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    Workshop Proves Farm Accounting
Lancaster Fanning Staff
LANCASTER (Lancaster Co.)
For less than $5O, a fanner can
use a personal computer to auto
mate business accounting. One
program can be customized to suit
“your particular wishes and your
particular needs on your farm busi
ness or organization,” said Dr.
Larry C. Jenkins, professor of agri
cultural economics at Penn State.
Jenkins spoke to about 20 far
mers and farm operators, veterina
rians, accountants, office mana
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wanted to use it, it would be diffe
rent, but I doubt that we ever will.
You really have to be on top of
your cows to be sure that they’re
giving that extra milk, and then
you’ve got to feed them extra, so I
think it has to be an individual
thing for a farmer and his animals.
“It’s a lot of hard work,” said
Henry about farming. “We work as
a team and everybody has their
responsibilities. That’s how we
move ahead. We talk things out
and that’s how we plan. This is the
second year now that we have this
farm the way we wanted it.
Because every year we had some
thing like, we'd say, this year that
hedge row comes out, and every
year we’d plan that I figured by
the time I’m 60,1 wanted this place
all set so if Shawn does go, hey, at
least the farm is the way we wanted
For the Abmas, the attention to
detail and the desire to be tidy has
Clear And
Insulated And All
Related Hardware
Automatic Curtain
Machines- A.C. & D.C.
gets, and consultants at the first
part of a two week workshop,
“Farm Records Made Easy Using
Low-Cost Software and IBM-
Compatible Computers,” on
Thursday morning at the Farm and
Home Center.
Jenkins said that using computer
software can be likened to a filing
cabinet with folders to store infor
mation. A computer can be used to
keep careful and complete records
of all types of farm business, from
accounting for profits and loss to
inventory checks to business
Providence Acres
paid off in more ways than one.
This year their farm was named a
Dairy of Distinction.
“We were really happy that we
got that,” said Dorothy. “This is
the third time we applied. When
they first started, we applied two
years in a row and we didn’t get it.”
“It doesn’t take much to pick tljr
behind you, because if you don’t,
you’re going to trip over it any
way,” said Henry.
Shawn, who graduated from
Penn State in 1990, works on the
family farm when he is able to be
Henry and Dorothy's other son,
Kevin, and his wife Alice live in
nearby Towanda with their three
children. Their daughter. Holly,
and her husband, Grant Boles, live
in Colorado Springs. Colo.
Besides their work on the farm,
the family also is active in the Pen
nsylvania Farm Bureau, where
they serve on an advisory council
Pit Fans
★ Economical
★ Uniform Warmth
★ Comfortable Heating
★ “Piling” Reduced
★ Fiberglass Construction
★ Easy Installation
Jenkins demonstrated a farm
version of the Quicken Version 7.0
software for DOS. available from
Intuit, from Menlo Park, Calif.
That is one of several programs
available for farm accounting.
Another program, used for busi
ness records by Mable Hershey.
Hershey Brothers, is called One
Write Plus, which can accomplisb
similar tasks and is easy to use,
according to Hershey.
At the start of the workshop,
Jenkins told those who signed up
and are state and national Holstein
Association members. They are
also members of the East Troy
Baptist Church where Henry is a
deacon and Dorothy is the secret
ary of Sunday School.
“Really, when you think of it,
we came from nothing, of knowing
that much about dairy, and to have
a herd average like what we have,
we just thank God for it,” said Dor
othy. “It’s by God’s grace that
we’re here and what we have is
because we’ve prayed for wisdom,
or we would never have it. It was
quite trying the first couple of
years. I think we took one day at a
time. That first year it took us fore
ver, but, you know, we got into a
Added Henry, “I give (God) the
glory because we couldn’t have
done it on our own. We trusted him
and he just opened the doors. And
it just fell in line. It was really
beautiful how it worked.”
★ SAVES Enerj
★ Optimum Piglet Comfort
★ Mat Temperature Regulated
Automatically Based On
Room Temperature
★ Easy To Set
★ 1 Controller Can Control 2
Groups Of Mats
Water Resistant
TH 15 Thermostat
Can Be Computerized
for the free course (the only
requirement was that they purch
ase the software) that they were the
“most varied group we’ve had to
What the program requires is a
sense of knowing how to properly
enter the transactions and keeping
in mind the detail and “organiza
tion, organization, organization”
necessary to reap the benefits of
the program, according to the ag
Using this computer software,
Dr. Larry C. Jenkins, professor of agricultural economics
at Penn State, standing, spoke to about 20 farmers and farm
operators, veterinarians, accountants, office managers,
and consultants at the first part of a two week workshop,
“Farm Records Made Easy Using Low-Cost Software and
IBM-Compatible Computers,” on Thursday morning at the
Farm and Home Center.
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l Quality
Complete With
Guard And
Two Piece Porcelain ‘
Replacement Socket With
jmm. Screw Terminals
Lancaster Farming, Saturday. October 22, 1994-A25
farm managers can call up reports
to give them precise records of
income and expenses on the farm.
Those reports can be extremely
helpful at tax time.
The types of IBM-compatible
computers in use at the workshop
included various Intel 386- and
486-based laptops and desktop
The workshop continues next
Thursday morning and afternoon
at the Farm and Home Center.
• Electronic Ignition
• Stainless Steel Housing
• LP Or Natural Gas
• 80,000 Or 225,000 BTU
Electric Ventilation
Simple To Operate, Eliminates
Fan-Heater Conflict
Which Reduces Your
Operating Costs.
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