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    Montgomery Schedules 4-H Fair
CREAMERY (Montgomery
Co.) The Montgomery County
4-H Fair is scheduled Thursday,
August 11 through Saturday,
x. I
n~MT-fc|l*fc i —>
Things change so gradually that
we hardly realize the difference
between now and our childhood
unless we really think about it
On a Sunday long ago our
breakfast could not be prepared
until we lit the coal stove by using
com cobs dipped in kerosene and
then added wood. We often had
salted herring for Sunday break
fast as they were part of our year’s
supply bought in Northeast, Mary
land on Ascension Day.
Then we wound our watches in
the morning and we had no ring
ing telephones to answer. Even
cars had differcnct names such as
Hudson, Studebaker, Pierce-Ar
row, and Wiilys-Knight. My fa
ther drove an Overland with run
ning boards, a foot rest in front of
the back seat, and a blanket bar.
When it rained, we got wet unless
he had the celluloid curtains in
Even our clothes were different.
I wore brown cotton stockings
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We Work
Hard For
August 13. Throughout the three
days, the public is invited to enjoy
outdoor livestock displays and
competitions, indoor exhibits of
Ida Risser
held up with garters fastened to a
bodice. One year I had to wear
boy’s high-topped shoes to school
and I was embarrassed. My
mother had some of her Sunday
dresses made over for me to wear
to school.
Remember those candy cigar
ettes with one end red as though it
were lit. And, doctors who made
house calls when the children
were sick. Our letters carried
threc-cent stamps and telegrams
had words pasted on strips on the
Now you seldom need an ice
pick or see a milk bottle made to
collect cream on the top. Few
swings are hung on front porches
and children play in parks instead
of big front yards.
One thing that hasn’t changed is
the joy that children get in catch
ing fireflies at nighttime. Our
grandchildren, who visited us re
cently, ask for a jar to put them in
as they have very few of these in
sects near their home in Georgia.
430 Concrete Ave., Leola, PA
clothing, foods, crafts, woodwork
ing projects, photography, rock
ets. animal science, and 4-H club
On Thursday evening, the
Daisy Jug Band will perform from
7 p.m, to 10 p.m. On Friday eve
ning, there will be a DJ and Coun
try Western dancing from 6 p.m.
to 10 p.m. On Saturday, The Deep
Creek doggers will perform at 12
noon. For youth, a horseless horse
show, model horse show, Make it
and Take It projects, a Tallest
Structure Contest, Fun Olympics,
and a Pet Show will be highlight
ed. In addition, you can find out
who will be chosen as the Mont
gomery County Outstanding
4-H’cr, meet our scholarship win
ners, and meet celebrities who will
participate in our Celebrity Goat
Milking Contest on Saturday.
There will also be plenty of food,
particularly, the World’s Largest
Sausage Patty cooked and sold
Friday evening, and game booths.
The 4-H Fair is held at the
Montgomery County 4-H Center
located on Route 113, one mile
south of Route 73, near Skippack.
The Fair will be open to the public
on Thursday, August 11 from S
p.m. to 9:30 p.m., Friday. August
12 from 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and
Saturday. August 13 from 9 a.m.
to 4:30 p.m. For more informa
tion. call (610) 489-4315. There
will be a parking donation of $3
per vehicle, which includes a Fair
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rose gardener.
Pleasure Of Roses
detailed diagrams on how to prune
at different seasons. Ask for these
free handouts, but here arc a few
Summer pruning, generally in
July, is the best time to prune the
oldest canes while leaving approx
imately the same amount of new
canes to take their place.
The rule of thumb for pruning
weak, diseased or small plants,
prune the cane down from the
spent flower to the first set of
leaves (usually three leaflets). On
strong plants, prune the rose down
to the first set of five leaflets where
the stem is at least the size of a
Careful pruning must be main
tained, but be careful because a
rose bush that is severely pruned
will revert to its original state
The centerpiece In any collection of
carousels, this masterpiece represents
the highest achievement in
authenticity and craftsmanship. A
festive, finely-detailed merry-go-round
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Lancaster Farmlni
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rather than the hybrid if the grafted
part is severed.
Remove injured or thin stems.
Pruning supplies needed:
• pruning shears
• long-handled lopping shears
■ small pruning saw
• leather gardening gloves.
Do not use anvil type shears as it
crushed stem rather than giving a
clean cut
Keep shears sharp and cut at
45-degree angle. A clean cut hcalr
quickly and reduces the possibility
of diseases entering the stems.
If you grow or want to begin to
grow roses, check with your coun
ty extension office for fact sheets
on topics related to growing roses,
pruning, pests, and disease control.
The information is free and
extremely informative.
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30. 1994*815
I, Saturday, Jul
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