes Airport
Hsppy Trolls Western Wear
Hartman’s Roofing
Brlsn Hetrick Livestock Hsullng
K & K Cattle Co.
This main gutter, with larger
dimensions, also is equipped with
a water-retaining baffle that func
tions the same way as the small
When the manure flows out of
the main gutter it then flows to a
manure lagoon, located slightly
downgrade, and at least 100 feet
from the facility. The size of the
packed earth lagoon is such that it
is to be capable of holding six
months worth of manure, based on
having a full compliment of 360
calves in the facility.
The system is based on the prin
ciple that anything added to a full
container will cause overflow, and
the overflow will be from the top
of the container, not the bottom.
Van der Urift said that the sys-
Reserve Champion Sheep
Reserve Champion Beef
Reserve Champion Hog
tem does use more water to operate
than does the typical dairy bam
type manure collection systems,
but the reason is that the facilities
need to be kept as clean as possi
ble, again to ensure a healthy
growing environment
Ideally, week-old Holstein dairy
bull calves are to be purchased at
auction and brought the facility for
18 cycles.
According to Grober officials,
the facility is to be used as-a
demonstration and research
In a brochure of farm Grober
These two side-by-side bins hold 2,000 pounds of feed ingredients which are mixed
in the hoppers underneath the wood-encased hot water heater. From this central loca
tion, milk replacer is piped to each of the six calf-raising rooms. The computer room is
behind the far wall and window.
Champion Baef
Rose Valley Butcher Shop
K & K Feeds
Keystone Perm Credit, A.C.A.
Norman Kurtz & Sons
Kutztown Garage
L & B Dodge -
Leesport Market & Auction
Carlos R. Leffler Inc.
John F. Lengle Inc.
Ludwlck Funeral Home
McDevltt & Co.
Thomas McKinney
Meadow Bend Farms
Mente Chevrolet-Oldsmobile Inc.
Meridian Bank
Shelia Miller - 129th Representative
National Penn Bank
Nester’s Sanitation
New Holland Ford
Olay Valley Feeds
distributed, it states, “We use it to
show people not just what is new,
but what is tried and true.”
The brochure also states, “Blue
Mountain View Farm is a research
facility. It is here that we test new
products, new ingredients, look at
new management techniques, new
housing methods and other ideas
that we believe may contribute to
easier management and more effi
cient production of milk fed veal.”
The farm selected for the site of
the facility was purchased by
Grober through New Pennsylvania
Realty agent Perry Long, who
Beat Penn Manufacturing
Rolling Shade Polled Herefords
Hatfield Quality Meats
Auctioneers: John Fry, George Frey, Ken Lieby
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, October 22, 1994-A27
Champion Hog
Hazel Park Meat Packing
Papa Farms
Pennsylvania National Bank
Perry Acres
Peters Bros. Meats
Pioneer Grange-Topton
Rolling Shade Polled Herefords
Rose Valley-Butcher Shop
Dr. Steven Seger
Strausser Insurance
Terry Strohecker
Triple T Slmmentals
TWIn Crib Farms
Jack Todd Nutrena Feed
Wayne Feeds
John Weist
Zettlemoyer Auction Company
Mark Zimmerman
attended the open house
He said that he searched the area
to provide Grober with several
possible locations for the facility,
but they decided to go with the
78-acre site for a variety of rea
sons, including the fact that it is
located close to the company’s
Lehigh headquarters.
According to Long, “The farm
is unique... it’s not good for deve
lopment. It is in three municipali
ties, and bisected by high tension
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