Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, October 22, 1994, Image 26

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    A26-Lancaster Farming, Saturday, October 22, 1994
(ContlniMd from Pago A 1)
the feed station are two wings con
sisting of three bays each with 60
stalls in each bay. Each bay is real
ly a large room for raising calves.
Running the length of the front
of the bam, is an enclosed 10-foot
wide corridor.
From the dock, supplies and
equipment can be taken right
across the corridor, straight into
the feed preparation and distribu
tion area. Directly behind that
room is the computer control
room, and a side room which con
tains the backup generator.
But from the dock, to the left
and right, the corridor allows
calves to be taken to the respective
bays and the stalls.
Looking down the length of the
with each bay having a
dutch door (a half-door), the
appearance is more of a horse
stable. But there is a reason for
Forced hot air heaters are at
either end of the building and hot
air (computer controlled) is forced
through ducts along the top of the
inside corridor wall.
At eye-level along the corridor
wall are 12 vent openings for fresh
air (estimated to be about 1 -foot by
4-feet shuttered openings). They
can be manually adjusted for opti
mum fresh air flow.
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The effect is that fresh air from
outside is drawn through the vent
openings and is mixed with the hot
air inside the corridor.
At the rear of each bay, a pair of
20-inch fans draws the heated
fresh air through the bays and out
the back of the building.
Each of the 60 stalls in each of
the six bays was designed as an
intricate part of the facility, down
to the spacing between slats on the
stall sides and floor.
Temperature sensors send infor
mation directly to the computer,
which is run on a program that
adjusts the heat automatically. If,
for any reason, the public electrici
ty supply is knocked out, the back
up generator automatically kicks
in, fueled by propane, as are the
The computer also has some
automatic controls in it, such as
automatically informing the Grob
er Inc. headquarters when feed
levels are such that more needs to
be brought to the farm.
And, if the computer has a prob
lem, it can automatically rail the
company’s headquarters in the
Netherlands and can be reprog
rammed and fixed automatically.
The entrance to the Blue Mountain View Farm veal facility states that it Is a farm rais
ing fancy milk-fed veal, though the facility structure on the ridge doesn’t appear out of
the ordinary to the Pennsylvania farmscape, and the dry cows in the foreground also
make the farm appear to the passerby as a dairy operation.
According to van dcr Urift. the * e W and size of the calves,
draw of the fans is rated at 3,600 sincc P r ? duce more , heat and
cubic feet per minute, which trans- moisture as they grow larger.
lates through design to be 150 cfin .™ e fac ! ht y 18 abo dcs, « ned
for the calves. w,th a unK l ue manure handlui «
The ideal temperatures depend ( Tum lo p, 0* A* 7 )
According to Yelle van der
Urift, designer of the facility, the
idea was to create a microclimate
within each stall so as to achieve
maximum health conditions for the
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