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    E26-Lancaster Farming, Saturday, August 13 1994
Co.) Two programs in the
School of Forest Resources in
Penn State’s College of Agricul
tural Sciences have received 1994
Three Rivers Environmental
The awards, sponsored by the
Pennsylvania Environmental
Council and the Duquesne Light
Company, recognize excellence in
advancing environmental quality
in Western Pennsylvania.
The Pennsylvania Timber Har-
Industry Watches Market Approach
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the numbers of lambs on the fall market
might not be measurably lower than last year.
In Colorado and parts of Wyoming, a bet
ter-than-average lamb crop will hold lamb
numbers steady despite less ewes in produc
tion in the states. Wayne Cunningham, re
search associate at the Veterinary Teaching
Hospital at Colorado State University in Fort
Collins, said that because of good weather
and feed availability, many producers in the
region are reporting their number of lambs
bom are up 10-15 percent
“It sounds like we have extra numbers, but
there are fewer producers so I don’t really
know that we will have extra pounds of
lamb,” Cunningham said.
In Montana, it appears the lamb crop was
better than last year. Producer John Paugh of
Bozeman said he lambed at about 110-120
percent, better than the last two years. Paugh
credits good weather and low predation.
But Paugh also points to the fact that a
good lambing season is only part of the equa
tion that determines whether it will be a pro
fitable year. “There are things we have no
way of judging.” One of those things is the
impact of imports. In addition, many in Mon
tana also got out of the business.
"One thing I see, and particularly in most
of Montana, is very few yearlings available
for fall because they got discouraged and
sold the ewe lambs in the feedlots for slaugh
ter,” Paugh said. “Those extra lambs created
a glut in the market and the price went
down. .. There were a lot of ewe lambs that
went to slaughter that most times would have
been held for replacements. So replacements
are going to be in short supply, at least in
Another factor that will play into how the
fall market shapes up is the fact that the feed
ers took a beating on lambs this spring.
“It was a bloodbath,” said Steve Lewis, a
New Mexico producer and feeder. “Usually
that would cause the feeder market to be real
ly cheap, but the (slaughter) market is really
good right now so I don’t know” what the fall
market will be like, Lewis said.
Meyer concurs, “After feeders paying so
high last fall and receiving low prices this
spring they’re most likely not willing to pay
high prices this tall,” he said. “A lot of it will
depend on their outlook for next spring dur
ing the fall market.
“The psychology out there right now is
that feeders paid very high prices last fall for
feeder lambs in expectation of high prices for
slaughter lambs in the spring. Of course
spring prices were considerably lower than
expected, so this fall they may not be willing
to pay higher prices for feeders regardless of
'he outlook going into spring. A lot will de
pend on the actual supplies later this fall.”
Although the lamb crop in Texas wasn’t as
good as some parts of the country because of
weather and resulting feed conditions, it was
better than it has been over the past two
years. However, Ernest Woodward, a pro
ducer in McCamey, said that he is concerned
about the bad prices last spring.
“The market is picking up now and look
ing better,” he said. “We’re hoping for a con
tinued good market, but we’re a little con
cerned about the money that was lost last
Idaho producer Cindy Siddoway said
much of Idaho has had “excellent” lambing
this year, with the Siddoway operation noting
a 168 percent lamb crop to date.
“We don’t sell until September, so we
Programs Win Top Environmental Awards
vesting Certification Program re
ceived the first-place award in the
education division. This environ
mental program directed at profes
sional loggers is coordinated by
the School of Forest Resources,
the Timber Harvesting Council of
Pennsylvania and the Nortim Cor
The program provides courses
and a handbook covering topics
such as erosion control, logging in
wetlands and forest ecology. Par
ticipants learn about basic forest
don’t know exactly, but in general it was ex
tremely high this year.” She also points out
that the percentage could drop to 150 by the
time they go to market because of predation,
which already has been a problem in parts of
New Mexico and Texas.
[| For remodeling or new construction g|
ecology and silviculture practices.
They also develop a better un
derstanding of the environmental
impact of harvesting timber.
The Volunteer Initiative Project
of the Pennsylvania Forest Ste
wardship Program was named a
finalist in the communications
division for its work with private
landowners and communities. The
project is a joint effort of Penn
State Cooperative Extension, the
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Forest Service, the Pennsylvania
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For more information about the
Pennsylvania Timber Harvesting
Certification Program or the
Volunteer Initiative Project of the
Pennsylvania Forest Stewardship
Program, contact Penn State’s
School of Forest Resources at
(814) 863-0401.
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