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Nobledale Farm
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Summer Yearling: 1. GR Topeco Sooner
Cindy, owneld by Thoma* and Phebe Cola, of
Columbia Cross Roads.
Spring Yaartlng: 1. Elm Brook Soonar
Kelly, owned by Amberieigh Yurkanln, of Col
umbia Croat Roads; 2. Nobledale Kingsley
Bronna, owned by Stephanie Noble; 3. Wee
Three Dagwood Foolish, owned by Janie
Cole, of Milan.
Winter Yaartlng: 1. Nobledale Jacob Coo
kie, owned by Thomas NOWa. of Gillen; 2.
Swingles Royal Cherry, owned by Talllha
Coolbaugh, of Canton; 3. Wee Three Silver
Beck, owned by Janie Cole.
Fall Yearling: 1. Topcoo Hermitage
Eileen, owned by Amanda Cole, of Columbia
Cross Roads; 2. Windy Acres Brooek But
tons, owned by Wiliam Eick, of Columbia
Cross Roads; 3. Swingles Twilight Star, own
ed by Corissa Coolbaugh.
Dry Cow Four Yeara and Under: 1.
Sunset Ridge G. Magic Nan, owned by Sasha
Harris, of Milan.
Dry Cow Five Y|aara and Over 1. SR Roy
als Cada, owned by Brian Harris, of Milan.
Junior Two-Yasr-Old: 1, (First best
udder) Nibledale Juno Vermont, owned by
Nobledale Farm; 2. (second best udder) Roll
ing Acres Luke Dandy, owned by Fred Eick; 3.
BEKA Ruby's Rutsy, owned by Samantha
Senior Two-Yeer-Old: 1. (second best
udder) Nobledale Juno Feisty, owned by
Nobledale Farm; 2. Nobledale Juno Winder,
owned by Nobledale Farm; 3. (first best
udder) Little Pond Great Magic Pet, owned by
Janie Cole.
Junior Throo-Yoar-Old: 1. (First best
udder) Imagine Venus of Elm Brook, owned
by Blair and Cammy Yurkanin; 2. (first best
udder) Cozy Valley Sooner Sue, owned by
Samantha Hillyard; 3. Off Spnng SB Little Bit,
owned by Jamie Cole.
Four-Year-Old: 1. (first best udder) Miles
Dolly of Little Pond, owned by Matthew Wat
son; 2. (second best udder) Winding Brook
Gold April, owned by Jason Sonnema; 3.
From the left, showing the Troy Fair Ayrshire Junior
champions are Karen Neville, at the halter of her reserve
champion, and Ronnie Croft with his Junior champion.
Problem Water?
Odor? Bad Taste? Stains? Iron? Manganese?
Mineral Buildup? Color? Bacteria? Virus?
Harmful Micro-organisms? Hydrogen Sulfide?
THM Precursors? Other Contaminants?
Do You Have Any Problems With:
* Scours
* Digestion
* Mastitis fIK V
* Breeding II
* Small Litter Size
* Too Much Medication a,—VII jf j|
* Milk Production £ So -' &
* Poor Peed Efficiency I
* Algae in Drinking Cups ('
* Bad Conception Rate «
Could Water Be Your Problem?
Complete Farm Water Treating
A Farm Water System that is designed to clean the water on
your farm with one of natures most powerful purifying agents
Condensed Oxygen (Ozone).
(Oregon 538 *717 fifift-aMo' 540
Lone Acres Venture, owned by Calvin and
Judy Watson, of Troy.
Five Year Old: 1. (first best udder) Windy
Acres Duncan Dina, owned by William Eick;
2. Nobledale S. Beacon Cleo, owned by
Nobledale Farm; 3. (second best udder)
Sunset Ridge Gold Maker Dolly, owned by
Seth Harris, of Milan.
Six Years and Over: 1. (first best udder)
Windy Acres Duncan Eva, owned by William
Eick; 2. (second best udder) Nobledale Mas
ter C Alyce, owned by Nobledale Farm; 3.
Herbies Little Moo of Off Sptlne, owned by
Janie Cole.
Production Class (100,000 pounds of
milk): 1. (first best udder) SR Duncan Daisy,
owned by Brian Harris; 2. (second best udder)
Nobledale Magic Velvet, owned by Nobledale
Farm; 3. Windy Acres Top Brass Audrey,
owned by William Eick.
Produce of Dam: 1. Nobledale Farm; 2.
Fred Eick; 3. Christina Eick.
Daughter-Dam: 1. Jamie Cole; 2. Calvin
and Judy Watson; 3. NoUedale/Hlllyard.
Best Three Females: 1. William Eick; 2.
Calvin and Judy Watson; 3. Nobledale Farm.
Dairy Hard: 1. William Eick; 2. Nobledale
Farm; 3. Calvin and Judy Watson.
Spring Calf: 1. BEKA Little Time's Twist,
owned by Melissa Croft, of Troy; 2. BEKA
Indiana, owned by Samantha Hillyard, of
Winter Calf: 1. Mittens, owned by Samant
ha Hillyard.
Fall Calf: 1. Ridge View B Gary, owned by
Samantha Hillyard; 2. Locust Lane Sailor
Dumplm, owned by Doug and Donna Stew
art, of Rome; 3. Ayr N Wood Regals Jazzy
Jazz, owned by Erlnn Trolcke, of
Summer Yearling: 1. Plum Bottom Solid
er Katie, owned by Ronnie Croft, of Troy; 2.
Wentworth Farm Marcus Breeze, owned by
Melissa Hillyard, of Towanda; 3. Locust Lane
Sailor Gusty, owned by Karen Neville, of Little
Spring Yearling: 1. Locust Lane Amos
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Showing the Troy Fair champion Jerseys, from the left, are Kirsten Maeßrlde, Stuart
Noble with his reserve grand champion, Christine Elck with her grand champion, and
Janl Burke, county dairy princess, and Karen Neville, Ayrshire princess.
Locust Lane Farm is named premier breeder and exhibitor of the Troy Fair Ayrshire
Show. From the left, are Janl Burke, county dairy prlndess, Debbie, Karen and Chris
Neville, Kim and Donna Stewart, Robin Wilson, dairy maid, Kirsten Macßrlde, alter
nate dairy princess, and Doug Stewart holding DJ Neville.
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