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    Page 10—Poultry Notes* Supplement to Lancaster Farming, Saturday, Sept. 24,1994
In addition, studies Into cholesterol metabolism are underway using quai
at the new research center at Penn State.
Scope Of Poultry
(Continued from Pago 5)
to find out how we can intercede in this
through nutrition or environmental manage
ment and genetics. How can we minimize
this kind of loss?
“Roughly, five percent of losses are due
to skeletal decline diseases. They’re almost
a way of life. We’d like to reduce that fact. ’’
Other studies include ways to reduce the
size of the yolk and the cholesterol in an egg,
the role of cholesterol in egg metabolism,
ways to reduce nitrogen and phosphorous
content of manure through feed manage
ment, and a host of others.
Month by month, birds arc moving into
the buildings set aside for them.
Following is a description of the facility
by building.
Fundamental Research
This 8,700 square foot building, with a
capacity of 1,000 birds, includes a 12-foot
by 16-foot environmental chamber which
can also be closely controlled and moni
tored. This precision monitoring is a factor
when checking on certain genetic strains of
birds and their growth and health under cer
tain types of conditions.
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Computer Solutions
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Performance Management
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Auto Ttmp't on-screen program
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and makes building set-up a
Unique Face Pad design gives a
complete picture of the 12-slage
set-up and displays whether or not
each stage Is running
_ __ . _ . . . . . rj\ Tlmar Fan Control with outoida
nduction by d«y (ramping) fctl raducton
Haat/Cooi protaction (kaapa haatars
and tans front lighting aach othar)
Indapandantfy contols from ona to six
Any alaga can ba programmad for haat
or cool
Up to 6 light cyelw
HMBMWNO Automatic Syctem tof Curtain*, Vwit> and Doors
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Vl Moat-uaad functions ara ona-touch control
ls7l Capabla of 7 inputs and 14 outputs
0 Displays tamparatura in fahranhaH or
Q Daily flock information
Q Up to 4 timad faad cyctaa
A new standard in Power Units is set
with the introduction o( PowtrTiwk]'
the second generation of super-strength
power pulley systems from rtrad-Hand.
Completely redesigned with service in mind,
PowerTtak boasts many new performance and
durability enhancing features while maintaining
the strong points of its popular predecessors,
Power Curtain and Power Vent
Modular instruction tar oaia of aarvica
Q 5000 l'
3 Built in Head Bracket with needle beanng pulleys
[/I Channel Lock Trek*Drfve system captures load
15 percent increase in load block support surface
u lor greater life.
3 New easy-adjust springcem limit switch system
yT) New convenient hinged sprlnglock door that Is
u eaaHy removed
3 Qreatsr protection from the elements
STORE HOURS Mon Fr 7 30 to 4 30
Sot 8 00 to Noon
# <g
cage layer room for 3,000 hens, laboratory, egg cooler,
processing, and storage. Twenty-four turkey growout
pens measure 10 square feet each. Leach, right,
speaks to tour group members.
TMt wmNv wiioNv ¥fHh
makm hou— Mf-up m M«y m A-B-Ct
Jtmt Mow fw mmu.
Tha MytHrn JOOO I «Sf » Cmtn§* will coordinata
all functions of your oparation ft managaa your haatars.
fans, toggars and curtains (or doors). Thw systam can
carry you from nagatfva varrblation (lans and haatars)
to natural vantilatton (curtains opan) to tunnai venti
lation automatically
All oparations ara mtagratad into ona control systam
You chooaa your typa of ventilation - tonnal cen
vantiona) or poaitiva praasura and tha System 2000
will do tha rati
S 3 6 Programmable Sieges
Q 4 Independent Sensor*
Q Light Control for PuTMs
Q Home Lighting Control
Q Optimum Curteln Adjustment
(determined by difference between
inside end outside temperature)
is a highly eltcmnt
drecl-firsd gas or
culabng heat*
signed for s
sion mount
houses of a
and classes*
try and lives!
dwtgn givM w
cm* to inlimal
tiim control
powerful Wowi
4§rfl '
Modular control panal and
quick dtaconnoct wiring har
IjjHHHHMi nn * mak * Wd M'vc* • tnap l
a Easy-accaas alaetncaJ corttoi unit
|~JI Quick ddcormact wiring hamaa* tor any
sarvicrgoid plaladcoriiacliprawartcorToaiori
[V] Diagnostic light tor trouWashookng mm
j/J Etactronlc hoi aurtaca lnmnt-on igortron
22SOOO6TU UP Of natural gaa
a/Wailabto in Stamiaat SM or Oalva Zinc
24 Hr 7 Day Repair Service
Lancaster, PA
28-29, 1994
I’OWI H ( I R / \/\
Mtag* Curtain ft VmiUMmi CmM
SI PI R S\\ I R \7
AflrfoultiiMl IniMt Mount Hiilir ffof
Poultry ond Uwtrtoofc ConfbMvnMit BuHdnii
Electronic HSUgnMon
... MSI IgnMon
il Mandard _ JMtapl
Jit 'm*'* J P oo *" l * n
■ yj*“ * fa> naatly ar ,
ssar m*
I *** Ja* l -' toraaivicino
* and daaiwng Tha hatting chain
1 bar « mada of high tamp clumi
' H nizad IM which providaa tupar
«* rutl provtnbon Tha caat iron
burner it animal dipped 10 all
H| I . minM dual adhaaton and rati
r surmin4 ak Mifafta inctaaaat
SB|| I combuibonandhMichambarafti
/ I ciancy toe* for thit important
/ I faaturainotharhaataraofthiatypa
(Formerly Lonf Lumber)
7:90 A.IL - 4 Ml
Honda? Friday
Tamparatura raductlon by day
13 Dual Fan Tlmar Control
SHandiaa two Powar Units
<—i I—*l-.
yl Constantly diapiays houaa conditional
[7\ Umt Satactabla Tamparatura-
dapandant Timar
New duel features
user adiuilabla heal
suit individual nssds
[v] Duct with uaar*ad(uatobto hast daftactor
2 High Tamp alumlnlzad bum chambar and
btowar homing
3 ftamoto tharmoalat with piggyback cord sat
Vl i/3 HP toWfy ancloaad tharmaUy protadad
motor with aaalad ball baarfnga
Manual raaat high lamp limit switch
Backup saiaty sail switch
■ Braeder ■ Broiler
■ Layer ■ Turkey
■ Pullet ■ Hog
Call 1-800-673-2580
for information on new
contracts being offered by
local feed and Uvea took