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high early mortality in Pennsylva
nia guinea fowl.
Control of these viral enteritis
suspect conditions is at present
limited to attempts to drastically
reduce the numbers of viral parti
cles in the birds’ environment
Stringent cleaning and disinfec
tion procedures, increasing “down
time” of facilities between flocks,
single-age flocks, and in some
cases, raising birds on wire have
all been tried to break the cycle of
Feed factors implicated in
altered structure or function of the
GI tract are many.
Inclusion of copper sulfate in
the feed at higher levels is asso
ciated with so-called “proventricu
litis” in broilers.
In this condition, proventriculi
are enlarged, flaccid, and tend to
rupture easily during processing.
Erosions on the gizzard lining
are also present Other factors such
as infectious agents (viruses) and
genetic predisposition are also
being researched as components of
this syndrome.
Compounds known as biogenic
amines can be found in poultry
feed ingredients such as fishmeal,
soybean meal, com screenings, fat
and vitamin mixes.
Experimentally, these histamine
and histamine-like compounds can
cause damage to the gizzard lining
with erosions and hemorrhage, as
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well as proventricular
Mycotoxins such as tri
chothecenes and cyclopiazonic
acid can cause similar changes.
Other mycotoxins can directly
or indirectly cause symptoms of
malnutrition. Aflatoxin has many
systemic effects on the chicken
that result in decreased ability to
digest nutrients and increased eli
mination of nutrients.
For example, the synthesis of
several pancreatic digestive
enzymes are repressed by aflatoxin
leading to a dramatically
decreased digestive ability com
pared to that of a normal bird.
Fewer vitamins, proteins and
fats are available to the bird, and
decreased growth, poor skin pig
mentation, and suboptimal feath
ering result.
In this limited space we have
described but a few of the possible
causes of GI dysfunction in
On a practical level, any and all
practices aimed at using high qual
ity feed ingredients and preserving
that quality through processing
and storage of feed will impact on
what finally reaches Ihe bird’s GI
Consistency of the feeding
program, especially as it relates to
avoiding abrupt changes of feed or
feeding schedules, is also
Clinical signs of suspected GI
disease in the flock should be
investigated promptly.
Many GI tract symptoms are
non-specific and confusing. A
thorough diagnostic laboratory
work-up of affected birds is essen
tial to find the cause or causes of
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Venango County Fair
The 1994 Venango County Fair
Premium List and Program is
available at the agricultural exten
sion office located on the Fair
grounds near Franklin.
Requirements, deadlines, and
fees for entry in all departments
including animals, agriculture,
domestics, and fine arts are listed.
Whether you have the county’s
grand champion steer, largest
tomato, or blue-ribbon apple pie,
the booklet contains information
and entry forms for the August
15-20 fair.
Once again the fair will hold the
Greatest Cocoa Cookie Contest
for youth and a Greatest Cocoa
Cake Contest for adults, both
sponsored by Hershey Food Cor
poration and the McKinley Funer
la Home in Clintonville. A $35
first prize will be given to the win
ner in the cake contest and the
cake will be eligible to be entered
the problem. A longer term inves
tigation of multiple flocks may be
necessary to sort out confounding
factors that may be present in the
Remember, an accurate diagno
sis is essential to take the guess
work out of pro-active control of
GI problems in future flocks.
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‘This past winter we held at least 2m feet
of wet snow on our Morton Building with no damage.
In our area numerous farm buildings collapsed under the load.
It’s very reassuring to know that Morton’s 50 year snow load warranty
will be here for my son’s future investment”
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Your building will be backed by p.O. Box 399, Morton, IL6ISSO Building its value will last for
the strongest written warranty in the o 1994 Monon Bmkimgs in. generations to come 1
3368 York Rd.,
PA 17325
Lancaster Fanning, Saturday, August 6, 1994-C3
highlight Kid’s Day on Tuesday,
from 1-6 p.m. During Senior Citi
zens Day on Wednesday, all rides
are SO cents from noon to 4 p.m.
Thursday, Merchants Day cou
pons are redeemable for unlimited
rides from noon to 4 p.m.
A new livestock building will
house 4-H and FFA lambs, goats,
hogs, and beef cattle. An exten
sion on the milk house will allow
visitors to develop a greater
understanding of a dairy farm
in the 1995 Pennsylvania Farm
Show in Harrisburg in January.
The winner of this contest will
receive a weekend for four at the
Hershey Hotel in Hershey.
Back for the sixth year will be
the Blue Ribbon Apple Pie Con
test The winner of the Blue Rib
bon Apple Pie will receive $25
and will be eligible to also enter
the pie at the 1995 Farm Show.
These are just two of the more
than 1,300 categories which you
can consider entering at the 1994
Fair. This number does not
include the many entries which
only 4-H’ers can enter.
By getting a premium list early,
you can plan your entries and pre
register so that you do not have to
wait in line on the opening day of
the fair. This not only saves you
time but it also gives the fair vol
unteers an idea of space require
ments for specific categories.
To receive your copy of the fair
premium list, call (814) 437-7607
or write to Venango County Fair,
Box 468, Franklin. PA 16373.
What’s New At The Fair
New entertainment and facili
ties highlight the 1994 Schuylkill
County Fair on August 7-13.
Nonstop entertainment from 6
to 10 p.m. leads the new activities
list. Plus, Yiengst Magic Circus,
livestock shows, and kids activi
ties fill every moment of the fair.
Unlimited rides for one price
P.O. Box 126,
NJ 08865
A new admission system,
including a fence surrounding the
fairgrounds main complex, will
help alleviate traffic delays. A $2
per person fee (6 years and under)
will be charged. A $6 per person
week long pass is also available
through Sunday, August 7 during
preview day. A new exhibit
registration procedure and phone
system will also help the fair run
more smoothly.
Admission includes 700+ lives
tock displays, arts and crafts,
home and dairy, fruits and veget
ables and other exhibits, all stage
and Yicngst Magic Circus enter
tainment, commercial displays,
kids games, and more. For only
$24, a family of four (7 years and
older) can enjoy the fair all week,
plus no parking fees will be
In addition on Sunday, August
7, Preview Day, admission is free.
Activities include a goat show at 9
a.m., a horse show at 10 a.m.,
entertainment by “Variety” at 2
and 4 p.m., Pam Rankin, Gospel,
at 3 and 5 p.m., outhouse race at 4
p.m. and a vesper service con
ducted by Bishop Richard Kohl of
theE.C. Church at 7 p.m. All exhi
bit buildings will be closed to the
public on Sunday for judging and
set up.
P.O. Box 361,
Centre Hall,
PA 16828
1 ml. W of Jet. 144 & 45