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    816-Umcaster Farming, Saturday, July 16, 1994
Dairy Royalty Assume
Clearfield County Dairy Princess
Lancaster Farming Staff " Igh S^ hoo, « Pupates in
the ecology club, student council,
BRISBIN (Clearfield Co.) Tri-M, and is a drum major. She is
Clearfield County Dairy Princess a lay leader at her church.
Haley Sankey served as a dairy After graduation. Haley plans to
maid in 1987. She enjoyed prom- attend college to study environ
oting the dairy industry, so this mental engineering,
year she returned as a contestant Haley is the daughter of Barbara
for the county dairy princess title and Ricky Sankey.
on June 25. Alternate Kimberly Ann Turik
Haley said that her aunt will assist Haley in promotional
influenced her to become active in duties. Kim is a junior at Lock
the dairy industry. Haven College where she is major-
A senior at Moshannon Valley ing in animal science.
Clearfield County Dairy Princess Haley Sankey, right,
with Alternate Kimberly Ann Turik.
Pit and Lagoon Treatment
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Pit-Boss pit and lagoon
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Waste digestion involves
three distinct bacteria types
aerobic bacteria which break
solids down into fatly and
amino acids, anaerobic
bacteria, which convert those
acids into nuisance gases
such as ammonia, hydrogen
sulfide, and methane, and
facultative bacteria capable
of performing cither role
Pit-Boss interacts
chemically with waste
constituents to boost the
aerobic manure digestion
process The result 9
Accelerated solids
breakdown and relatively
lower gas production
Chem-A-Co how
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Pit-Boss, for example,
typically lowers combined
gas levels 20 - 25%. With
some confinement buildings
recording levels as high as 55
ppm, that’s a considerable
reduction Subsequent
applications achieve similar
results In most cases, odor
measures just 1 - 4 ppm after
the third application, so your
facility is safer for people,
belter for stock, and less
likely to be targeted as a
Speeds the suspension of
solids for faster, easier,
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Highly liquified waste not
only emus less odor, it also
saves you lime and money by
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Pit-Boss pit and lagoon
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PH. (717) 866-7565
Responsibilities Across The State
fast In fact, the first
application of Pit-Bws
typically reduces the sludge
blanket on a holding pit by
4” - 6”, the second by
another 12” After the third
application, most pits and
lagoons are entirely free of
What’s more, digesting the
top crust on your pits or
lagoons destroys egg-laying
habitat for flies With Pit-
Boss, you can count on less
odor, caster pump-out, and
fewer flies
Enhances the fertilizer
value of waste by
reducing nitrogen loss.
Up to 90% of the nitrogen m
untreated slurry is lost as
ammonia What’s left at
pump-out generally contains
about 25 Lb of N, 19 Lb of P,
and 20 LB of K per 1000 Lb
of waste
Guidelines for effective
1, Start with an empty pit
whenever possible.
2. For pits that arc partially
or completely full, the pH
must be adjusted to 6.5
before applying Pit-BosS
This can be accomplished
using Chem-A-Co’s
Adjusta-Boss pb balancer
according to the instructions
on the label
3. Apply one gallon of Pit*
Boss pit amt lagoon
treatment for each 60,000
gallons of usable pit volume
(pit length xwidth xdepth *
7.5). Premix each gallon pf
Pit Boas with 3-4 gallonapf
water and empty into the pit
at several locations.
4. Do not agitate the pit dr
use lime or ammonia In or
near the pit- ,
Hours: M-F 7:00-5:00:
S*t 7:30-11:30
Check Our
Kim is a 4-H leader volunteer, a
Bible School teacher. She works
part time at a fast food restaurant
and milks cows on a friend’s farm.
Kim’s parents are .Patricia and
David Turik of Drifting.
Yvonne Remlck
Elk Co. Dairy Princess
390 Series
Silage, Bulk Feeds,
Small Grains, Manure or Bales.
Rugged, Heavy Duty
Models 6, 8,10 • And 12,14.5 Tandem
Elk County Dairy Princess
ST. MARY’S (Elk Co.)
Yvonne Remick wears the Elk
County Dairy Princess crown. The
17-year-old is the daughter of Mar
vin and Bethann Remick.
Although Yvonne doesn’t live
on a farm, she spends many hours
at her aunt and uncle’s V-Bell
Yvonne is a recent graduate of
St. Mary’s High School, where she
Crawford County Dairy Princess
Co.) Seventeen-year-old Jamie
Rynd wears the Crawford County
Daffy Princess crown.
She helps her dad, James Rynd,
on his 350-acre farm that has been
in the family for more than 200
It’s her responsibility to help
milk 80 Holsteins every Sunday
This Is
A Rugged
High Speed
Unit For Ear Corn,
was active in band, chorus, and
prom committee. She works as an
office worker and candy striper,
but plans to enter Edinboro Col
lege in the fall to pursue degrees in
special education and psychology.
She is active in sewing, cooking,
and wildlife 4-H clubs and is a
member of the 4-H County Coun
cil and a state award winner.
and whenever needed on other
A senior at Cochranton High
School, Jamie is captain of the
football cheerleading squad and a
member of student council. She is
secretary of her 4-H club. After
high school graduation, Jamie has
her sights set on becoming a
125 King Court/
Hollander Rd.
New Holland, PA 17557
(717) 354-9611
2 Sizes
T & 9’ Raking Width PTO Drive
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