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    Robsons Host Farm-City Day
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for ventilation, the petting zoo was
a hands-on experience for young
and old alike.
Shawn Norris, his wife Barbara,
and their 1-year-old son Steve, all
of Wellsboro, attended Farm-City
Day with Shawn’s parents Tracy
and Emilie Norris of Muncy, Indi
ana and their friends Shigcharu
and Minori Kawakami visiting
from Fukuoka City, Japan. While
walking around the petting zoo,
Shawn explained to his foreign
friends how their visit to Gray
Valley Farm had turned into a
learning experience even for him
as he read display cards providing
information about each animal in
the pens. “For instance, I didn’t
know until now that a pig ‘far
rows’ when she gives birth,” he
Shigcharu, enjoying the experi
ence, grinned broadly and said
Jennifer Giles of Mansfield visited Farm-City Day for the
first time and found these little pigs to her liking at the chil
dren’s petting zoo.
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Farm-City Day was “wondrous.”
Tracy said the day was a totally
new experience for the Japanese
couple because Fukuaka City is on
a small island with a population of
1,200,000. This was the first time
the Kawakamis had ever seen a
Next door to the petting zoo,
Tom Horton and his son Mike
from Towanda gave several sheep
shearing demonstrations. Horton
used a set of hand-cranked antique
clippers to sheer the woolly
beasts. Mike provided the muscle
power to run the clippers.
Horton, who has been known to
shear as many as 240 sheep in a
day, taking as little as 42 seconds
a sheep, said the machines can
also be used for clipping cattle and
sheering mule manes. After the
demonstration, Horton threw wool
over the fence for spectators to
feel before his son bundled it up.
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At the other end of the complex
was an exotic animal exhibit. Jak
ki and Anthony Folcarelli of
Mansfield brought a pair of Scot
tish Highlander cattle, a pair of
emus, two peacocks, several black
bellied barbados (sheep), three
Australian black swans (protected
by Henry the Goose), and a pot
bellied pig.
‘The pot-bellied pigs are or
phans,” Folcarelli said. Once
someone’s pets, the pot-bellied
pigs outgrew their homes and
wound up being “adopted” by the
Folcarellis who started collecting
exotic animals “for ourselves, for
Of course the Robsons had their
own animal exhibit at Farm-City
Day, with 56 registered Holstein
and several calves in the bam.
While the size of the live cows
was a bit intimidating, Brittany
Lynn D’Angelo found the fiber
glass model of a cow in the yard
just her size. With a little help
from her father, Thomas, she
“rode” on its back. This was their
first visit to a Farm-City Day. As
Pickle Hill residents, Thomas said
the deciding factor for their visit
was the petting zoo and all the
other animals his daughter could
Another mainstay of Farm-City
Day was the field tours by tractor
drawn wagons. As Gray Valley
Farm raises primarily hay because
of soil conditions, those who went
on the lour witnessed a round bal
er and bale wrapper in action. At
the apple orchard, county exten
sion agents Lee Hoar and Earl
Robbins provided information on
how to bring old fruit trees back to
life by proper pruning and dis
cussed the benefits and liabilities
of the multiflower rose. Howard
Rutledge, from the Agricultural
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday, July 23, 1994-D3
Rebecca Webster places second in the pedal tractor pull
for 10-year-old girls.
Stabilization and Conservation
Service, was on the trail further
along the tour to talk about the
Robsons’ conservation practices.
While on the surface one exhib
it, the mobile museum World
War 11, Pennsylvania on the Home
Front looked out of place
among all the agricultural dis
plays, a few surprises were inside.
Like a time warp 50 years into the
past, the museum offered insights
on what it was like for Pennsylva
nians back then: the rationing of
food and fuel, war bond sale
drives, and even agriculture was
recognized in panels showing how
victory gardens provided extra
food and scrap metal drives recy
cled such material as broken plow
With so much to sec and do in
one day, no wonder Tioga Coun
ty’s Farm-City Day is having an
impact on neighboring Bradford
and Poller counties. According to
Sherri Elder, a member of the
farm-city committee, “This year
several persons from Bradford
County attended, not only to enjoy
the day but to learn from our ‘ex
pertise.’ We keep telling them, it
is only due to the tremendous
‘team effort’ that we succeed.”
Farm-City Day
Contest Winners
Pedal Tractor-Girls: Bnttam Smith,
4, Kern Evans, 5, Megan Moore, 6,
Krysti Hilfiger, 7, Raquel Loud, 8,
Amanda Forsburg, 9, Renee Booth, 10,
Annie Dyke, 11, Michelle Hilfiger, 12
Pedal Tractor-Boys: Kendal Sny
der, 4, Eh Morgan, 5, Brandon McMul
len, 6, Russell Brown, 7, Ira Nienhues
er, 8, Tim Johnston, 9. Josh Cheves,
10, Travis Comfort, 11, Jeremy Shoen,
Mary Shaw of Tioga won the door
prize of a free year's supply of ice
Jr. Boys: 1 Blair Chapel, 2 Jacob
Jr. Girls: 1 Bell Booth, 2 Renee
Men; 1 Mike Brown Sr, 2 Earl
Women: 1 Gene Brown, 2 Sue
12 yr. olds and under: MattCabag
13-16 yr. olds: Matt Tice
17 yr. olds: Jason Knner
Hml It In Imraifar Farming's
Cfnssiffnrf Fngns.