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Fresh fruits and vegetables of all
kinds are on the grocers’ shelves
and appearing at local farmers’
markets. “There are so many to
choose from that it’s hard to be
lieve that many folks still aren’t
eating enough of these healthy and
delicious foods,” says Debra Bry
ant, Wayne County Extension
Have I had my “Five-A-Day” is
the question each of us should be
asking ourselves? Two servings of
fruit and three of vegetables is the
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C For A Healthy You
minimum we need each day to
stay healthy. A U.S. Department
of Agriculture study found that the
average American eats only 2 and
'/a servings of fruits and vegeta
bles a day.
Why all the fuss over fruits and
vegetables? Bryant says, “One
reason is that these foods are ex
cellent sources of vitamin C.”
Folks who get plenty of vitamin C
reduce their risk of certain diseas
es. like cancer, heart disease and
high blood pressure.
Over 90 large-scale population
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studies have been conducted on
the relationship between vitamin
C or foods high in vitamin C and
cancer. In about three-fourths of
these studies, high vitamin C in
take significantly reduced the risk
of cancer.
Evidence of this safeguarding
effect was especially' strong for
cancers of the oral cavity, esopha
gus, stomach and pancreas. Sub
stantial evidence also exists that
vitamin C can protect against
cervical, rectal, breast and lung
Vitamin C seems to act as an
antioxidant in the blood stream,
countering particles called free
radicals that are formed by the
body. Free radicals can damage
cells. This damage is thought to be
one of the first steps in the devel
opment of cancer.
Not getting enough vitamin C
also has been linked to three major
heart disease risks low density
lipoproteins (LDL) cholesterol,
high density lipoproteins (HDL)
and high blood pressure. Recent
research found that people who
got the most vitamin C had more
available for
new layer &
pullet houses.
For more
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, August 6, 1994-Bli
HDL (good cholesterol) and less
LDL (bad cholesterol) than indivi
duals with low vitamin C intakes.
They also were much less likely to
have high blood pressure.
One theory on heart disease is
that it begins when LDL, the ma
jor carrier of cholesterol in the
blood, is oxidized in the blood by
free radicals. Researchers have
reason to believe oxidized LDL
starts the formation of blood ves
sel-clogging plaque that leads to
atherosclerosis, hardening of the
Although it may be tempting to
take vitamin supplements, it’s bet
ter to get needed nutrients from
foods, simply because foods con
tain many other nutrients.
The recommended daily allow
ance of vitmin C for healthy adults
is 60 mg. Some fruits rich in vita
min C are berries (blueberries,
raspberries and strawberries), cit
rus (grapefruit, oranges, tanger
ines), kiwi, melons (cantaloupe,
honeydew, watermelon), papaya
and pineapple.