Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, August 06, 1994, Image 43

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siasts. Trimming is the pigeon
breeders’ equivalent of fitting
cattle for show, and entails deli
cate grooming and removal of
undesirable colors and locations
of feathers. A tiny manicure scis
sors is the primary tool used in
trimming pigeons.
York Fair is a major show for
the Angle family, with Marvin and
Kevin exhibiting as many as 150
pigeons between them. Angle
shows annually at the NPA
national show, which rotates
around the country. Two years
ago, the southcentral Pennsylvani
a area hosted nationals at the Lan
caster Host Inn, drawing 5600
pigeon entries for their show.
Pigeon auctions are also usually
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held during show events, with top
breeding birds commending
prices up to $l5O. Birds from out
standing bloodlines are in continu
ing demand, both at public and
private sales. As competition for
birds has grown, pigeon breeders
are being increasingly careful of
their flocks. Angle’s loft has twice
been broken into by thieves over
the past several years, who selec
tively stole some of his most
highly-prized show birds.
Following the Middle East war
a few years ago, demand skyrock
eted for pigeons from top show
bloodlines. Buyers were primarily
fron) Kuwait, where pigeon com
petition is keen, and war devasta
tion and hunger had nearly wiped
out all the flocks of the country’s
hobbyists. Angle relates that one
Call for
shipment of 60 pigeons sold by an
acquaintance of his carried a
$30,000 selling price.
Brokers for foreign buyers
often arrive at lofts with video
cameras and forward vodeotapes
of pigeons to potential customers.
Some also arrive at public and pri
vate sale with specific orders for
pigeons of particular species and
Specialized handling tech
niques have evolved through ship
ping pigeons for show and sale
purposes. “Microbarriers” and
“skykennels" are containers
designed for handling pigeon
shipments by postal service and
by air freight. Microbarriers, used
for shipping birds via domestic
postal service, have a filter lining
inside the breathing holes in the
cardboard to prevent potential dis
ease and bacterial contamination.
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or Waiter
ng and scheduling
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, August 6, 1994-B3
When shipping pigeons by air for
Angle uses wooden “skykennels” to
safe and secure.
show or sale, Marvin
keep his prized birds