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    Supplement To The September 24, 1994 Issue
\ Lancaster Farming I - \ I b . -
Poultry Ambassador Is Sister To Last Year’s Poultry Queen
The Stauffer family stand In front of the poultry houses where they raise 22,000
broilers. The family Is active in promoting the poultry Industry. Michele is both Lan
caster County and Pennsylvania Poultry Ambassador. Her sister Melissa was last
year’s Poultry Queen for both the county and state. Kneeling from left are Michele and
Janelle. Standing are Melissa, Lucy, and Clark.
Northeast Poultry Show Sept. 28-29
LANCASTER (Lancaster
Co.) One of the country’s
leading authorities on rodent
control will be on hand at this
year’s Northeast Poultry Show,
to be held Sept. 28-29 here at
the Lancaster Host Resort.
Dr. Dave Henzler, USDA,
will make a presentation on
ways in which poultry produc
ers can control rodents on Wed
nesday, Sept. 28 in the Exhibit
Hall at 2 p.m.
On Thursday, Sept. 29 Dr.
Jim Arends, North Carolina
State University, will discuss
the control of darkling beetles.
Keynote speaker for the con
ference includes Sheilah Kast,
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Lancaster Fanning Staff
EPHRATA (Lancaster Co.)
The Clark Stauffer farm is produc
ing more than chickens, veget
ables, pigs, and the innovative
technology for which it has been
noted. For two years in a row, the
poultry spokesperson for the
industry has been chosen from the
Stauffer farm.
Michele Stauffer is the Pennsyl
vania Poultry Ambassador. Last
year it was Melissa Stauffer who
was named Pennsylvania Poultry
“It’s a title change but the
responsibilities are basically the
same,” said Guy Martin, commit
tee chairperson for the Lancaster
County Poultry Association. After
years of crowning a queen to repre
sent the industry, the poultry board
decided to drop the pageant and the
queen title because prospective
Scope Of Poultry Research
At Facility Includes
Studies Of Human Disease
Lancaster Farming Staff
(Centre Co.) What do stu
dies into the human disease
osteoporosis and chicken
bones have in common?
Penn State.
With the aid of the universi
ty’s $6 million Poultry Educa
tion and Research Center, sci
entists are using the study of
how chicken bones are formed
and break down to gather
insights into how older humans
come down with the disease
called osteoporosis.
(Simply put, osteoporosis
effects thousands of older age
Farm Calendar
Tuesday, September 27
Northeast Poultry Show, Lan
caster Host Resort, thru Sept.
caster Host Resort, thru Sept.
Health Seminar, Recogniz
ing Bird Disease Down On
the Farm, Kreider’s Restaur-
annual meeting, Delmarva
Convention Center, Delmar,
candidates had negative reactions
to appearing in a pageant Instead,
the board annually will select an
ambassador to represent the indus
“By having an ambassador,
males will have the opportunity to
promote the industry,” Martin
Seventeen-year-old Michele, a
senior at Ephrata High School, will
represent both county and state
poultry industries. She will appear
at poultry functions, fairs, and take
the poultry story to elementary
“My sister often talked about
how much she enjoyed being poul
try queen,” Michelle said. “Plus
my teacher said that I’m pretty
good at public speaking so I
thought I’d enjoy being the
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people each year. It is a condi
tion where bones become fra
gile and brittle.)
Dr. Roland Leach, Penn
State professor of nutrition and
poultry science, who conducted
the tour last month during the
university’s Ag Progress Days,
spoke about the facility’s ongo
ing research efforts in the field
of osteoporosis.
“We’re living longer and
we’re getting diseases of
aging,” he told the 30 visitors
during the first tour. “Osteo
porosis is a serious disease of
aging, particularly for women
after menopause.”
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Wednesday, October 13
Pa./Va. Turkey Day Confer
ence, Sheraton Inn, Harris-
Health and Processing, Sher-
Association annual banquet,
Health Seminar, Ascites,
Krcider’s Restaurant, Man-
Extension Meeting
(MACE), University of
Delaware, Newark, Del.
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