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Voi. 39 NO. 47
Holstein Is All-American
Supreme Champion
Lancaster Fanning Staff
Co.) Out of the more than
I,ooodairy animals entered during
the week-tong All-American
Dairy Show, held at the state Farm
Show Complex in Harrisburg, a
5-year-old Holstein owned by
Marion Andrew, of Kents Reserve
Holsteins, in Centreville, Md., was
named the supreme champion out
of all the breeds.
The supreme champion of the
week-long Pennsylvania All-
American Dairy Show has become
Northeast Poultry Show Focuses On
Biosecurity, Prices, Quality Control
Lancaster Fanning Staff
LANCASTER (Lancaster Co.)
Poultry producers have tackled
disease, flunctuating prices, and
rodent control for decades. But
when Salmonella Enteritidis (SE)
showed signs of increasing about
IS years ago, the problem was
handled not with fierce indepen
dence but by cooperation, among
government, industry, and science.
At the Northeast Poultry Show
held Wednesday and Thursday of
this week at Host Resort in Lancas
ter, Dr. John Mason was lauded for
his work as director of the USDA
SE pilot program that was set up in
“Mason is U.S.’s foremost
authority on SE control,” said J.C.
(Mac) McLaurin, president of the
Egg Association of America.
Traditionally, producers are
often wary of accepting govern
ment assistance in dealing with
problems, but the SE case showed
how effectively a problem can be
Chad and Ronda Cole with Northwoods Luke, one of their show horses.
604 Per Copy
a high honor pitting the grand
champions of the six major dairy
cattle breed shows held during the
The competition was tight and
several judges determine the
supreme champion.
' While results for the national
shows weren’t completed by
presstime, in addition to the
supreme champiqn, the grand
champions of the various breeds
• the grand Jersey, Pensmith TJ
Mindy Jersey, shown by Spring
Valley Farm, Westminster, Md.;
controlled when people are willing
to woric together, according to
The willingness for producers to
develop trust in the government’s
program was largely established
through Mason’s diplomacy. The
cooperative attitude among pro
ducers, scientists and goverment in
working with the pilot project set
up in Lancaster County is being
held up as a model to other com
modities who face similar prob
lems caused by disease, McLaurin
“Producers are taking every
effort to eliminate even the slight
est risk of foodboume illnesses,”
said Paton, who is retiring after 40
years of service with USDA.
It is this cooperative spirit that
Dr. Ed Mallinson of the University
of Maryland would like to see
People are often skeptical that
government involvement will cost
more money, but that is not the
case, Mallinson said.
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, October 1, 1994
• the grand Milking Shorthorn,
Kingsdale Lucy, owned by Lucy
Syndicate, with CMC Farm, Corn
ish Flat, N.H.;
• the grand Ayrshire, Sonny
Acres JJ Bouquet, owned by Doug
Evans, of Sunny Acres Farm,
Georgetown, N.Y.;
• the grand Guernsey, Little
fields Fayette Mona Lira, owned
by Alison Littlefied. of Littlefield
Farms, Watertown, N.Y.;
• the grand Brown Swiss,
Hawthorn Rhythmic Riki, owned
by Charles Chaney, of Garstlyn
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“It’s an opportunity to seize and
additional money to be captured to
use for the eradication of
In his speech on biosecurity,
Maliinson said that decisions made
now on such issues as manure
removal will affect the future of
flock health, safety, and profitabil
ity. He stressed the importance of
biosecurity to take every step pos
sible to prevent disease in the
His definition of biosecurity is
simple he said, “Don’t bring germs
to your birds and don’t bring your
birds to germs.”
John Pederson, an expert on
commodity price predictions, told
the audience that record meat sup
plies will occur in the next nine
months partly because of cheap
feed available as a result of record
“When feed is cheap, meat is
cheap,” Pederson said.
Meat exports are expected to hit
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Five Sections
At the annual Pennsylvania Dairy Princess Coronation
on September 24, Natalie Dawn Welch from Somerset
County earned the state crown with her outstanding perfor
mances In speech, presentation, and Impromptu question
ing. Read more about the pageant and the Pennsylvania
Dairy Princess written by Lou Ann Good on page 82.
A Visit To Pennwoods
Percheron Farm
Managing Editor
Co.) For the John Cole family,
working with draft horses, Pen
nwoods Percherons, to be specific,
has become addictive. The Coles
show in the six and eight horse
hitch classes around the nation and
plan to be at the Keystone Interna
tional Livestock Show next week.
KILE is one Of 45 qualifying shows
on the Classic Series Show circuit
In February each year the “world
series of draft horse hitching” takes
place in Ocala. Florida. This North
American Six-Horse Hitch Classic
is the climax of the show season,
and the Cole team won this presti
gious event earlier this year.
John is co-chairman of the KILE
horse committee and on the KILE
executive board.
$21.00 Per Year
At Pennwoods, the horses are
worked daily. ‘They never do any
farm work,” Chad said. "But they
need to be trained so they perform
well at the shows.
“It’s hard to tell someone what
- you are looking for in a horse for a
hitch team. You just know the
horse is right when you see it in the
team. The ‘wheel’ pair (next to the
wagon) should be the largest with
the ‘swing’ pair in the middle next
largest. The ‘lead’ pair will be the
smallest and have lots of lift and
action in the front hooves.
"We like the sport because we’re
around h lot of nice people,” Chad
said. “It’s family oriented, and we
like that They are people just like
The Cole family also helps with
the 4-H program by taking horses
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