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    A2O-Lancaster Farming, Saturday, July 30, 1994
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die Klass veterans Trish Marks, 6,
and Cory Thompson, 7.
A partial listing of winners fol
Spring Heifer Calf: 1. Twin-Wind
Broker Mayda-ET, Joseph A. Hushon;
2. Woodbine Farms; 3. Angie Beshore.
Winter Calf: 1. Twin-Wind Broker
Kiss-ET, Jacob Hushon; 2. Rodman
and Jane Thompson; 3. Joshua Hush
Fall Calf; 1. Stewartridge Astre Jaz
zie, Jacob Hushon; 2. Chad Trimmer;
3. Daphne Doll.
Summer Yearling; 1. Woodbine
Oscar Ellen, Woodbine Farms; 2.
Daphne Doll; 3. Joshua Hushon.
Spring Yearling: 1. Lindmabe Pre
lude Miss Kay, Joshua Hushon; 2.
Frank and Sandra Feeser; 3. John Bit
zer. I
Winter Yearling: 1. Gentle-Touch
Chr Val Roxy, Amy Trimmer; 2. Patti
Hiishon and Courtney Miller; 3.
Daphne Doll.
Fall Yearling: 1. Coredale Titan Vio
let, Roy Thompson and Shirley Trim
mer; 2. Dixie Doll; 3. Rebecca Kilgore.
Junior Champion and Best Junior
Bred and Owned: Fall Yearling, exhib
ited by Roy Thompson and Shirley
Reserve Junior Champion; Winter
yearling exhibited by Amy Trimmer.
Junior Beal Three: 1. Coredale
Farms; 2. Dar-Dale Farms; 3. Bridgette
Bortner, Sunnybend Farms.
Dry, 4 and Under: 1. Sunnybend
Quackers A-Star, Bridgette Bortner; 2.
Six-year-old Trisha Marks, right, was selected top
winner In the Kiddle Klass for exhibitors aged three
through seven. Cory Thompson was chosen the runner-up
Milk Marketing Inc.
Buys Pennsylvania
Cheese Company
Milk Marketing Inc. (MMI), the
region’s largest dairy producer
owned cooperative based in
Strongsville, Ohio, has completed
the purchase of Savoldi Cheese
Company, Inc. of West Mid
dlesex, Pennsylvania.
“We are pleased to welcome the
Savoldi operation into MMl’s
manufacturing subsidiary, Far
mers Dairy Foods, Inc. (FDF),”
says Don Schriver, MMI execu
tive vice president and chief
executive officer. Effective Mon
day, July 18, Savoldi Cheese
became a part of the MMI-FDF
The Savoldi plant which
produces shredded cheese pro
ducts for the food service industry
will operate under the umbrella
of MMl’s Farmers Cheese plant in
New Wilmington, Pennsylvania.
As a member of MMl’s FDF man
ufacturing arm, Farmers Cheese is
one of the nation’s largest single
source manufacturers of Italian
with imshakesl
Doll Family Takes York Holstein Honors
Frank and Sandra Feeser.
Junior 2-Yr.-Old: 1. Woodbine Lin
coln Bina, Woodbine Farms; 2. Joshua
Hushon; 3. Frank and Sandra Feeser.
Senior 2-Yr.-Old: 1, Dar-Dale Man
tis Tristie, Dixie Doll; 2. Patti Hushon
and Carl Troop; 3. Frank and Sandra
Junior 3-Yr.-Old: 1. Dar-Dale Count
Apple, Dana Doll; 2. Daphne Doll; 3.
Gary McCallister.
Senior 3-Yr.-Old: 1. Dar-Dale
Grander Pansy, Dana Doll; 2. Amy
Trimmer; John Calp.
4- 1. Woodbine Astro Val-
Tw, Woodbine Farm; 2. Brad Walker; 3.
Ramsey Cooper Jr.
5- 1. Kettlea Astro Minnie.
Dan and Patti Hushon and David and
Barbara Stewart
6-Yr.-Old: 1. Coldsprings Levi Taffy,
Brad Walker; 2. Greg Walker.
Senior and Grand Champion and
Best Senior Bred and Ownad: Junior
3-Year-Old. exhibited by Dana Doll.
Reserve Senior and Grand Cham
pion: Four-Year-Old, exhibited by
Woodbine Farms.
Best Threa Famales: 1. Dar-Dale
Farm; 2. Woodbine Farms; 3. Furnace
Creek Farm.
Produce Of Dam: 1. Furnace Creek
Farm; 2. White-Oak-Vu Farm; 3. Walk-
Le Holsteins.
Dam A Daughter: 1. Amy Trimmer/
Coredale Farms; 2. Bridgette Bornter/
Sunnybend Farms; 3. Walk-Le Hol
Premier Breeder and Exhibitor:
Dar-Dale Farms, the Dale and Darla
Doll family.
‘This is a good opportunity for
MMl’s dairy producer members
and their customers,” says Schriv
er. “Over the years, Savoldi has
been a major user of our Farmers
Cheese products. This purchase
brings niche market potential to
MMI by introducing more value
added capabilities and products to
our business. The addition of
Savoldi gives Farmers Cheese and
MMI members greatly expanded
opportunities for meeting the
needs of our present and future
customers and that helps to assure
MMl’s dairy farm families of
market security.”
MMI is a 5,100 member dairy
fanner owned cooperative encom
passing an eight state Midwestern
area including Ohio, Indiana, Pen
nsylvania, Kentucky, Maryland.
Michigan, New York and West
Virginia. MMI markets and pro
cesses more than 4.6 billion
pounds or 533 million gallons of
milk and has revenues of $730
. Dale and Darla Doll were surrounded by their family “show crew” for their
acceptance of Dar-Dale Farm’s third win of the York Holstein show’s premier ban
ners. Kneeling from left at Jason Arnold and Daphne Doll; second row, left, are Dow*
na Doll, dairy princess Kelly Jo Myers, Darla and Dale Doll; third row, left, are Keith
Wisner, Curt Calp, Dixie Doll, Leslie Kopp and Dana Doll; rear are Dan Cole and show
chairman Dan Hushon.
& *
' i Tn*
On hand for the presentation of the York Holstein show Junior champion hon
ors were, from left, Amy Trimmer, Roy Thompson, Brian Derr at the halter of the re
serve, Steve Wood at the halter of the champion, York dairy princess Kelly Jo Myers,
Shirley Trimmer and Jeff Rutz, representing the award sponsor, Sire Power.
Champion awards lineup at the York Holstein show included, from left, Judge
Dennis Patrick, Cindy Knight exhibiting the reserve champion, Dale Doll with the
senior and grand champion, York dairy princess Kelly Jo Myers, and Ira Boyer, repre
senting the sponsor, American Breeders Service.